I am super excited to share with you a truly EPIC experience I had just one week ago in Palm Beach, Florida. I gathered with a room full of women light leaders and what we created together was beyond magical. I knew it was going to be good, but I honestly had no idea what was in store for not only the participants, but also for myself.

You see, something indescribable happens when you gather with a group of people with intention. When you invest time, money, and resources to come together to expand the potentiality of what is possible for you and for your business and leadership. The energy, growth, transformation, and all around love that was created at this experience literally blew my mind!! (And I had pretty high expectations!)

The healing, upleving, and sisterhood that took place was sacred and will be cherished for all of us for years to come. This is the kind of experience that you never forget. My life has been transformed by committing to myself on this level and attending the events that my heart was begging me to go to. It has been so much fun to be on the other side of this—hosting events and retreats for light workers that are ready to propel forward quickly to their next level of success and freedom in their personal lives and businesses!

All can I say is it’s not always easy pulling off a dream, (understatement of the year!), but it’s always worth it! In order to follow your dreams, you have to get the support you need no matter how that looks.
*Maybe you need more support in your business.
*Maybe you need a tribe of like-minded women, who truly get what you are going through.
*Maybe you just need to sit in the energy of what you are trying to create for a few days and break through any littleness that is holding you back!

***If any of what I have said today resonates with you, I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to join me on my next LIVE, epic and transformational adventure in Sedona, Az this September!

There are extremely limited spots in this event and we are already OVER HALF FULL! If you feel the call to say yes to you in this way, now is the time to take action! If you have ANY questions at all about the Ignite and Expand Sedona, please comment below or email me here. Either way, I hope you trust your heart and follow that path that you know you were born to lead!

I hope to see you soon in paradise! XOXO

With Massive Love,

PS- All of the Sedona details and the event video can be found by clicking here!

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