Inner Child Healing Meditation

Congratulations to saying YES to this meditation! I invite you to dive in with all of your being, and let your higher self know that you are all in on this. You deserve it!

Welcome to a very special meditation experience, designed to help you heal your inner child. When we heal our inner selves, we make room for new and bigger dreams. Please take your time with this meditation and repeat it as necessary from time to time. 



The Adams Actualization Activation

Turn Up Your Vibes and Manifest in Alignment with Your Soul

Freedom is your natural truth! You are filled with reservoirs of potential inside of you!! The conditioning, the programming of doubt— that comes as you experience the world as it currently is. Once you are aware you can change that!

You need to believe in you though! You need to be able to lead yourself through doors that activate the freedom part of you, the true potential and the love frequencies that live inside of you! I’ve mastered a process, an Actualization Model that helps you ALIGN with your UNIQUE Soul Blueprint and literally pull your dreams from the quantum field, and from your imagination INTO YOUR REALITY!