Ep1S1: Welcome to Quantum Vibes. Elevating Your Energy to Manifest Your Dreams

In this podcast episode, Suzanne Adams introduces the focus of the day’s discussion, which is chapter two of her book “Quantum Vibes: Seven Tools to Raise Your Energy, Harness Your Power, and Manifest a Life That Will Blow Your Mind in the Best of Ways.” The main theme explored is the connection between energy and manifesting dreams.

Suzanne shares what she believes to be true about the Quantum Field. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the power of frequency and vibrations in turning dreams into reality.

She shares personal experiences, including a vivid childhood daydream of a magical “button house” where each button represented a unique dream. She shares an analogy of how you can plug into the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities through visualizing your own button house.

She talks about how external influences and societal expectations made her suppress her imagination and energetic power. Suzanne emphasizes the significance of alignment, which she describes as connecting with one’s soul’s purpose and passions, leading to the manifestation of authentic power. By tapping into the quantum field, a realm of infinite possibilities, one can attract desires with ease and let go of the need for control.

Last but not least, Suzanne shares examples of individuals who experienced transformative shifts by connecting with the quantum field and aligning their energy with their dreams.

She mentions a profound encounter with a shamanic astrologer in Sedona, Arizona just above a Sedona Vortex and a reiki healer, both of whom played a role in shaping her understanding of her own purpose and potential. She encourages us to explore the question of what we would do if we had no limits and invites us to visualize our dreams and feel the emotional and physical sensations that come with them. She concludes by sharing an opportunity to join her Adams Actualization Activation workshop, which offers a transformative manifesting model to build upon the concepts discussed in the episode.


Welcome back, y’all. Oh, my gosh. I am smiling from ear to ear right now.


This podcast is reaching so many of you and the feedback is giving me goosebumps and my heart flutters and I am just feeling electric from the inside out. So thank you so much for being here. And if you’re listening and you’re enjoying this, if you would share it with some friends or share it out on social media, it would mean so much to me. So thank you in advance for that. Today we are diving into chapter two to the audible version of chapter two in Quantum Vibes seven Tools to Raise Your Energy, harness your power, and manifest a life that will blow your mind in the best of ways.


So before we dive into chapter two, I want to just take a moment because a big theme of what we’ve talked about and a big theme that’s really coming through in the feedback is you all are loving the conversation, around creating with your energy, around understanding that every dream that you have, it starts as a frequency, and then the vibrations gather and it turns into the physical manifestation. So that’s the matter. And we think about manifesting with matter to matter. That’s what we’re taught. We’re taught to push to shove to make things happen. And yes, that does work when it comes to manifesting, and it’s a lot less fun and a lot more energy. And something I’ve been thinking about is what are some tools that you can begin to understand how to create with your frequency, understand how to shift your energy.


We talked about that quite a bit in chapter one, turning up your vibrational frequency. That is where you begin to shift your energy. And when you change your energy, you change your reality. Now, some of you have been messaging and asking, like, what are some ways that I can do this faster? What are some ways that I can turn up my vibrations faster, that I can really begin to plug into the quantum field of infinite possibilities? And what I want to say is, when you can begin to understand your power, that collapses time and space. And sometimes we don’t understand our power because we haven’t experienced our own energy. And one of the things that I love most about the events that I host in person is that I have a gift.


I have a gift where I help you feel your power, where I help you to see your own vision from your soul. Where I help you to begin to understand what it feels like to be surrounded by this beautiful high vibrational, palpable energy. And you turn on your own ecstasy, if you will. You turn on your own serotonin. You turn on your power. And once you’ve held that frequency in your body and you felt your own power from your soul, from your divine team, from the frequencies that live inside of you unlock a whole new world of potentiality. And so I just want to take this opportunity to extend you a personal invitation to come and sit in a room with me and experience this for yourself.


And we have the option to come in person and to join us in the room virtually. And so the Quantum Success Leadership Summit is an event for leaders, an event for those of you that are like, I know that there’s more. I know I’m meant for more. My soul is calling. And you’ve probably even created some success in your life. And you want to take it to the next level and you want to begin to understand how to feel your power, how to plug your energy into the quantum field. You want to feel activated. You want to feel connected. You want to expand your network, expand your abundance and expand your impact and expand your reach. And so if I’m talking to you, then check out the show notes.


There is a link there for the Quantum Success Leadership Summit happening live in Laguna Beach, California, one of the most beautiful places in the world. And trust me when I say you’re going to want to be there. So check that out. I hope to see you there. I hope to give you a hug in person. And if you cannot come in person, check out the virtual option so you can be in the room with us virtually. And with that, we are going to dive in to chapter two in Quantum Vibes. Here we go. Connect to the quantum field. When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. Eckhart Tolle quantum Tool number two focus your energy on your dreams.


Align your personality with your heart and soul and pay more attention to infinite possibilities instead of all the reasons in front of you that make you think things aren’t working even if those limits are entirely within yourself. And a word of encouragement here. You’ve got this magnetize. Infinite possibilities. As a little girl, I had long, wild blonde curls and an even wilder imagination. I would daydream about unicorns, fairies, and rainbows regularly. In first grade, I even decided to change my name to Rainbow Adams and began writing it on my papers until my Pragmatic mother found out and insisted I use my real name. It felt so good to dream, so freeing to be outside in the woods, bouncing on the rusty red trampoline and letting my imagination fly around with my body.


One particular daydream has always stayed with me, one in which I had a most wonderful life inside of a buttonhouse. A buttonhouse? You might ask? Oh, yes. Every wall of this house was covered with buttons in every shade of the rainbow and of all different sizes. Think of it as button wallpaper that was so dazzling, it inspired jaw dropping awe. The deeper I walked into this magical house, the more I realized that each button represented a unique dream. And when you touched one of the buttons, you were instantly transported into the reality of the dream. The button signified. And what gorgeous dreams they were. The sort that carried you to charming, bountiful and exotic places. The unicorns and fairies and rainbows I held in my heart. WAFF. And there oh, the places I went inside of that buttonhouse. Then one day, something drastic happened.


A part of me no longer felt free to dream or imagine. I couldn’t find my way to the buttonhouse, no matter how hard I tried. Instead of listening to my intuition, instead of dancing and flying with my imagination on that rusty red trampoline, I heard naysayers people who told me that unicorns and fairies were fiction and there was a strictly scientific reason for rainbows. I was tired of being laughed at for my silly ideas and my wild way of dreaming and thinking. I wanted to feel loved and accepted by others, not ostracized. So I slowly began to put my imagination on a shelf in the dark back corners of my mind, where it grew dusty and stale. Even atrophied, I started to conform to the norm of what a little girl, teenager, and eventually a grown woman should be. Can you relate?


What I didn’t realize I was doing was turning off one of the most powerful gifts I had that we all have. This is the energy of possibility, curiosity and wonder. There’s an immeasurable amount of abundance and countless situations we can create in our lives, not just in the third dimensional realm where our human bodies exist, but in the ever expanding universe. Imagine walking outside in a rural area on a clear night. You see a thousand stars that light up the sky. Imagine honing in on each star through a telescope and seeing even more stars. We are truly specks of stardust when you think of the vastness of the universe.


What I didn’t know when I decided to dull my imagination is this if you want to attract your dreams and turn them into reality, you have to give yourself permission to plug into them energetically, to believe that your dreams are, in fact, potential opportunities, if not probabilities. B a remember, before awakening, I didn’t pay much attention to the inventive geniuses behind the contraptions and modern marbles. Many of us, myself included, take for granted. Planes were basically a tube with wings. Smartphones were essential. Cars, well, they worked by some combination of pipes, motors, and mechanical witchery. But after learning about quantum physics and the astonishing possibilities for all of us, I began thinking differently. Put it this way we bow down to contemporary and historical badasses, from Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison, from Mayo, Angela tony Robbins, from Elon Musk to Oprah.


And yet, how often do we pause to wonder how these mortals rose to heroic heights? I’m willing to bet they did it by tapping into a realm where infinite possibilities exist and by intentionally aligning their energy to connect to that vision. Who knows if this was done on a conscious or unconscious level? But they did it nonetheless, and the results speak loudly for themselves. There is a gateway to the quantum field that many of us are not aware of. It all starts with that alignment I’ve talked about. This was a word that didn’t mean very much to me before my awakening, remember? I was busy being busy and numbing out with a full social agenda, nightclubs and vino.


The last thing on my mind back then was alignment, or my soul, or even manifesting, which meant as much to me at the time as quantum physics. But that changed after I got down on my knees and prayed for direction. I wanted to understand the depths of who I really was. Not just my personality or my likes and dislikes, but my soul, that light that existed long before I was even born. One of the pivotal moments to creating the quantum tools in a life that truly blows my own mind was understanding alignment and its real definition. As I write this, I recall morning when I was first getting into the crossroads between science and spirituality. The temperature was an idyllic 68 degrees, and so I curled up outside on my red sofa.


I felt the gentle breeze glide through the oak trees, heard the chirp of birds, and watched butterflies dance around the cedar beams above me. I had just picked up a book that changed my life, the one I mentioned earlier. The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukov. I sat straight up, my body flooded with shock and surprise, as if a lightning bolt had just hit my chest. Only, I should say, in a good way. Zukov explained that as well as a personality, we all have a soul. I had never really thought about my soul before. It seemed so foreign, yet so close, too. The words I read sent chills through my body. And just like that, my awareness shifted and my energy began to become more aligned.


My heart opened as I began to have compassion for the version of me that had spent all those years searching for that feeling and for purpose in all the wrong places. Finally, I was on the right track. I was following the path my soul wanted me to take. I was finally walking, 1ft at a time, right into alignment. Zukov has a different term. He calls it authentic power. When the personality begins to serve your soul, that is authentic power. He writes this means that you understand your soul’s purpose and your passions and you align your personality with them. Once you do, magic begins to unfold around you. In other words, you open the floodgates to the quantum field and endless possibilities. I’m not saying that alignment is the only way to tap into the quantum field.


I am saying it’s one of the most powerful ways to access it with ease. It’s as if you have just pushed the creme della creme of buttons in the magical buttonhouse of my childhood. Authentic power, alignment, flow, the jet stream of magic and miracles are all available to me, to you, to anyone who is reading these words or listening to these words or living and breathing on this planet. Our personality lives in the 3D realm, but our soul is multidimensional. When we align the two, it makes our personality filled with fifth dimensional power and opportunities, infinite possibilities everywhere you turn. This is the quantum field. This is creating and manifesting with your energy, not allowing your reality to guide your energy.


When you align with your personality, with your soul and create authentic power, life starts to get exciting again, much like it was for me when I was a child and most likely how it was for you when you were young. You become curious, playful, imaginative and totally in touch with your dreams. Once you’re here, the colors you see are more vivid, the air feels more invigorating, the sunshine pulsates high vibes right into your body. And you begin to enter a type of flow that didn’t exist before you tapped into authentic power and alignment. Accessing infinite possibilities with quantum tool number two. This brings us to our second quantum tool connect to the quantum field. But what is the quantum field?


From a spiritual perspective, I think of the quantum field as the place where source, God, the universe or however you might define all resides. It’s a place of energy and grace where anything can happen. An invisible arena that connects everything material. It’s a space in the 5D realm of consciousness where magic and miracles not only occur but are normal and frequent. Where we can see ourselves on a big stage or feel deeply in love. Where we can see our bank account recover and then flourish. Where we can take a far fetched, unrealistic idea and turn it into a reality in minutes or even seconds. Where we can see life bigger and better and more exciting even when coming out of the other side of a tragedy and where we have never felt so grounded and empowered and safe and inspired.


From a physics perspective, the quantum field can be described as the interaction of the electromagnetic field and the electron field, which transfer energy and momentum between them. However, for our purposes, we don’t even need to get our heads around the science, but rather to be able to envision the quantum field in a way that makes sense to us. For some, it may appear as an actual place, complete with stars or even buttons. For others, it may be a literal field, perhaps even one made up entirely of light or sunshine and flowers. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we purposefully and persistently draw on the amazement it evokes, the potential it promises, and how the feeling it creates is the key to bringing our dreams to fruition.


Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and imagine all of your dreams flowing to you with ease. You can even picture a butler delivering them to you on a silver platter. Tap into the feelings that arouses this is you already on to something. The quantum field is a place that is in alignment with your big, wild dreams. It’s a place where truly anything is possible. At this point, you should be on board with the fact that your body is energy and that you emit a frequency. Understanding that you can anchor your energy into other frequencies will give you a new sense of freedom and power. When you become connected to the energy of what you desire, the universe expands.


We are no longer just putting 1ft in front of the other, marching forward in a way that can feel mundane and endless separated from the magic that the universe is compromised of. We are energy. Once you realize this, and once you align with the potency this holds, the Universe has no choice but to supply you with your desires. Benny referred to this as being an energetic match to your dreams, because you magnetically pull the possibilities from the quantum field into your 3D reality. When we tap into the quantum field, we let go of control. We can thrive in the unknown, and we don’t need to know how or when the thing will appear. We plug our energy into a desire and wait to be shown the next step.


This is about wrapping your mind around the idea that if you can dream it, you can have it. And isn’t the promise of this marvelous? From Bone Dry to Overflow I had a client named Ian who came to me at the beginning of the pandemic. He said his business was bone dry and had been for months. He was mirrored in despair, but also feeling absolutely frantic. Right away, my intuition told me his energy was disconnected from the whole notion of possibility. The essence of the quantum field, the energy around him and the chaos ensuing across the globe had deeply affected his energy, his frequency, and his mindset. Ian, like many others during this time, was allowing the energy around him to control his vibration. Instead of allowing the energy inside him to intentionally create his vibration, ian needed a reminder of his own power.


He needed someone to help him believe in prospects again, even magic and dreams and manifested desires. He was ready to try anything to reach and exceed the success he knew deep down he was capable of achieving. I guided Ian through a powerful meditation in which I took him into a space of new possibilities, and I’ve shared this exercise with you in the workbook on page 157. I helped him see how to connect his energy to where he wanted to go and then to let the 3D reality catch up to him. I showed him how to draw his desires toward him, using his energy to use his energy to create. Instead of allowing the energy around him to be the deciding factor of his outcomes, ian’s business came back to life and then some.


Ian’s problem before he started working with me was that he had been plugged into all the things that could go wrong. His energy mirrored his failing business. He was completely focused and entangled with lack and rejection. In turn, that’s what he was attracting from the quantum field. Instead of what he truly desired. He made the energetic shifts I helped him with. He decided to reclaim his power and his beliefs and possibility. He practiced the meditation daily to plug into and entangle his energy with what he did want. He became an energetic match to more abundance. Then he took the grounded and practical strategies we came up with to increase his visibility and attract clients, and was able to create consistent monthly income of 30K plus in only a few short months.


Ian understood the strength of alignment and the power of plugging into the quantum field. After seeing such colossal results and such tangible manifestations and abundance appearing a life changing soul adventure I always joke that spirit, my soul got to me through luxury spas. In 2011, while my then boyfriend was on a golf trip, I said yes to my own adventure with my girlfriend Sally and jetted off to Sedona, Arizona. Back then, I had never heard of Sedona, but Sally sent me a picture of the red rocks there, splendid and expansive against that clear blue desert sky, as if they’d descended from heaven, and I was sold. It was amazing how complete I felt the second I stepped onto the five star property where were staying, as if it was the grown up version of a location delivered ala carte from my button home.


Staring out of the panoramic view of the red rocks intricate lines and towering shapes, I knew this was somewhere you could be transported. This, I knew, was where dreams were converted into actuality. Every turn was breathtaking, so much so, I felt as if I was on a movie set. Sally, we have such a packed agenda. How are we going to have time for lunch? I asked with a giggle as we unpacked. Protein bars, she said with a smile as she pulled a few from her bag. We only had four nights in this little slice of spiritual paradise, but were prepared. Our agenda was filled with hikes through and to the tip top of those stunning red rocks. Cathedral rock, bell tower. Yes, please. My motto when traveling has always been to explore what the locals recommend and when in Rome.


So we booked tarot card readings. I also booked a reading with a shamanic astrologer, even though those types of things were foreign to me at the time. And, of course, a spa day. Did I say spa? We had treatments galore, from ayurvedic massages to hot stone treatments, to Watsu water therapy. We spoiled ourselves rotten, and I loved every second of it. Although the entire trip was fabulous, the most powerful part was my offroad journey to the shamanic astrologer. A friend had highly recommended him, and I was totally game. After getting wildly lost with red dust pillowing in my rental’s rear view mirror, I pulled up to the rickety old house that hear me out had bars on the windows. My intake of breath was audible. I checked my GPS three times, and yep, I was in exactly the right spot.


I walked down to the steps toward his home with major trepidation, praying this wasn’t a horrible mistake and I’d go missing when a tall Asian man opened the door. My dear, he said, come right in. Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of. He gestured to the interior of what appeared to be his home and opened the door wider, fearful that he could already read my mind. I followed with my head down and my green juice gripped in my hand at a slower, more hesitant pace than I usually walk. The modest insides of his place didn’t help the situation.


He had a stained mattress on the floor with messy, light blue sheets scattered around it, a wall full and I mean full, of books from floor to ceiling, and a card table surrounded by folding chairs so old and wobbly I wasn’t sure they would be able to support me without cracking in half. He grabbed my hands without any more of an introduction and opened the reading with a prayer. As bizarre as the circumstances were, I felt a wave of peace wash over me. I was suddenly willing to hear what this peculiar shamanic astroman had to say. The reading went on forever. I swear I was there for over 3 hours. What someone could possibly say for 3 hours is beyond me. But it only felt like I was in that room with him for 30 minutes.


What he said to me felt laughable at the time. Now, listen to me when I say this, he said. You’re here for a tremendous mission and purpose. You are going to do big things it’s inevitable. Truly. You will travel often, and you will become a renowned spiritual teacher in this lifetime. I spit my green juice out on the table at that one. It was unfathomable to me. In that moment, I was barely spiritual myself. In fact, it felt like a fun, even silly adventure, something I was doing because of where I was and the culture I was exploring. Little did I know he was planting a very important seed, almost a prophecy, that would lead me toward my own authentic power.


I was remembering that moment in 2013 when I had my 459 ten minute, my first quantum moment, and felt my whole body and world shake with desperation inside of reaching for my bottle of red. What had happened, I now realized, is that as fun and games as my meeting with that astrologer had seemed, I’d let his words sink into and stick with me. During my first quantum moment, I had started to pray for purpose. That empowering whisper I’d heard telling me that there was so much more to life during that quantum moment wasn’t just the universe, but also a remembrance of the seed that shamanic astrologer had planted in 2011, which seemed to bubble back up to the surface. The words he had spoken had activated a curiosity inside of me.


It sent me on the path that led me to where I am today, in alignment with my soul, mentoring others and traveling the world to show people how to connect with and use their energy to manifest their dreams. He was right. That green juice should have made it down my throat instead of making a mess on his dusty card table. By the way, I didn’t break the folding chair. Thank goodness. Another reflection I had flashed me back to a moment in 2012 in Austin, Texas. Remember me and spas? We have a thing. A girlfriend of mine wanted a break from her littles, and I’m almost always down for a fun adventure. We decided on a spa along the lake. This is where I first met my reiki Reishi healer.


Although I didn’t realize it at the time, she would hold one of the keys on my journey to discovering my own authentic power. I didn’t have my light filled orgasm with her in 2012. She was disguised at the spas, a masseuse. She performed an intuitive massage on me that was as fantastic as it sounds and shared a very similar message to the one the shamanic astrologer had given me in Sedona. It felt curious, but it wasn’t enough to awaken me yet. Flash forward to 2013, when I decided to stop numbing, start feeling, and finally shift my life for the better, and she was on the forefront of my mind. I was about to book a flight to Texas to try to find her when Sally suggested I try a search engine.


Yep, the Internet waves to the rescue again with the hit of a button. Her LinkedIn profile popped up. Happiness thrummed through me. Later, while chatting with her on the phone, she asked me a life changing question. Suzanne, she said. What would you be doing if you had no limits? What do you mean, no limits? Of course I have limits. We all do, I replied. I took in the deepest breath I had in as long as I could remember. And out of nowhere, it struck me I was the one putting the limitations that I thought I had on me. It was me that was limiting me. This realization set me free to pursue my dreams with renewed commitment. When we step into alignment, it’s as if we’re able to see things from a different perspective. When we can view the world from hindsight.


Everything can change in hindsight. That trip to Sedona in 2011 was life changing. Then again, the trip in 2012, where I thought I was simply adventuring and pampering myself, was a key link to me. Connecting with my heart and my soul and looking back, my dark night of the soul in 2013 actually catapulted me into my purpose, my passion, and into living many of my dreams. As a human species, we have only just begun to tap into the immeasurable possibilities available to us inside the quantum field. Just think of the advancements that have been made in the last decade. It’s thrilling to think of quantum leaps we will create when we add our hearts and our soulful superpowers to the game.


I myself am only just getting started and I invite you to join me in jumping into the quantum field with your wonderfully aligned soul, you’re bound to find magic there and your whole purpose for being connect to the quantum field by opening up your heart and mind. I invite you to take a moment now and think of a question that changed your life. What did it trigger? What did it spawn? Have you let it inspire you? If not, can you rehear it and heed the wisdom behind the inquiry? Now then, consider this if you had zero limits and could do anything, be anything and have anything, what would your life look like? Where would you be? How would you feel? How would it be different from what it is today? What does your heart want to show you?


Where in life have seeds been planted that have stuck with you? How connected are you to your heart and soul, to that piece of divinity and perfection that lives right inside of you? If you walked into a mystical and magical buttonhouse today, what are the five buttons that you would love to push? What dreams would they transport you to? How would your life look different if you followed these dreams with intent? Take a few minutes and really let yourself see each dream. Write down the details and maybe even share some of them with a trusted friend who will support your vision. Still. In your magical buttonhouse. Now internalize what the possibilities that rest in the quantum field bring up for you emotionally, viscerally, mentally and physically. Why?


Because once you start to feel and experience what your ideal self and life could feel like, the closer you’ll get to realizing your dreams. Quantum tool number two. Connect to the quantum field. Focus your energy on your dreams, align your personality with your heart and soul, and pay more attention to infinite possibilities instead of all the reasons in front of you that make you think things aren’t working, even if those limits are entirely within yourself. And a word of encouragement you’ve got this, your blueprint for positive change. Tune into the quantum field by aligning your personality with your passions and discovering your soul’s purpose. Understand that there is an infinite field of limitless possibilities that you can connect to at any time and any moment to begin to shift your reality.


Play in the field of dreams and plug your energy into where you want to go, not what you believe is possible. The more expanded your energy is, the higher its vibration, the faster and easier you will create those big dreams. And that is the conclusion of chapter two in Quantum Vibes. I hope you enjoyed it. Y’all, I am so excited to do The Evolution of Quantum Tool because there is so much here that I want to expand upon with you and get so excited because we are going to have an epic transformational conversation in the next episode. If you enjoyed this and you tag me on Instagram, that would mean so much to me. Share it with a few friends. And if you haven’t left a review, please do leave a review. And thank you again for being here.


Thank you so much for being here. The last thing I’m going to say is some of you are asking questions about the Atoms actualization activation. And that’s a three hour workshop that I’ve recently led live. And it’s a beautiful expansion upon the quantum tools. It’s a beautiful blueprint and process that’s a potent manifesting model to build on everything that we’re talking about here. So that is something that is lifetime access. You get instant access to it right away, and you also get instant access to connect with a community of high vibrational people. So if you want to expand upon this conversation with me in other ways besides this podcast, check out the links in the show notes. And thank you so much for being here. You duck close.