Lets talk vibes!  This is a pretty simple concept, yet this something that so many people do not understand. To be honest, I wish I had learned this much sooner in my life then I did. Once I grasped this concept and truly understood the power I had, everything started to change for me in major ways and it can for you too!

We live in a world filled with energy and vibrations. Everything is energy, you, your feelings, your thoughts, the coffee table, your bed, your car, the trees, the ocean, everything!  All types of energy represent a certain vibration.  Your vibration is what attracts and creates your reality.

If you are unhappy with the circumstances in your life, the quickest way to change that is to clean your energy and figure out how to raise your vibration. The easiest way to raise and change your vibration is to bask in the energy of fun and joy as much as possible. Do things that you love, take walks, have a dance party, enjoy a bubble bath, or something as exciting as planning that dream vacation that you have been wanting to plan.

Another easy way to shift out of a funk and raise your vibe is to focus on what you do have. Be grateful for everything and anything. The energy of gratitude consistently will elevate your vibration before you know it! Hone in on everything that you have from a roof over your head, to friends and family, to your beautiful body, to a simple cup of coffee or a salad. Sit in the energy of gratitude and allow your every being to soak it in!

If you want to learn more about vibrations and how to raise yours along with your point of attraction, I go deep on this topic in my course on attracting happiness and freedom into your life. Check it our here!

The bottom line is you are a powerful creator and you have the control to attract your hearts desires.  You simply have to become aware, drop the things that aren’t serving you and raise your vibe so you will become an energetic match to your hearts desires.  I hope this message serves you.  I’m sending you so much love!




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