Suzanne Adams Ted Talk


If you are watching this video, I believe there is a reason why you found me. Perhaps the universe has guided you here, sensing that you are ready for a profound shift in your life. Today, I am eager to share a deeply personal journey that has led me to an extraordinary understanding—one that blends the wonders of quantum physics with the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.


In the initial stages of my life, I, too, sought that elusive feeling of purpose, connection, and being truly cherished. My quest took me down diverse paths—romantic relationships, career milestones, and the approval of others—but none of them provided the lasting contentment I yearned for. In my TedX talk, “How to Use Quantum Physics to Make Your Dreams Your Reality”, I share with you the Quantum Tools that helped me create the life I was longing for. My sincere hope is that these tools help you connect with your higher path, and create your own dream reality.


I believe that as long as we’re breathing, we’re growing. On my continued path to activating and reaching my own highest levels of potential and attracting even more big wild dreams – I have evolved and expanded my Quantum Tools. 


You can hear the most current evolution of the Quantum Tools in Season 1 of the ‘Quantum Vibes Podcast’.

Magnetize Your Voice

Activate Your Influence

Learning to use my voice and harness the power of my soul through speaking has upleveled my career and mission on all fronts!

Understanding the gift of storytelling and having the courage to channel something bigger than me as I speak both virtually and in person has created magnetism and allowed me to attract many dream clients.

My TEDx talk has now reached over 3 MILLION people!

Saying yes to speaking has been probably the most abundant decision I have ever made.