EP15S1: Activating Magnetism to Manifest Your Dreams

In this podcast episode, Suzanne delves into the concept of going from the mindset of “I’ll be happy when” to “I am it,” emphasizing the importance of aligning with our desires in the present moment. Also, introduces Quantum Tool Number Six – Part 2, which involves activating our vision in the now.

She discusses the role of the polyvagal theory in soothing the nervous system and how it can aid in manifesting dreams and help you to go deeper into the Quantum Field!

Suzanne also touches on the power of letting go of the need to know “how” dreams will manifest, embracing uncertainty, and believing that dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

Suzanne closes the episode sharing personal experiences and insights about the transformative power of being present in the now, embracing dreams, and shifting energy to align with desires encouraging listeners to be the change they want to see in the world and concludes by emphasizing the significance of connecting with the heart and soul to create a happier and more peaceful world.


Welcome to the Quantum Vibes podcast.
I am coming to you feeling electric, happy, excited and gosh, just like I am dancing on top of the world.
Today we just wrapped the most epic event.
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The community was everything.
We expanded our abundance mindsets, we broke through glass ceilings.
We reprogrammed, rewired our mind, and we came into alignment with our unique soul blueprints in the most potent and powerful way.
And so my intention is to take the energy that we created there and infuse it into everything that I’m doing.
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The other thing I just want to say, while I’m in the vibes of this container, in the vibes of watching all of these amazing human beings, I think we had about 80 people in person at this event and close to 80 virtual.
And watching all of these people really step into their power, What it did was actually exactly what this quantum tool that we’re reading about today is activate their missions in the now, activate your desires in the now.
And so something I love to talk about is going from the frequency of where is it to going to the frequency of I am it.
And so in one of the chapters in the honest tree that I can’t even remember if it was this chapter or chapter before.
When I talk about the I’ll be happy win game, the I’ll be happy win game is when you want something And you’re like I’ll be happy when I have that thing.
I’ll be happy when I have the partner.
I’ll be happy when I have the money.
I’ll be happy when I have the home.
I’ll be happy when I have the client.
And there the world operates on that frequency because that’s what we’re taught is these things are meant to make a happy.
But that’s not the actual truth, because how many times have you wanted something and then you get it, And then you’re like, well, wait a second, where’s all the fulfillment and all the magic I’m supposed to be feeling right now?
And you don’t feel it.
And So what we want to do is we want to learn to really, really point our alignment arrows for those of you in the atoms actualization activation.
And for those of you that were with me at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit, we talked about really pointing our alignment arrows up into the infinite field of possibilities.
And when you do that, what you do is you go from where is it into the frequency of I am it.
And that is exactly what we’re talking about with the quantum tool of activating it in the NOW.
So I am just feeling so excited about life.
I am feeling so electric.
I am feeling so on purpose.
And you know, I’m really on a mission to help other Heart centered leaders activate more alignment, activate more alignment inside of your business with your mission and really turn on your unique Soul Blueprint.
So if you want more of that, then come into my world more and more and more.
And the last thing I’ll say before we dive in to finishing the audible version of of the chapter all about activating it in the now is if you want to come and spend four days with me in person in Sedona, AZ, we are already halfway sold out for the Sedona Vortex immersion.
And so seeing all the Instagram beams of people messaging me and saying they wanted to be at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit.
But, but, but, but they let the butt get in the way.
And you know with the Sedona vortex immersion we’re not going to have the virtual experience.
And so if that is calling to you, then now is the time and we’re also going to put that link in the show note.
So without further ado we will continue with Part 2 of chapter 6 and Quantum Vibes 7.
Tools to raise your energy, harness your power and manifest a life that will blow your mind in the best of ways.
Staying focused on your desires in the present.
With quantum tool number six we want something and it’s not showing up.
We get angry, stressed, teary eyed.
Contrite all of the things.
My 6th Quantum tool Activate your vision in the now addresses by reminding us of the power to be present now.
It teaches us to let in what I like to call enoughness, starting this very second to understand how to regulate our nervous systems now, and to let go of the illusion of certainty also right now, while tapping into the Glee and gratification our potential futures suggest.
This tool is all about amping up your inner game, the good game.
It’s about plunging even deeper into surrender and within your heart than you ever thought possible.
In this place, you stop looking outside of yourself.
You stop waiting to be stoked, meaning you leave that I’ll be happy win game back in the past along with Monopoly and Beer Pong, and activate those high vibes sound in the Quantum field.
OK, I just have to pause because obviously it was just this chapter when I was talking about the I’ll Be Happy win game and what I love about my life and business and when we really can align with our unique soul blueprint.
Stuff like this happens all the time.
It’s like you’re saying the perfect thing at the perfect time and it just flows.
So as I’m just reading that, I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is so perfect because I read the other part of this earlier.
And so here we are.
It’s the I’ll be happy win game.
And everything that I’m teaching is in alignment with it.
And this is one of the most powerful, important tools that you can create in order to really, really turn up the dial on your fulfillment and to begin to become a powerful manifester because you’re honing your energy into the quantum field rather than pointing your alignment arrows and everything that’s not working.
And so again, just a subtle reminder to point your power into where you’re going and not where you’ve been.
You start jamming with the energies of enoughness and terrific possibilities.
You stay focused on your desires and you keep your energy plugged into those upper tiers on the scale as religiously as you would your iPhone charger.
You own your truth and your authentic power.
You open up the golden ticket of self love and you swim in it like you never have before.
You remember your true soul essence.
You believe in infinite possibilities.
You stimulate your energy and restore your nervous system with an unwavering intention.
In part by claiming I am statements.
I am a powerful being who can create with my energy.
I am made of love.
I’m a miracle and anything is possible.
I’m OK in this moment.
Everything will be OK after this moment too.
I am full of happiness and joy.
I am living on purpose and I’m on a mission attracting dreams I once believed or impossible.
I am in the perfect place right now.
I am on the most beautiful journey of self discovery and everything is working out for me In this moment.
I am keeping my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground.
I’m creating a life that will blow my own mind now and in the scrumptious future too.
These statements and any others you come up with yourself, aren’t platitudes.
Empirical studies and neuroscience reveal that habitually repeating positive affirmations, like really truly practicing them recurrently, if not daily, motivates self integrity, self efficiency, or according to researchers, our perceived ability to control moral outcomes and respond flexibly when our self concept is threatened and leads to enduring change.
What’s more, MRI evidence shows that particular neural pathways are increased.
When you engross yourself in the regular practice of saying positive affirmations, you can shift your vibe instantly.
A little science for you if you want a fuller understanding of the concept.
The ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with positive assessments and self related info administration, becomes more vigorous and lively when we give thought and consideration to our strengths and values.
What does all of this mean?
It means that your mindset is absolutely critical to creating and manifesting your dreams, and that mindset is directly associated with the vibes you’re exuding and feeling.
If you feel safe and calm, your energy can open even more and go even deeper into the quantum field, which enables you to become more and more of an energetic match to your desires.
If you feel tense, disrupted, angry, or reactive, you’re in survival mode and your nervous system is Wang whether you should fight, flight or freeze, which is not.
It goes without saying this state of mind and body to be in to pass through the golden gates of that radiant quantum field.
It’s about taking each and every tool you’ve learned here up to this point, and going a level deeper, taking it into the now.
The power of those I am statements will put you here at this moment.
Soothing your physical body and your nervous system will keep you there as well.
One way to reach a place of serenity where everything is possible is getting in touch with the polyvagal theory.
Conceived by Dr. Stephen Porges, a highly respected professor, researcher and scientist, the polyvagal theory proposes that activating your vagal nerve, the longest cranial nerve in your body and one that is directly associated with your nervous system, can rouse your parasympathetic nervous system, PNS, into action.
The PNS represents the rest and digest functions in our bodies.
I’m going to just interject here because this can get really heady if you’re like, what is she talking about?
This sounds like really sciencey.
And I want to just bring this into like a really grounded conversation for a moment because this is really important.
And so this theory that I’m sharing with you right now is something that helps you soothe your nervous system.
When our bodies are in the rest and digest state, we can manifest so much more powerfully.
And I’ll go into this more in the next episode, but I want you to just understand if you can just hear this and really kind of come back to me if I lost you.
This is something that’s important to activating your manifestations and really becoming magnetic so that you attract your dreams and you’re not always chasing.
OK, so back to the book.
The PNS represents the rest and digestive functions in our bodies.
This means we feel soothed, happy and connected.
It means our nervous system isn’t out of whack trying to regulate itself.
This is key, as your PNS is the antithesis of your autonomic nervous system, the one that gets triggered when you’re alarmed and provokes the need either fight, flight or freeze.
When we can consciously understand how to create the feeling of comfort in our body, we shift into the now how to use the polyvagal theory in your own life?
A few exercises I like most.
Or yogic breathing.
Jumping into a cold shower, which activates the vagus Nerve gargling.
Also an activation button and meditation.
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping, a method in which you tap 9 crucial points on your body to alleviate anxiety and release traumatic memories, is also a great tool that can help you with this.
And once your PNS has been enlivened, you’ll feel a sense of composure that’ll ease you into higher energies.
Remember those high vibes on that vibration scale?
Once there, or rather in the rich, pleasurable here, give yourself permission to dream your biggest, most outrageous and seemingly implausible dreams.
Unlock your mind so you stop playing those games and instead channel vastness.
Let’s play in the Field of Dreams.
I’ll be real Limitations was my middle name before my awakening.
I was stalled in the mindset that it was futile to dream, even terrifying, because it rocked the boat, if you will.
A perspective that exposes what no longer is, if it ever was serving us.
I was disconnected from what I sincerely wished for and covered it all up with multiple modes of numbing.
If I did put the brakes on long enough to consider one of my dreams, and trust me, there are many, I didn’t feel worthy of even thinking them, let alone seeing them manifest.
I wouldn’t speak these dreams out loud to my besties, nor would I allow myself to write them down.
If anything, they felt like a distance back in an empty field, certainly not a bright quantum field kind of arena.
It took every tool I’m providing you with in this book to see beyond the beyond.
To stop listening to those cynics and critics, to return to the unbridled imagination of my childhood.
To believe that these dreams were given to me because they were and are my real purpose.
That’s the thing.
If we have dreams in our heart, maybe to become a film director, a writer, a lawyer, or a fabulous father or leader of a nonprofit is because God or the universe or however you might want to define it, place them in your heart.
It is your reason for being.
It’s why you are alive.
And to neglect that in the name of negativity, your own as well as others, it’s well doing an enormous disservice to humanity.
Let me just say that one more time.
Because if you have a dream in your heart, it’s meant to be yours.
It’s part of your mission, it’s part of your purpose.
And I think that’s really a powerful part of the manifesting formula because understanding that your dreams are placed in your heart from the divine by something bigger, by something wiser, it gives you like it really fuels the whole mission based manifesting conversation.
And that’s really what I’m about in my world.
And really what I I take my clients through is plugging into the process of this is your mission.
This is where ultimate fulfillment is.
This is where your unique soul blueprint is.
And so I think that this is just such a huge, important piece of the puzzle, and I really just want to invite everyone to remember that.
And let’s really lock this in our our subconscious mind as well as in our logical minds, that your dreams are given to you from the divine.
Your dreams are a a piece of your unique soul blueprint.
OK, returning to the book, true your logical mind.
What I think of as our cute little mind we’re playing small is misleadingly mandatory.
We’ll argue with this.
It will take off every reason it can latch onto to assert that your dreams are impossible from you don’t have the time, so you’ve hardly got enough talent, intelligence, skills, physical allure, imagination for that.
It’ll say you’re never going to have that you don’t deserve that home, job, partner.
Aptitude, Louboutin heels.
Who do you think you are?
Really, the logical mind isn’t all that logical.
Ultimately, it’s got a wicked negative bias, an evolutionary prejudice that was fabricated to keep you out of harm’s way, that obstructs you from realizing your dreams and keeps you away from the quantum fields.
Brilliant rays.
If you let your logical mind lead the way, you won’t be connected to this moment, or what your future promises, or your heart, or notably, the expansive vibes required to manifest your longings.
Remember, there is no logic in the quantum field, only possibilities and any and every possibility at that.
It’s hardly news that the pandemic rocked many people.
Whether we were barely eking out a living, crushing it professionally or privately or somewhere in the middle, we felt it.
It was a time of transition and for some turmoil.
Innumerable people, even, I’d say the vast majority we’re looking around at such and allowing their reality to create their energy.
This is a disempowering tactic that slams you right down into the low vibe pits where the quantum field seems questionable and days are defined by rage, agony and remorse instead of vitality, happiness, and invention.
Invent your new reality.
My process and this particular quantum tool specifically teach you to leverage your energy to invent your reality, ignore what is happening around you If it sinks.
You learn to self soothe and self regulate your body and nervous system so that your biology can work in your utmost favor and be ever present and focused on the things that matter to you.
So many people were panicking during the pandemic and had no idea that these tools to help ship everything from their mindset to their emotional state even existed.
My clients were blown away at the work we were doing together.
During this time, several of my corporate clients were able to dial back to what really counted and rebuild a company culture that highlighted success and abundance.
This was not the now the world was telling them they had to abide by, which was governed by fear and had little to do with their hearts.
Seeking many of my other clients, those with both brick and mortar and online businesses, shifted their vision to a place that was much more aligned with their hearts, their souls and their passions.
They rewrote the story of what was possible, gave themselves permission to dream, and Quantum leaped into a brighter, more certain future.
My own business changed in many ways, and I relied on this to offer inspiration to my clients.
In 2019, I was on over 20 stages, speaking to thousands, and this number doesn’t include the more intimate workshops I led.
As I’ve said, I love being on stage.
It’s where I feel my most lit up.
At the same time, I realized I didn’t want to move in that aggressive of a direction any longer.
There’s a lot of pool and pressure traveling the world to share your passions, purpose and process.
There had to be, I told myself, a happy middle ground.
The quarantine and self isolation that came with it made me, like everyone else on the planet, stir crazy at first.
Never before had I really known how it felt to embody the term cabin fever.
And yet, by consistently returning to the now and not the worries of case numbers, death tolls, anticipatory grief and economic meltdowns, I had the capacities to see the silver lining of my circumstances.
I was given the gift of stillness and a clean slight, as well as time to dive deeply into my heart and draw into consciousness some of my biggest dreams.
Dreams that I’ve shelved because I didn’t have the time or space to indulge them activate your vision in the now.
Years ago, I had written a novel loosely based on my revival about a woman who went from an unaware lost party girl to traveling the world on a mystical and magical Soul Retrieval mission led by the divine finding meaning, purpose, and soul along the way.
I dusted it off, or rather, found it on my hard drive, and revised it with a newfound clarity.
That book, Girl Awakened, I think Deep Pray Love Meets Harry Potter was born.
I was finally given the space to launch this book and create a positive ripple effect in a brand new way.
To this day, I feel immense happiness and gratitude every time I get a DM or tag on Instagram from a girl Awakened reader who is having their own mystical awakening.
Indeed, there are few more gratifying feelings than touching the hearts and provoking the minds of others.
And what better time to release a book about our inner game than in the darkness of a daunting worldwide pandemic?
Countless people told me that my novel gave them hope and faith they needed to fire up their own transformations.
My point is this.
You are the creator.
You always have the choice of how you show up and what you give your energy to.
And remember, your energy glows and increases magnetism the higher your energy goes.
My clients and I made a deliberate choice to stop looking at the toxicity of what the news was saying and the fear that was prevalent all around us.
We started tuning into our hearts and pushing our energy levels up the scale.
We tapped into big energy to quantum vibes.
It’s crucial to note that I’m not downplaying the fact that the world had been turned upside down.
There’s no arguing about that.
We’ve all personally experienced or witnessed the deluge of heartache, misery, mental health conditions and loneliness, and other fallouts that happened on the world stage.
I’m not discounting that.
I’m simply saying that when we’re faced with challenges, there’s always an opportunity to change our attitude and energy in a more beneficial way.
For ourselves, for those we love, and for the collective, be the change you want to see in the world, I tell myself and my clients during this era, following Gandhi’s excellent advice, and we did all by hoisting our vibes to greater heights.
I hope this is resonating with you, because if you can grasp this, you can manifest anything you want.
Is that embodiment of turning up your vibration?
Of being in the energy and feeling it and as you’re feeling it.
Letting go.
Of those narratives and games that aren’t in alignment with what you want to achieve.
Of shedding stale, constraining beliefs.
Of attuning to the energy of what you desire and becoming that energy, That vibration in the here and now so that your dreams can manifest right before your eyes.
This means being an energetic match to what you desire before it has materialized.
You might be thinking, this sounds great and everything, Suzanne, but I’m a planner and I need to know how.
How am I going to attract that increase in pay?
Feel more fulfilled?
Persuade my kids to ship their behavior?
Have my husband become more present?
See that bins show up in my driveway?
I understand this.
It’s common to wonder, but when you allow your vibration to go to that place of doubt, where logical thinking dominates for too long, you close your heart and shut out the magnetism and power of your heart and the miracle of activating it in the now, when you get caught up in the how you let your logical mind kick into high gear and take over your thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and desires.
Your nervous system springs into survival mode And you’re granted momentum, sure, but it’s in the wrong direction and nowhere near the quantum field of infinite possibilities.
What I think 2020 did for me was teach me the powerful lesson that certainty is only an illusion.
The truth is, we don’t know if we’ll be breathing tomorrow, or even in another hour.
There’s no guarantee.
We hope for health, love, success, and abundance, but there will always be things that are out of our control.
They can snatch us off the path toward these ambitions.
However, by becoming comfortable with the unknown, you also Createspace for the universe to surprise you.
Your job is to be so bonded to your vision that you don’t even know the means of how you’ll get there.
You just trust that you will.
That’s what dreams are really, and we realize them by steadfastly believing in them and feeling them on a bone deep level.
That’s the part of becoming an energetic match.
Your energy matches your desire before you have actualized the dream and that permission to dream despite it all.
It’ll move your energy into the now where you can try on your future, feel all its good feelings, and use your positivity as the world’s most auspicious engine.
I’ll say it again.
Connect with your heart and let it lead you.
So here’s my advice, if not my loving command.
Be here now.
Be so present.
You don’t even know what day it is.
Saturate your physical, mental, psychological and energetic self with affection and admiration.
Halt that I’ll be happy.
Win game and accept that happiness is here now for your taking.
Love all of you exactly as you are, even if you feel behind or unworthy.
Slay those thoughts.
Please stop peering into those rabbit holes to see what’s quote realistic and instead focus on the present’s joy and the future’s possibilities.
Start pulling up those dreams from the depths they’ve been buried in.
Let them feel you.
Permit them to prompt you to think and more importantly, feel what your future has in store for you.
Operate in the now as if your future and all that you wish to accomplish has happened.
By promoting the necessary mindset to achieve what you want.
By choosing to believe that your desired outcome has already occurred, your observations and sensory experiences and emotions will begin to manifest the life you’ve long been after.
How in this place would your days unfold?
What does it smell like on your face?
How do you feel from head to toe and in your soul high vibe?
I propose because somewhere in the now you know that if you follow these tools I’m teaching you, your dreams will show up.
And if they take their sweet, sweet time to arrive, keep Quantum leaping forward and trust in the timing of the Divine Quantum tool number Six, activate your vision in the Now recap.
Stop playing the I’ll Be Happy Win game and get yourself happy, even if it’s only in your mind right now.
Sue the heck out of your nervous system.
Utilize the power of your body and breathe energy into the now moment.
Feel your desires activate the power of the visualization and become an energetic match to what you covet.
Your blueprint for positive change, happiness, peace, connection, joy and success reside in the ever present now moment, infusing your presence in each task and hobby.
You are doing collapsed time and expands energy, creating an exciting experience.
When you’re present and connect to a fellow human being with your heart open and your energy focused on them alone, you calibrate to one of the highest frequencies of all love.
Expand your authentic power by connecting with your heart and soul and aligning your personality with your soul in each now moment.
Opening your heart and creating true heartfelt connections in your life will not only create more meaning and purpose, but will truly assist in helping the modern world to be a happier and more peaceful place.
And that is the end of Chapter 6.
I hope you have enjoyed this conversation.
I hope at this point you’re implementing these quantum tools.
I hope you are coming and sharing with me and saying hi with me and connecting with me on Instagram.
It truly means so much for me to see this ripple effect far and wide.
And if you have enjoyed this conversation, please share this podcast out with a few of your friends and if you share it on social media, tag me so I can repost and reshare as well.
Thank you so much for being here.
If you want to jump in the for the Quantum Success Leadership Summit, feel those vibrations and really experience those two days in this virtual vortex that we’ve created for you.
The details are in the show notes, so I cannot wait to watch as you begin to create more big wild dreams and I will see you on the next episode.