EP2S2: Calibrating to Your Power

In the latest episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams engages in a powerful conversation about self-empowerment and the key to unlocking personal and professional success. She begins by sharing a personal anecdote about her journey through doubt and uncertainty, emphasizing the cyclical nature of personal growth and expansion. Also, the importance of calibrating to our own power and the role of mindset, frequency, and alignment with the soul in achieving abundance and success.

Suzanne discusses the challenges she faced at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey when nobody believed in her, highlighting the transformative power of self-belief and manifesting through the quantum field. She emphasizes the need to celebrate our achievements and progress, urging listeners to reflect on their personal and professional growth. Suzanne also talks about the emotional aspects of the journey, recounting a recent breakthrough where she realized the significance of taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate her own accomplishments.

Throughout the episode, Suzanne encourages listeners to embrace their unique journey, trust the process of awakening and invites her audience to pause, reflect, and celebrate their individual journeys, emphasizing that calibrating to our own power is an ongoing and evolving process.

Welcome to the Quantum Vibes podcast.
My name is Suzanne Adams and I am the best selling author of Girl Awaken and Quantum Vibes.
I am the creator of the Adams actualization activation which is extremely powerful manifesting model.
My TE DX talk has reached 3 million people and inside of this podcast I’m going to help you understand how to use your energy to magnetize your big wild dreams right into your reality.
I help leaders align with their unique soul blueprint and turn on more passion, purpose, richness, love, excitement and fulfillment in life.
Thank you for being here.
It means the world to me.
Let’s dive in.
Hi y’all.
Today on Season 2, Episode two of the Quantum Vibes podcast, The Business Edition, we are going to have a potent and powerful conversation on how you can calibrate up to your own power and begin to receive the money, the abundance, the recognition, the clients, everything that you deserve and desire.
And this is going to be an interesting conversation because in order to calibrate to our own power, you might not expect me to say what I’m going to say here.
So here we go.
I want to start by sharing a story.
I was on a call with a mentor of mine, and I am in a season of growth and expansion.
And if your journey is anything like mine, I think all of our journeys are like, this is where there’s, they’re cyclical.
And what I mean by that is there’s moments where you have a desire and you go for it and there’s so much excitement and you’re like and you’re you’re just running around and you’re doing the thing and you get a glimpse of success and you’re feeling in alignment with your soul and you’re feeling excited.
And then all of a sudden the voice of doubt creeps in.
And when the voice of doubt creeps in, it can be very damaging to our our success and our personal life and in our business if we let it.
And here’s what I mean by that.
You felt like you were on some sort of role in business and then it felt like the momentum stopped based on the situational evidence that you’re seeing around you.
And if you’re listening here, then you know.
Or if you don’t know, I’m going to tell you.
I believe in manifesting through frequency, through a mindset, and through alignment with your soul.
Which means sometimes what you’re seeing around you could throw you off your path and could stop you from calibrating to your own power if you let it.
So here’s what I mean by this.
When I first started, no one else believed in me.
Like, seriously, no one.
No one believed in me.
Like, I didn’t even tell anyone what I was doing because I was scared.
I was in the spiritual closet.
I wasn’t even sure of my own power.
I did had no idea.
I was totally living in the unknown.
And when I had quit my job, it felt very freeing.
And I also felt terrifying because I didn’t know.
I didn’t know what was going to happen.
I was literally walking in blind faith and I had to believe.
I had to believe in myself more than I ever had.
And I had to to literally plug in the possibility.
And at this stage in my life I didn’t understand what I was doing, but I was manifesting from the quantum field.
And So what happened is, as I began to have success, other people began to take me more seriously.
And even though I I had clients and I wrote my book, like when I remember when I was writing my first book, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing.
I told them I had a project and I was pivoting in business, but I didn’t tell anyone because I wasn’t secure enough in my power to fully share it.
But then I realized that give actually want people to read my book, and I actually want clients, and I actually want to truly build a business.
I’m gonna have to tell people what I’m doing.
And So what happened was, as I began to believe in myself even more, I started attracting clients.
I started building my business.
I’ve shared how I started hosting my first retreat in 2015 in Sedona, AZ.
And I’ll never forget on that first day when everyone left and I looked at the woman that I was Co hosting the event with, and we were just like jumping up and down.
Like we did it.
We did it.
And we had to believe in our own power to even put that thing together.
We had to believe in our own power to show up.
And us believing in our own power opened the door for other people to come in.
And so this has been necessary at every single level and it’s been very different at every single level.
So when I was on a call just last week, I think it was either last week or the week before with one of my mentors and I broke down.
I I broke down and I started crying and it was quite interesting because I was crying because I hadn’t even calibrated to my own power.
What I mean by this is if you’ve been watching along on Instagram or if you’ve been in the room with me lately, what the energy and the frequency that has moved through me has been.
The highest, most beautiful, most purest, most magnetic frequency that I’ve ever experienced.
And it’s being felt and it’s creating transformation and it’s creating ripples.
And if you look around my world and you look at when I’m experiencing, there’s so much goodness and richness and it feels so good and I almost didn’t even take a minute.
It was like I was turning on the masculine.
Even though I knew better.
I was pushing because it felt like I have programs.
I have a lot of different in person events.
There’s a lot of moving pieces in my business right now, and I want to make sure that I’m up leveling my marketing.
I’m up leveling the way I’m showing up each next step.
Because I also believe in order to calibrate to our own power, we’ve got to create our own growth.
And having this breakthrough, it was quite phenomenal because I’m just sitting there and all this emotion comes moving through my body and I feel this release, like moving through the crown of my head.
And I tell her I I I said I’m, I’m emotional right now.
We were just on an audio conversation and she said tell me what is it?
And it was it was like this healing.
I can’t even explain it, but all I knew is I felt it.
I said, Oh my gosh, I haven’t taken the time to to sit, to celebrate me, to let everything that I’ve created like to let it land in my body and my cells I haven’t calibrated to my own power and what I’ve actually seen in my exterior world.
It’s like I felt this on the inside for so long and I believed in me even more than anyone else could believe in me, because I understand the frequency of that and I understand what’s an energetic match for that.
But I hadn’t allowed it to come into like the third dimensional world of reality.
And this was such a massive aha for me because I realized I needed to celebrate me.
I needed to look at what all I had created.
I needed to look at where I had said yes.
I needed to look at the accomplishments that my clients were making, the impact that I’m having, all that I’ve done over the last 9-10 years and even over the last 6 to 12 months.
And so I want to invite you to take a moment here.
And no matter where you are on your journey, if you’re listening to this, I’m going to assume that you have some sort of business, you’re part of some sort of business or you have a desire to create a business.
And I want you to think about how far you’ve come in the last one year, three years, five years, 10 years.
And we’re all on different paths.
And so some of us are going to have created a lot more than others in the last decade or the last 2-3 years.
And so I don’t want you to go down the path of, Oh my gosh, I’ve wanted to write a book for five years and I haven’t done it.
I’ve wanted to start this piece of my business for the last year.
I haven’t done it.
This is not about what you haven’t done because we’re all very good at at that list.
This is about taking a breath and opening up.
You can do a visualization where you visualize like from the root of your base chakra, like your tailbone, and just visualizing all the way up your spine, up into the crown of your head like like a beautiful golden arrow.
I talk about this in the atom’s actualization activation.
I call it your alignment arrow.
And if you can just notice that energy, your energy streaming up into the quantum field of possibilities and feeling your channel open and let your soul show you.
Let your soul remind you how far you’ve come, what you’ve created, where you’ve said yes in alignment.
The growth that you’ve received, the impact that you’ve had on others.
The people that are closest to you that just feel better.
Because you’re happier.
Because you’re leaning in, because you’re you’re evolving and you’re growing.
The people that you influence inside of your business, The people that you influence on social media every single day.
Sometimes we get discouraged when it feels like no one’s watching.
And in order to calibrate up into our own power, we have to really understand how to harness our energy where what is in front of us for what we think in our mind.
That’s not actually true.
Because I’ll tell you, oftentimes when you think no one is watching, there are more people than you could ever imagine watching.
I know that there’s been moments for me when I felt like, oh, I wish I was reaching more people or I wish more people were seeing what I was up to.
And then the amount of people that end up telling me how much I’ve inspired them or impacted them years later, years later.
Like I I know now people tell me they’ve been watching me for years.
And I kind of jokingly say, well, why don’t you ever comment, Why don’t you ever comment or like my stuff So I can know you’re there and and we can connect.
But some people just watch in silence, and that happens on the Internet and that happens in your life as well.
And so when you think about calibrating to your own power, one, I want you to know that we are in a time of awakening.
The world is shifting and the way things go now are not always going to go that way.
And if you’re here, I want you to trust it.
And if you’re here, I want you to know that you’re in exactly the right place.
And when you set out to create a business in alignment with your heart and your soul and your unique soul blueprint, there is a floodgate of divine power that is going to stream through you and to you as long as you have the courage to keep moving forward.
And so, for example, for me, it’s been about opening up a celebration for me.
Letting myself feel the celebration of me, of who I am, of my magic, of my gifts, of my wisdom, of every heart that I have inspired and helped transform and touch, the one seen and unseen, and letting myself receive the resonance of what I’ve already done.
Now, some of you may be in different seasons in your life.
And so if I was to go back and do this to the version of Suzanne in 2014 who was just learning to love herself and who was coming into alignment with her heart, her soul, her unique soul blueprint, this would still be relevant.
It would just be a different celebration of me.
It would be a lot more of honoring myself for having the courage to go against the grain.
It would be a lot more of honoring myself for having the courage to hear my soul and to actually do something about it over the next couple years.
It would be about me being brave.
It would be about me believing in me more than anyone else.
And and that’s still true today too.
And so it’s like to calibrate to our own power.
We have to understand that this is a an evolving journey.
And I say it all the time.
As long as we’re breathing, we’re growing.
But many times we’re looking outside of ourselves for what’s already inside of us and what’s already inside of us.
Often times is shielded because we’ve put walls up in our heart, because we’ve been running programs and stories of people telling us that we’re not good enough, or perhaps us telling ourselves that we’re not good enough.
And so calibrating to your own power isn’t just like you make a choice and then like you’ve calibrated.
It’s an awareness.
It is an inner expansion.
It is a reclamation of everything that you were born to be.
It is a remembrance of your power, of your wisdom, of your truth.
And it is staying so steady and so strong in that frequency that you’re unshakable.
In order to do that, we have to be willing to see ourselves in a new light, and we have to be willing to sit in the uncomfortability of the feelings we’ve been trying to avoid our entire life.
Because in order to calibrate to your own power, you have to be willing to see yourself from all spaces of you with a loving lens and a divine angle.
And I have a process on this that has elevated and changed my entire life.
And I’m teaching this process inside of my iconic radiance program.
This is the program that if you could only do one thing with me, I would tell you, start here because this is the foundation and the building blocks to you, creating everything you’ve ever wanted on solid ground.
It is the healing and the activation of your soul coming into alignment with your personality in a way that can’t be described.
It has to be experienced.
And so if you’re interested in this conversation and you know that you want to reclaim your power and you feel like I’m the mentor to help you do it, then I highly recommend checking out the iconic Radiance program.
And if you feel like you’ve done a lot of inner work and you don’t need the next level, then trust that.
And also know what I found in my own life is every single time I think I’ve done the work and I’ll use quotes for that.
It’s like we’re on the stairway to heaven on earth.
And at each next level there’s a new level of healing and expansion.
And so I personally like to go through this program and through the exercises because it’s honestly what helped me to heal my heart, what helped me to magnetize love, what helped me to hold the frequency that I’m able to hold so that that the energy running through me can be felt.
And so I teach the the process in the iconic radiance program and then we build upon these principles at the Sedona Vortex immersion.
And so I just wanted to mention both of those things and I’ll talk more about it when I’m finished in just a moment.
But I wanted to bring it in now, because if you’re here with me and you feel in your body that you need to calibrate to your own power, you haven’t met your potential yet.
Meaning you’ve probably created success, but you know there’s more meaning.
You feel like you might have been at a standstill and you’re ready for the next level.
Meaning you’ve desired more love in your life in all areas and you haven’t received the amount of love that you want to receive yet.
Meaning you desire more money, meaning you desire to hold a higher frequency so that you can magnetize more of what your your true desires are.
Then this is a conversation that you’re going to want to be involved in.
And what I want to say to really bring this to full circle is when you can stop and have a celebration of me.
And I’m going to say celebration of me because it’s a celebration of me for me and my body and my body of work and my magic.
But for you, it’s a celebration of you for your body of work, for your magic, for your gifts.
And if everyone that listens to this episode stops and takes a moment to say, where am I in life right now?
And I want to look at how far I’ve come and I want to celebrate me for every courageous, bold move that I’ve made.
For every time I’ve opened my heart even more, for every time I’ve chosen me.
Meaning listening to this conversation.
You’re choosing you.
You could be doing a billion other things and you’re here.
So honoring yourself for that.
Looking at every single time you’ve made a choice in alignment with your soul, looking at every tangible and untangible win that you’ve had.
It is so important that we take the time to let it land, because when we let it land, we open our heart.
We create a portal from the heavens into our world where we get to celebrate ourselves.
And when we celebrate ourselves, those around us celebrate us to when we calibrate to our own power, those around us see our own power.
To when we activate a new level of power and calibrate to the divinity within us, we create a ripple effect, inviting every single person around us to do the same.
And so I hope that this episode has inspired you to remember your wisdom, your truth, your power.
To remember who you are, to remember that next calling and claim the path to your true potential.
And if you want to join me inside of the iconic radiance program to up level every ounce of your power to unlock your next level of radiance and to become so full that when you walk in a room you’re pouring love into those around you, then I would absolutely love to have you.
And the details are in the show notes.
I am going to be doing a limited amount this group because there’s an intimacy that I want to have.
So just keep that in mind.
And then if you’re interested in the Sedona Vortex immersion and you want to come spend four days elevating in a luxurious, beautiful resort nestled in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ, we’re going to put those details for you in the show notes as well.
And because today has been kind of serious, I wanted to say have fun when you’re doing your celebration of me.
And if it’s for 5 minutes in your car or if you get a crystal and get a candle and have a little ceremony and put some music on, have fun.
Open up to the energy of play and watch as you begin to create a ripple effect of others seeing your magic, the more and more that you see it.
So I’m going to remember this.
I am going to do my own celebration of me and.
There is so much goodness in store for all of us if we choose it.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for your time.
If you enjoyed this episode, if you would share it with some friends that you think need to hear this as well.
It would mean so much to me.
And if you share on social media, please tag me so I can share it out as well.
Thank you for your time for your energy and I will see you on the next episode.