It seems like lately this question has been coming up for a lot of people. I remember when I first learned about life purpose. I was shocked. How had I gone my entire life without realizing what a life purpose was?

“You mean I have a life purpose that is specific to me and that only I can fulfill?  How could I have a purpose and not even know that it existed?!?” I said eagerly wanting to know more.

In case you don’t know a life purpose is something that you are born with.  Everyone has one including YOU!:)  You have a very unique and specific life purpose that only you can fulfill. If you don’t align with your life purpose then the world will be missing out on your special gifts.

The crazy thing is that I believe the only way to live a life of total and true fulfillment and happiness is to align yourself with your life purpose. If you are confused about what your life purpose is, (which most people are), then don’t worry I’m gonna hook you up with some questions to contemplate and to ask yourself so you can be in the know.

Take a minute and write down the questions below and then sit quietly and ask your higher self to give you answers in a way that is loud and clear and that you understand.


1. What do I love to do?

2. What brings me joy?

3. What comes naturally and easy to me?

4. What is my life purpose?


I have got a few more I can give you but this is a good start for now.  If you want to learn more about life purpose then please feel free to email me at and I will definitely help you out!:) If you know what your purpose is and you are living it then congratulations and kudos to you!!



With Big Love,


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