Have you ever felt so stressed and so focused on what you are “supposed” to be doing that you forgot to have fun? Well let me tell you, I know I sure have. I remember when I was traveling the world to my power spots and one night I took an evening out for myself to have fun and go dancing. Then the next day I felt guilty for getting side tracked.

It wasn’t long though before the Divine showed up and reminded me that having fun is critical to living a life in Divine flow. I was thrilled!  It is pretty cool to have Jesus tell you to go have more fun. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting to hear from him.

Recently I had been trying too hard to focus on all the things I thought I should be doing and not necessarily what I wanted to be doing. I noticed the book Miracles Now book by Gabby Bernstein on my coffee table and I grabbed it right away. I randomly opened it to page asking the universe to tell me what I needed to know. Of course it opened to the this page…

Low and behold, as is always the case, I got the exact message I needed to hear. Then I remembered my conversation with Jesus at my 4th power spot. He basically said, that when you are in the energy of fun and happiness that is when you open up flow with the universe and allow your dreams to easily be delivered to you. It’s so easy to get stuck in the logical mind and be concerned with doing all of the time.

This was all the reminder I needed—Less doing and more being for me for a while. Fun, fun, and more fun is what I am going to be up to now.  What are your favorite ways to have fun? Xoxo



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