Welcome to my first official blog post as Suzanne Adams! While I have had so much fun blogging in the voice of Samantha, (The protagonist from my book, Musings of an Earth Angel.) I have decided to start writing the blog in my own authentic voice.

Today I am so proud and honored to be a part of the glow school blog tour.  I will be telling you about how I got my glow and how you can too! The thing is its really actually pretty simple.  Having your glow just means connecting to your true self and your authenticity.  It means knowing you who really area what you really want in life.  It means doing things because they light you up and not because others expect them of you.

For me I started to get my glow when I learned all about life purpose. I learned that we all have a life purpose and the only way to be truly happy is to align yourself with your life purpose.  A life purpose can be many different things and you can even start to live your purpose at a job you are already doing, simply with infusing some loving and positive energy into where you already are. Knowing you are loved and have a purpose is a great start to getting your glow!

The second thing I learned to get my glow on was all about self love.  I had always thought that self love equated to being selfish, I didn’t really understand at all. I now know that self love is actually crucial to lighting up from within. If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to love you?  I realized that we call in and attract those that treat us the way we treat ourselves. Going deep into setting proper boundaries, gaining clarity on what I really wanted, taking the time for daily meditation, and treating me the way I wanted to be treated really allowed me to start to glow.  The best part about it was that I could glow all by myself or with others.  It didn’t really matter because the glow was now coming from within and no longer from external circumstances.

The third thing that has helped me to glow is being able to flip negativity to positivity.  We all deal with harsh and negative circumstances sometimes. If you can trust and know that everything is happening for a reason and things will always work out for you, then you can easily start to be optimistic and start to attract better circumstances into your life. Looking on the bright side, ALWAYS finding the silver lining, and knowing that the universe has my back no matter what has really allowed to me step further into my glow.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, the main thing that has allowed me to really get my glow on is being true to who I really am and being authentically me.  I spent so much time in life trying to do what I thought would please others, that I didn’t even know what I truly wanted.  After committing to spend time in meditation and journaling I began to understand what my true desires were and who I really am.  Stepping into this and owning it is probably the most crucial step to getting my glow on fully!!

I hope these top 4 tips help you to start to glow brighter from the inside out.  If you want to read more from the glow blog tour check out my girl Stephanie Kirylych‘s post from yesterday… and I cant wait to hear what Dajon Ferell has to say tomorrow!


Sending you so much love!!



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