Musings of an Earth Angel Book Trailer

Humans are evolving…and she holds the key.

“Musings of an Earth Angel is a mystical story that’s fresh, inventive and will linger with you long after you are finished reading. Spirit Junkies will relish this exciting new adventure and hunger for more.”


Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now


About The Trilogy

Samantha Kingston had the perfect job, perfect boyfriend, and perfect Friday nights. When disaster strikes she loses everything and is propelled into a journey where evil and good and dark and light are battling for her destiny. Will the Demon Brigade viciously destroy her or will her Angel team and the Divine help her to elevate and see her real truth as an Earth Angel?

Likened to Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Divergent, Musings of an Earth Angel was written with the intention of helping readers find their own truth. It is the authors hope that when joining Samantha on her journey that the reader will be able to learn ways to escape from the negativity in their life and learn how to follow their own calling and live a life of fulfillment and joy! The content is relatable, highly entertaining, and current, appealing not only to millennials, but readers of all ages who want to live a life of  happiness!

The first book in the trilogy will be released in 2015, where the reader will join 22 year old Samantha on her magical journey. This relevant and universal journey to understanding our own true identity, is portrayed in a fun, personal, magical, mystical and captivating way!

“This book was absolutely amazing! For anyone feeling lost or in need of inspiration this book is definitely for YOU! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. So much of this book resonated with me on a soul level even though it is a fictional story. I will definitely be recommending this book to anyone who is willing to listen!”
Kristin Meador

“This book is filled with adventure, miracles and mystery. I love how this is a story of fantasy, and yet, there is such real life relatability and self reflection available to the reader. Samantha’s journey to her 7 spiritual power spots and her steps to soul awakening kept me glued to the book. I never wanted to put it down! To the author Suzanne Adams… Thank you for this story. What a beautiful gift it is. I am already ready for the next one!”
Elyse Falzone

“A wonderfully whimsical and delightfully intelligent story that brings to life a world that most of us could never dream of! For anyone on their own spiritual journey or for those with an open and hungry mind – Musing of an Earth Angel is a MUST READ! Get ready to delve into a magical and addictive world of angels and spiritual awareness. This is a one-weekend-read, an absolute page-turner. I simply cannot wait for the next book to arrive!!!
Susie Chow

“Musings of an Earth Angel is a must-read for spiritual seekers and particularly young people. I felt like I came home to my truth through her story, especially given the fact that I am the same age as the main character. Do not underestimate the power of this story and the way it can relate to your life, and be prepared for the chance that it might change your life… It’s basically a how-to guide for spirituality wrapped up in one fun, hip package. I have recommended it to all of my friends and clients and can’t wait to read it again and again.”
Annika Erikson-Pearson

“In the book Musings of an Earth Angel, Samantha learns that we all do in fact come here with a purpose and the only way to live a life of true fulfillment and happiness is to align yourself with that purpose. My hope and my intention is that when you read this book you will be able to take your own journey of self discovery in a fun and magical setting.

Also I believe one of the biggest challenges we all face in today’s world is negativity… Whether it’s things we tell ourselves, things we allow our ego to tell us, or negativity that we take on through the opinions and voices of others.

In MOAEA Sam has to deal with this big time as this is how the demon brigade insists they will take her down. It is also my hope and intention that through Sam’s journey you can take some of the tools she uses and learn to fight off the negativity that you are dealing with in your own life!”

— Suzanne Adams

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