I’m Suzanne Adams.

And I’m a transformational speaker and business success coach to women and men who are able to consistently break through boundaries, taking their businesses and personal lives to new heights.


My down-to-earth style and simple, applicable tips help business pros understand how small mindset shifts and can bring HUGE professional and personal payoffs. Suzanne shows her clients how to magnetically build big success from the inside out.


I was a speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and have recently been featured on NBC, FOX, and several other main stream media. I’m the co founder and CEO of Ignite & Expand retreats and events and love teaching across the country and internationally!

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“I believe that we all have a unique and very specific purpose and that the only way to live a life of true fulfillment is to find your purpose and your passion and make it your reality. The ticket to living the life of your dreams is to follow your heart. You don’t have to create anything, as it is already within you. You just need to get still and quiet enough to discover it and learn to love and honor yourself in the process. Through my transformational events and unique approach to business coaching, I hope to create an experience that will help others learn about self-love and find their own truth in a fun and magical way.” — Suzanne Adams

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