Hello Loves!!! I am so excited to share with you my story summed up into a book!!!  OMG it is sooooo exciting!!!! I’ll have to be honest I was a little nervous to send this out to you, since it gives away basically my every secret, but it is such a fun and magical story, so I had to share it!!

Plus, the feedback has been absolutely AMAZING!!!! You can get your copy today here!  Check out what people are saying!

Musings of an Earth Angel is a mystical story that’s fresh, inventive and will linger with you long after you are finished reading. Spirit junkies will relish this exciting new adventure and hunger for more.

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now


 Musings of an Earth Angel is a magical adventure that will have you flipping each page with excitement for what is to come. Samantha’s adventures had me glued to the page and I could not wait to keep reading at every chance I could. Wonderfully written and soulfully executed; this divine adventure will take you to all of the wonderful places in your mind and heart that you never knew existed. Highly recommended!!

– Iman B


This book is filled with adventure, miracles and mystery. I love how this is a story of fantasy, and yet; there is such real life relatability and self reflection available to the reader. Samantha’s journey to her 7 spiritual power spots and her steps to soul awakening kept me glued to the book. I never wanted to put it down! To the author Suzanne Adams… Thank you for this story. What a beautiful gift it is. I am already ready for the next one!

– Elyse F


You can see the rest of the Amazon reviews here!! So far they are all 5 stars!!

Not only is the story a true page turner and filled with mystical adventure and fun, but if you purchase your copy today you get $880 dollars worth of FREE gifts from todays spiritual thought leaders including Gabby Bernstein and Rebecca Campbell!!! You can claim you FREE gifts here!

I also just want to say thank you for joining me on my journey and I cant wait to continue to share my adventures with you.  Please comment below and let me know your favorite parts of the book, aka which of antics and adventures you identified with the most.


Sending you so much love!!! XOXO



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