Your book is going to change the world… If only you could write the dang thing!

  • Are you a light worker with a big heart and an even bigger message to share?
  • Do you know in your heart you’re destined to write a book?
  • Do you want to become a published author, but you’re getting tripped up by the actual process?

Introducing the Write Your Book, Change The World Bootcamp: A digital course that gives you the tools to go from brilliant idea to published book.

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You’ve got a story swelling up inside you, begging to be told. Maybe it’s that epic memoir about your life’s journey. Or the how-to tome that will send out ripples across your industry. Or a fictional tale about a girl going through a spiritual awakening (my personal favorite!).

But you’ve struggled to get the words out on the page, to get the pages published, and to turn the published profitable.

It’s not your fault that your book is stuck in idea phase. There are so many steps between idea in your brain and book on the shelf. Things like:  

  • Not knowing where to start
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Finding the time to actually sit down and write
  • Being confused about how to launch your book  
  • Playing small and hiding from your success
  • Not having the tools to make it easier
  • And so much more

But when you’ve got a plan, support, and the right guidance, you go from thinking about your book to being the published author of your own story.  

Let me tell you, I get it. Before I became “Suzanne Adams, Bestselling author and 2016 Hay House World Summit Speaker” I was “Suzanne Adams, Woman who struggled to write her book and stand in her power.” Back then, I was trying to leave my old life behind in favor of a happy life where I was actually living up to my potential — and that included having a book to my name, so that other people could benefit from the things I’d learned along the way. But I’d never written a book before. I was confused about where to start, what I needed, and how long it would take. So I set out to find the answers. I scoured blogs, read articles, and DIY’ed my first book…and it took me years. That’s years of not sharing my message with the people who needed it. Years of pulling my hair out. Years of missed chances and opportunities to connect with others and speak on stage and make money with my message. This program is everything I wish someone had told me when I was creating, writing, publishing and launching my book. It’s 3 whole years of trial and error, distilled into one easy-to-follow process anyone who wants to be an author can use.

Introducing the Write Your Book, Change The World Bootcamp: A digital course that gives you the tools to go from brilliant idea to published book.

The Write Your Book Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You’ve felt the call to share your story, but have no idea where to start
  • You are meant for big things, but there is a voice inside of you telling you that you aren’t good enough
  • Your heart desires to empower others with your message and your story
  • You want to understand the process of creating, publishing, and launching a book

For you, it isn’t about the fame or fortune (although that would be nice, let’s be honest). You know a book is the perfect vehicle for your bigger message, reaching audiences the world-over.

For me, writing my first book allowed me to become a Hay House World Summit Speaker, have regular TV appearances on major networks, and sell out my events and retreats!


  • Sharing your book on Oprah’s couch for Super Soul Sunday
  • Speaking on stage alongside the mentors who’ve inspired you
  • Hearing your book made the New York Times Bestseller list
  • Invites to conferences and workshops pouring in
  • Seeing your book in Barnes & Noble stores
  • Receiving countless emails and messages from real people who’ve been touched and transformed by your story

“When I finished writing my book, I felt so accomplished! Writing a book requires a lot of dedication and motivation. To get to this stage, it’s amazing!! I’m very grateful.

I knew The Bootcamp was the right thing to kickstart my book. It gave me the drive, helped me commit to a daily practice, and gave me the structure I needed to create my book.

I also wanted the support and this direct connection to all of the other writers in the group, and to Suzanne because she’s already done this.”


The Write Your Book Curriculum

Featuring Four LIVE Training Modules!

PLUS Two LIVE Workshopping Calls!

Module 1 - Go From Message to Mission ($500 Value)

  • Get clear on your unique message and exactly how your book will serve the world
  • Own the importance of your message and how it will elevate the entire planet
  • Bust through ANY resistance and fear like a soulful, spiritual ninja
  • Build your platform and begin to call in your ideal audience who are eagerly awaiting your book
  • A transformational meditation to clear and release what has been holding you back.

Module 2 - Energy is Everything ($500 Value)


  • Learn the Energy Breakdown so you can expand your energy to reach more people
  • Receive the tools to understand vibration and receptivity so you can ignite your creative juices and get in the flow anytime, anywhere
  • Balance your feminine and masculine energies so you can give and receive equally (This is vital in launching a successful book!)
  • Discover how to allow a higher power to move through you, while you are writing (Some call this “channeling” or “automatic” writing, and it will be your new favorite secret weapon.)
  • Create sacred space for your writing, so you can set the mood and become a beacon for inspiration
  • Open your channels of receiving to the highest capacity
  • Connect to your divine team of guides with the Vision Meditation

Module 3 - Master the Publishing Process ($500 Value)

  • Understanding all of your publishing options
  • What you need to do to get an agent
  • The tools you need to have ready before contacting an agent
  • What the best publishing path is for your unique situation
  • What are your self publishing options and what are the pros and cons to each.
  • How to successfully launch a book when you are self publishing
  • How to get your book in book stores as a self published author
  • Become the creator of your future with the Manifestation Meditation

Module 4 - Sell Your Story ($500 Value)

  • Create your launch plan so you can sell more books, reach a bigger audience and share your message with more people
  • Learn how to get blurbs for your book from influencers to increase your like, know and trust factor
  • Get a step-by-step action list for getting reviews for your book (Comes with copy examples you can use instantly!)
  • Understand Amazon algorithms and how to become an Amazon bestseller (and why that is important for your mission!)
  • Set up your Amazon Author page (I’ll hand you the directions — no Googling necessary)
  • Picking the best Amazon category for your book, so you can catapult yourself to Number 1
  • Balance your chakras for high performance and super-easy flow

Bonus #1 - 2 Live Calls With Me ($988 Value)

One of the most important pieces of your book is your outline. That’s why we’ll be workshopping your outline together. On these live calls, I’ll connect to the group energy and see what’s coming through for you — and what you need to share with the world. I’ll help you with your outline as well as with your marketing plan for your book.

Bonus #2 - Q&A With New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Nichols (Value $3,000)

Lisa Nichols, (You may know her from the Secret) is a power house woman on a mission. Not only is she a New York Times Bestselling author, but she is also the CEO of Motivating the Masses. She is changing lives by the millions with her message and her millions.

Bonus #3 Drop the fear and write your first book video training bundle! (Value $299)

In this bundle you receive nearly 5 hours hours of nonstop valuable content covering the topics below. Each day has a transformational healing meditation where students have been having instant massive breakthroughs! Video 1- Gaining clarity and fine tuning your topic Video 2- Dropping the fear that is holding you back Video 3- Clearing the blocks stopping you from writing Video 4- All about structuring your book Video 5- Dropping the perfection and standing in your power

Bonus #4 - $300 Ticket Voucher to my Ignite and Expand Palm Beach Women's Leadership Summit

Do you want to give yourself permission to create your next level of freedom and success? Join me, Suzanne Adams, Cameo Gore, and other transformational leaders for 3 full days of luxurious, empowered expansion in Palm Beach, Florida this April!

Total Bonus Value: $4,587

Total Course Value: $2,000

Total Value of Everything: $6,587

The investment is only $722, or 9 monthly payments of $97

Be the first to find out when the doors to the Write Your Book, Change the World Boot Camp open in 2018!

The Write Your Book, Change The World Bootcamp: Bootcamp officially kicks off on October 24th. This will be a 3-month program that consists of four LIVE 60-90 minute modules and 2 LIVE workshopping coaching calls to help you any place you might be stuck, or need further  guidance. 

You’ll Walk Away With:

Four solid weeks of amazing content that will demystify the book writing and publishing process so you can finally become an author (with a following to boot!)
The step-by-step process I used to publish and sell thousands of copies of my book, leading to invitations speak on the Hay House panel with 30 plus of my mentors, phone calls from Hollywood producers and selling out my retreats (This took me 3 years of trial and error to learn! You’re getting it in 4 weeks).

Weekly meditations and visualizations that will dissolve your resistance to writing and hardwire you for success
An understanding of energy expansion and how to use it to become a high-powered magnet for your heart’s desires
A complete toolbox of real life examples, tips and strategies for attracting success as an author and lightworker
A like-minded private community to get support, feedback and ask questions from Suzanne and your fellow authentic authors

Recordings of all of the modules and calls in case you can’t make it live or want to listen to them later
Lifetime access to the program so you can go back through it for your next book, and the one after that, and the one after that…
An automatic spot in all future releases of Write Your Book, Change The World Bootcamp

Be the first to find out when the doors to the Write Your Book, Change the World Boot Camp open in 2018!

“Musings of an Earth Angel is a mystical story that’s fresh, inventive and will linger with you long after you are finished reading. Spirit Junkies will relish this exciting new adventure and hunger for more.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

#1 New York Times Bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

   “Suzanne is a true inspiration. For 6 years, I was half in and  half out of an acting career and living with a constant fear of “what if I don’t make it, I will have nothing.”

 Suzanne’s wisdom, guidance, and passion for living a life that you dream truly inspired me to go for it too. She was with me every step of the way, guiding and cheering me on like no  other. I am the happiest I’ve been in years. She has taught me what believing in yourself is truly about and that I can manifest the life I’ve always wanted and dreamed of.  Suzanne is a force to be reckoned with that will inspire others and I am blessed to have her in my life.



“Write your book, change the World Bootcamp came into my life at just the right time and redirected my path. I have always wanted to write but just couldn’t get started. This class helped me tune into my true calling and message, and be super clear about my intentions for heart-centered divine connection to impact the world. Not only did it provide the inspiration and the practical applications to finally start visualizing, writing and creating my book, which I am now joyfully doing, but it also opened my eyes to the divine flow and purpose for other areas of my business, creativity, and real voice. Since taking Suzanne’s course, I have started the podcast I have been dreaming of and since all these pieces have come together in divine timing, I’m in a much more favorable position with a larger platform when my book is shared with the world! This class can skyrocket your career, vision, and path!”

Alena Bard

“This program helped me go from being unsure to having intention, purpose, clarity and a book. The modules, meditations and the tips helped me develop into a writer. I loved having everything to go back to and the community of like-minded people was something that was missing for me before. I have 7 out of 12 chapters written. The process just unfolded, and even my book idea has evolved and improved since I started.” 


“I adored every session with Suzanne’s writing course. I loved how her teachings were infused with meditations, amazing intentions and her heart and soul. She taught me how to write authentically and also how to share my voice. She provided excellent recourses and examples throughout the entire course and also was able to answer many questions through the Facebook group.

I am forever grateful for Suzanne and can’t wait to get my individual book finished. I have written chapters for collaborative books but this course helped me gain the confidence to really work on MY book and get it out there to the world. I also learned that I can share my writing in many different ways but the most important thing is sharing my authentic voice and unique story with the world. From a very grateful and humble heart, thanks Suzanne for everything.”

Dr. Katie Henry

The time to write your book is now. The collective consciousness is rising, and it needs your voice. Don’t rob the world of your heart-centered gifts.

Be the first to find out when the doors to the Write Your Book, Change the World Boot Camp open in 2018!

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