EP11S1: Cracking the Code of Rewiring Your Mind

Reprogramming and Rewiring your mind – The evolution.

In episode 11 of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams delves into the evolution of Quantum Tool #4, which centers around reprogramming and rewiring the mind to connect with the infinite field of possibilities.

Suzanne highlights the significance of this tool, emphasizing that many people are unaware of the power of the subconscious mind and how it shapes their reality. Drawing parallels with learning to operate vehicles such as jets or cars, she explains the importance of understanding and consciously directing the subconscious mind to drive life towards desired outcomes.

She also touches on the concept of the “Unique Soul Blueprint,” an individual’s inherent path and talents. Suzanne advises listeners to align themselves with their blueprint, connecting their heart and soul to drive towards their dreams. Additionally, she introduces an upcoming Quantum Success Leadership Summit for heart-centered leaders seeking to elevate their frequency, align with their unique soul blueprint, and make a greater positive impact on the world.

Throughout the episode, Suzanne emphasizes the role of questions in directing the subconscious mind. By asking positive and constructive questions, we can guide our thoughts towards desired outcomes. She also encourages listeners to immerse themselves in high-frequency conversations and beliefs while adopting a mindset that anything is possible.


Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes Podcast here live with you for episode 11.
And today we are going to talk about the evolution of Quantum Tool #4.
And this quantum tool is all about reprogramming and rewiring your mind so that you can plug into the infinite field of possibilities and really begin to become an energetic match to your big wild dreams.
So I personally think that this quantum tool, I don’t want to say that any quantum tool is the most important, but this one’s up there and here’s why.
Most of us are walking around asleep at the wheel and not understanding what it means to have a subconscious mind.
We don’t understand how to drive the vehicle of the human body.
And when you can bring this into your conscious awareness, you literally can change the way that you manifest because you have a different understanding of how to drive the vessel that you’re walking around him.
So I want to share an example.
I had an event and there was a beautiful woman in the audience and I think she had just turned 19 and she had gotten her pilot’s license.
And I was blown away.
And I had seen on social media the day before that she had gotten her pilot’s license.
And so I asked her to come up and tell us about it.
And I started asking her, So what did you need to do in order to get your pilot’s license?
And she said, well, I had to, to learn how to fly the jet.
I had to learn what the controls meant.
I had to learn all the different ways to operate it.
I had to learn what you do in this situation and what you do in under these conditions.
And so basically, in order to be able to get certified to fly the jet, she had to learn to operate the vehicle.
If you think about driving a car, you go to the DMV and you take a test and before you’re given your license to drive, you should have learned how to operate the vehicle.
You’ve learned what how to parallel park if you need to.
You’ve learned what the cameras and the beeping lights mean, that you’ve learned when you can veer, how to coast, how to merge.
All of these things you learn, you know, back in the day when you had like the stick shift, which I never mastered by the way, that was a steeper learning curve.
And so either way, regardless of what type of car or vehicle, you learn how to operate the vehicle 1st and with our subconscious mind.
Again, why I think this should be taught in school systems, most human beings don’t understand the power of the subconscious mind and we don’t understand the programs that we’re running and we don’t understand how to change them, how to rewire them.
And therefore, sometimes we have a reality that doesn’t meet up to our full potential.
Because this he’s cracking the code.
And rewiring your subconscious mind will elevate every area of your life.
Because your subconscious mind is working day and night.
It is working while you’re aware of it, and it is working while you’re unaware of it.
And so This is why this is so, so, so important.
And so I kind of feel like I’m preaching to the choir a little bit because if you’re here, you’re probably kind of in the know about this.
You most likely have an idea that there are some ways that you can elevate your life and and change your energy and begin to manifest rich and exciting fulfillment in life.
And so I’ll just invite you, if this conversation resonates with you, to share it so we can begin to spread the word and help other people that don’t know that they do have more power than they think.
And so when you think about the subconscious and conscious mind, where I see so many people go wrong in this personal development conversation and in this manifestation conversation and the conversation around energetics is we think we just need to read one book or attend one retreat or listen to one podcast or whatever it is.
And the thing of it is, is, if you’re going to actually reprogram and rewire your subconscious mind, then there has to be a lot more intentionality in it.
You have to be able to become so plugged in and so connected to your desires, to your truth, to your power to upgrade your beliefs to hold a different frequency.
In order to do that, it takes immersing yourself in conversations like this over and over and over again.
It literally takes upgrading your beliefs.
It takes finding people that are going to cheer you on because otherwise you begin to think you’re crazy.
And I love to use the analogy like think for a minute of the person that you admire most in this world.
Maybe you think of someone on a personal level and then you think of someone famous, maybe a professional athlete or professional singer.
I’ll just use the example of Taylor Swift, since she seems to be overtaking the world with this amazing concert that she’s been putting on.
And if you think about Taylor Swift, she’s pretty young still and she started her career pretty young.
But do we think she went from teardrops on my guitar to selling out a billion dollars worth of tickets?
I don’t know the exact numbers, but I know it’s something around that.
So do we think she went from teardrops on my guitar to selling billions of dollars in sales at this one tour, just from practicing a couple of times?
And the answer is an obvious no.
She immersed herself, she got better.
She learned her craft.
She looked at what she did that was working, and she did more of it.
And she looked at what she did that wasn’t working, and she stopped doing it.
If you think about athletes, these professional athletes, what do they do?
They’re hiring coaches.
They’re constantly bettering themselves.
They’re visualizing, they’re up, leveling their mindset, and they’re they’re doing what they need to do in order to get to peak physical condition.
And that usually means repetition, doing things over and over and over again and somehow along the way on the human journey, we thought that when it comes to personal development or our mind, just one little, you know, 5 second thing here or there would do the trick.
And so if you’re listening to this and there’s something that you want to manifest and you haven’t manifested it yet, then there’s a good chance that your mind is ready for a reboot.
And I want to bring in Unique Soul Blueprint into this conversation because everything I teach and everything I do will really revolve around you plugging into your unique Soul Blueprint.
And people are like Suzanne, what is Unique Soul Blueprint and your Unique Soul Blueprint is your path that your soul set for you before you came onto this human plane.
That is a specific blueprint that has your unique skills and gifts and your unique magic.
And the reason it’s so important to plug into this is because your unique magic is going to be different than my unique magic.
That is going to be different than the girl over there that’s doing what you want.
Her unique magic.
And So what happens when we can understand our our heart, our soul, our purpose, our mission, and we can begin to have this conversation with our soul.
Remember authentic power.
We can begin to align our personality with our soul.
First of all, that is a powerful rewiring of your mind because you’re allowing something bigger than you.
You’re allowing something divine, something that has magic, something that your mind almost can’t even comprehend, is able to come in and take the keys to the ignition of your car of life and begin to drive in the direction of your big wild dreams.
And when you do this, in alignment with exactly where you’re supposed to go, it’s a powerful opening.
And when I say opening, what I mean is things just drop in your lap, you look around and like you thought of something you wanted, and then boom, the doors open.
And that’s been happening a lot for me in my life lately.
And it’s happened bits and pieces over the entire journey.
And it was 2013 when I had my big awakening.
And you know that there were several that happened.
I think it was in 2015 when I got a phone call from Hay House.
I had just published my first book, the first rendition of Girl Awakened, and it was called Musings of an Earth Angel.
And it was definitely an alignment with my unique soul blueprint.
My soul told showed me a vision that I was going to write a book and it was going to be a fantastical, mystical, magical book of a girl awakening and traveling the world and retrieving pieces of her soul as she traveled to different power spots.
And it was going to be, quote UN quote, loosely based on my own awakening.
And I was shown that it was going to be not just a book and even not just a movie, but a movement.
A movement to help put people in their power, a movement to entertain while also activating different ideas in the subconscious mind.
And so I wrote it in 2014, published it in 2015.
And a couple months after I published it, I got a phone call from Hay House.
And that was one of those, like me you’re, Did you mean to call me?
It was a moment when all of a sudden I was being put in a peer situation, speaking with Deepak Chopra and 25 other New York Times bestselling authors that I had been studying for the past couple years.
That was when I had a moment where I really begin to understand that everything that I was doing was working.
And so now I’m at this time in the space and place in life where I mean, I’m honestly just having pinched me moments.
And right now I’m I’m looking at the beautiful vistas over the pool and the sun is setting and it’s so gorgeous.
And last night I was able to go outside and have an amazing massage under the full moon.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen all the behind the scenes.
And I’m not saying this to say like look at me or to give myself a pat on the back.
I’m saying this to show you that what I’m teaching and what I’m telling you works and their desires inside of you that are ready to be manifested.
And your soul is calling and the time is now if you choose it.
And so when you understand that the rewiring and the reprogramming of the subconscious mind is a way of being, it’s a it’s a lifestyle, it’s a choice.
And so I feel like I say this all the time, but just the same as you’re not going to go to the gym and get on the treadmill for 20 minutes and lift some weights and think you’re going to have a bombshell body.
You can’t expect this with your mind.
Now, I do believe that we are in a time where the veil is thin.
And what I mean by that is we are evolving as a human species, and I think that there’s energy available to us now that hasn’t ever been there before.
And what that means is that means you’re able to activate and hold a higher frequency in your body faster.
When you understand how to plug into your unique soul blueprint.
When you understand how to rewire and reprogram your mind.
When you understand how to follow what activates your heart and your soul.
And this is where I think a lot of us get tripped up because we find something that activates us.
We find a conversation, a teacher, a book, a hobby, a career path, whatever it is that activates you.
And and the way that you know this is like your heart begins to flutter.
You’re just like, you’re like feeling like a boom, boom, boom, boom, boom in your chest.
You feel like a level of excitement.
You’re activated.
It can even sometimes it can become an obsession depending where you are on your journey and when you feel that you have two choices.
You can move in that direction with courage and not giving an F what other people around you are going to say.
Or you can shrink and you can look around and you can say Nope, I’m not good enough Nope.
What are they going to think?
And so this is your choice to choose a yes that’s in alignment with your heart and your soul.
And I don’t think everything needs a yes because not everything is going to be in alignment.
But there are things right now that you know of that your soul is calling you toward.
And I’m guessing there’s many of you listening right now that have what’s the word I want to use.
It’s like you’re you’re shying away from it and I’m here to remind you to go for it.
To let go of every ounce of logic in your mind and follow your heart.
One of the things people quote me on is one of my favorite quotes is the wisdom in your heart is far more powerful in the logic in your mind.
And I’m going to say that again.
The wisdom in your heart is far more powerful than the logic in your mind.
The wisdom in your heart.
That knowing your soul, your essence, your spirit is going to guide you to spaces and places that will electrify every cell in your body.
If you let it, your logical mind will try to talk you out of it every single time.
Now here I am a decade into this conversation, and I don’t pretend to have it all figured out.
Like, let’s be clear on that.
I still have emotional ups and downs.
I’m still going to have breakdowns.
I’m still going to have fears that show up for me the differences I have, the tools, the differences.
I have a really fast comeback rate.
The differences, I’m able to catch it faster.
So just the same, if you think of Drew Brees, I don’t know why his name popped in my head, but it did.
And you think of him now in his career or even when he’s at his peak, and I have no idea when that would be.
But we’re going to go with it here and you think about when he maybe was on the high school football field and chances are if he made a mistake or fumbled or got tackled or I don’t even know what position he plays.
So I feel silly with this analogy, but some reason his frequency is what I’m seeing.
And if you think of him or any great athlete and you think of when maybe they were in high school or early college versus now, when they’ve been able to really, really master what they’re doing.
And it’s not that they’re not going to make mistakes, is that they’re going to have a whole different skill set to master it.
And so no matter where you are on this journey, no matter if you’re 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90, it’s never too late and you’re never too old.
And if you’re feeling like you’re behind, then I want to invite you to begin to plug into a frequency of everything is perfect because there is a thing as divine timing and again the logical mind can’t understand.
And so when we can begin to look at what is working versus look at what is not working, that is an instant rewiring and reprogramming of our mind.
Too many times we’re looking at why isn’t this working, where’s this thing I thought I wanted.
And when we do that, we become an energetic match for where’s the thing that I wanted instead of.
For those of you in the atoms actualization activation, we talked about really aligning your alignment arrows up into the infinite field of of quantum vibrations and possibilities.
And when you begin to look at where is it, I don’t have it your attention.
Your arrows, your point of attraction holds on that frequency instead of where you want to go.
And so if you take nothing else from this podcast, but if you can master that of letting go of looking at where is it and why don’t I have it and beginning to plug into the possibility of anything and everything is possible for me.
I know that if I choose it, I can become and am the energetic match to it.
I know that there is an infinite field of possibilities available to me, and I’ve seen this person do it, and this person do it, and this person do it, and this person do it and this person do it.
And the more I look for evidence of what’s possible, the more I reprogram and rewire my mind that it is possible.
And when you can begin to plug into that anything is possible mentality, your world will shift.
In this chapter I wrote about the billionaire’s mindset and I wrote about my client who is just an amazing man and he’s been a client for about 3 years now.
And that’s his motto.
Anything is possible no matter what.
Anything is possible, and what he’s been able to create would knock anybody’s socks off.
And so make it your mantra.
Anything is possible.
Plug into the Anything is Possible mentality and watch as the universe begins to rearrange things to prove you right.
The other thing I want to share about rewiring and reprogramming your subconscious mind is knowing that your subconscious is going to work tirelessly to answer the questions that you ask it.
And I talked about this in chapter 4 and quantum vibes bring to your awareness what questions you’re asking are you asking?
Like what can I do that will put me into more alignment with my heart and my soul?
What brings me the most joy?
What feels elevating okay if this thing happened that is bothering me?
What’s the trigger?
What is it that I need to sit down and look at that needs to be healed?
What’s the new story that I want to start telling right now and start to notice the self talk and start to notice the loop and the programming that you have and elevate the game.
Shift the conversation, plug into anything is possible and start asking yourself questions that are in alignment with where you want to go and with where your dreams are and that will put you in the direction of becoming an energetic match to big wild dreams.
Now in this chapter I talked about brain waves and I talked about Theta and how Theta is that space when you can really, really shift and elevate the subconscious mind.
And I have a gift where even with my voice, probably even just from listening to this right now, there’s a good chance, have you been here with me?
And you’ve really been focused that you could be in Theta brain waves right now.
And so you want to think about, OK, when I get into that state of Theta brain waves, what do I want to do?
And that’s when you want to begin to drop into your heart.
You want to begin to imagine that most beautiful, truest, wisest piece of you and begin to hand the keys of the ignition of your car of life to your highest self.
You want to begin to look at where you’re going.
You want to begin to let go of memories of the past that are not in alignment with where you want to go.
And you’ve got to do it with peace, with empathy, compassion, and with forgiveness, because if you do it with anger or rage, you’re not actually letting it go.
And so when you can just begin to have peace with where you are.
Remember the Hertz vibration scale and acceptance.
Acceptance is the true breakthrough because when you accept where you are, you can shoot up the Hertz vibration scale And so just beginning to have peace with whatever it is that brought you here today.
I’m sure there’s been amazing things that have happened and I’m sure there’s been things that have been challenging and so really beginning to choose to put a line in the sand.
Today’s your clean slate.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life and begin to walk 1 foot in front of the other.
With that conversation in mind, if you have not heard yet, I am hosting a amazing Quantum Success Leadership Summit in Laguna Beach, CA on September 28th and 29th and we are getting close to being sold out.
So if you want to come in the room and you really want to do a rewiring and reprogramming of your mind, this is the perfect place to do it.
If you want to go all in for two days, begin to rewire, reprogram your mind, begin to upgrade your frequency, open your heart and truly.
With these quantum tools into play then this is going to be the space and place to do it.
This is a leadership summit for heart centered leaders, for people that want more passion and purpose and abundance in their life and businesses, particularly people that are committed and ready to move.
Too many times we play the waiting game, waiting for things just to drop in or waiting for everything to be perfect.
And I’m of the belief you’ve got to make the first move, rearrange your energy, plug into possibilities, and understand the energetics of manifesting and watch as the universe will surprise and delight you in the best of ways.
And so if you’re feeling excited, if you’re feeling activated, if you’re feeling electric, if you’re feeling like this conversation did something for you, then that’s a good sign that this Quantum Success Leadership Summit is for you.
I’m going to put the link in the show notes and trust it.
Trust your heart, Trust your soul.
And just know that the other thing that you’re really going to walk away with from this event is you’re truly going to walk away with a frequency upgrade.
You’re going to be holding a higher level of frequency and you’re going to have more clarity on your unique soul blueprint and what the next steps of that are.
There’s going to be all different types of leaders in this room, and the common thread is going to be people that want to make a greater impact on the world, to leave the world better than they found it.
People that are ready for more passion and purpose and alignment and abundance in their life.
And so if you want more high vibrational community, then come be in the room with us.
Let’s rewire reprogram your subconscious mind, put you in alignment with your unique soul blueprint, and we’re going to have a lot of fun along the way, so the link will be there for you.
If you cannot make it in person and you still want to be in the energy and you still want the teachings and you still want the activations, then we do have a virtual experience.
But if you can be in the room, then I’m highly recommending it.
I hope that you have enjoyed this conversation.
I know that we have began the expansion of alignment with what it is that you’re meant to do here.
That we’ve piqued curiosity and your subconscious mind and invited in your spirit to begin to come and realign and reawaken some things that maybe you haven’t allowed yourself to hear yet.
And so I am wishing you all of the high vibrations that are available to you now.
I’m sending you anything as possible.
Frequencies I’m sending you so much love.
It honestly means so much to me that you’re here.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for sharing this out and I hope you have the most fabulous and wonderful day.