Ep4S1: Elevating Your Vibration & Unlocking Your Wisdom

In this episode, I’m feeling like it’s a pinch-me moment. As I reflect on the expansive and powerful changes in my life, from manifesting breathtaking ocean views to birthing this podcast, I’m filled with gratitude for the journey. Join me as I share the behind-the-scenes manifestation story of my latest chapter, revealing the magic of creating dreams that blow your mind.


We’re not just exploring the concepts outlined in Quantum Vibes; we’re evolving them together. Dive deep into the principles of reprogramming your mind and understanding the energetic frequencies that shape our reality. Discover how a simple question—“Is this it?”—led to my first quantum moment and awakened me to the power of possibility.


Throughout this transformative conversation, we’ll explore the importance of willingness and acceptance in elevating our vibrational frequency. Whether you’re embarking on your first soul journey or seeking breakthroughs at the highest levels of success, there’s always room for expansion.


So, if you’re ready to unlock the infinite possibilities within you, join me on this wild, exciting, and magical ride. And don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the Quantum Vibes experience at the upcoming Quantum Success Leadership Summit. Together, let’s activate our potential and manifest a future beyond our wildest dreams.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast.


I just feel this feels like a pinch me moment, having the creation of this and being in it and creating and birthing this podcast at such an expansive and powerful time in my life. So for those of you that are connected to me and following along on Instagram, there has been so much expansion in my world right now. I have been living with one of the most beautiful views, ocean views, floor to ceiling walls. We will talk about this. You’ll hear the manifestation story behind this as we progress with the audible version of Quantum Vibes. And this chapter is coming to an end right now because I have manifested and purchased one of the most beautiful homes with a very beautiful view. But it’s different. It’s a different view.


And as I’m sitting here in this moment of expansion and thinking about the life I’ve been able to create, there is so much of this creation has come through the tools and the principles and Quantum Vibes. And so what I’m excited to do inside of this podcast is share with you ways that you can begin to create dreams. Dreams that are going to blow your mind. And what we get the chance to do here that you don’t get if you’re just reading the book or even just listening to the audible, is we get the chance to evolve each of these quantum tools and to expand upon them.


And so what I want to do is I want to expand upon some of the principles in the introduction and depending on time, we might even go ahead and begin to expand on chapter one today too. And the reason I want to share with you where I am in life is because there’s something magical about a portal and I have created a portal of infinite possibilities and there’s so much more and the floodgates are wide open in my world and so many of my clients worlds just by creating evidence of possibilities. And so in Quantum Vibes, one of the quantum tools we’re going to dive into is about reprogramming and rewiring your mind. And this takes an understanding of how to drive the vessel of your human body, of your mind.


And when you can begin to understand that your body is more than the body. You’re a soul living in a body and you have energy, you have a vibration, you have a frequency. And when you can begin to understand that, everything in your world is going to expand and everything is going to deepen. So before I take you into that, I want to just talk about this notion of feeling like there has to be more. Because this was a pivotal moment that helped me to awaken to my power, to possibility, to knowing and believing that I could have be do say anything. It started with this little feeling of wondering like is this it? And I remember always chasing, always looking for the next shiny object, looking for the thing that was going to fill me up.


And I wasn’t even aware that I was doing this because it was such an unconscious programming and it seemed so normal. And I remember really looking at is this it? This was that feeling I had. So when you read in Quantum Vibes chapter one and when I talk about the quantum moment, my first quantum moment that happened in 2013, what happened kind of behind the scenes before that was this level of awareness of me kind of observing my life and being like, is this it? Is this what I came here for? Is this it? Was I born to learn how to be successful, pay bills and die. And nothing was working and nothing was giving me the feeling that I was looking for. And so I think there’s some magic to this question of there has to be more. And I’m so curious.


I would love to know, do you feel like there has to be more? And this is a conversation where it’s kind of fun to begin to look at other people and ask them what is the more that you’re looking for? And for me, when I began to realize what is the more I realized the more was in my soul, the more was in understanding the energetics of manifesting and the power that I truly had. The more was in coming into alignment with my unique soul blueprint. And so I teach a lot about unique soul blueprint and unlocking it. And what that really means is, it means that you begin to move your personality in the direction of your soul. And so if you can just I’m just going to plant this seed here and we’re going to deepen on this later in this podcast.


But I want you to begin to think about what would you be doing if you had zero limits, if money were no object. You’re not going to upset anybody and you have like that little genie in a bottle that you can just rub the magic genie and have your three wishes. What would that look like for you? And when I began to let myself think about that, the more that I was looking for began to be revealed to me. I began to come into connection with my heart, with deeper meaning, with realizing that the more wasn’t just about me. In fact, it was actually about my mission and my purpose and what I could do to create a positive ripple effect of inspiration, what I could do to help empower other leaders, teachers, innovators.


And in doing that, I became more fulfilled than I could ever even imagine. In doing that, I became an energetic match to Big wild dreams that I would literally just magnetize right into my lap. And so I just want to leave you for this moment of around the conversation of what is that more is. Can you begin to open your mind to what is the more that you’re looking for? And I believe if you’re here with me right now listening to this, then you are ready for more. Your soul is calling you, because the people that I attract are ready for more. They’re ready for more expansion and more purpose and more magic and more excitement. And this is exactly what I love to do. This is what I love to help my clients with inside of my close proximity containers.


This is what I love to do at my events. This is exactly what we’re going to be doing at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit that is happening live in September in Laguna Beach, California. Because I believe that when you’re meant for more and when you know that there is more, and when you begin to unlock it and you plug into that and you surround yourself with people that see your power and believe in your dreams, then you really begin to walk the walk of your mission and you really begin to feel that more. And so the next thing that I really want to deepen on is thinking about this conversation around frequency. So I talked about the Hertz Vibration Scale, and the Hertz Vibration Scale was really cool to me because it began to put some tangibility around frequency and energy.


It’s like I didn’t understand. I had heard in passing someone would say, we’re all energy or everything’s energy. And I was like, what is that? What does that even mean? And when I saw this hertz vibration scale, it really was like, oh. And I began to understand, like a Wi Fi. We have our own wi fi signals. And so one of the most powerful things that I want to talk about in this deepening conversation is if you look at the Hawkins Hertz Vibration scale. And again, I’m going to put this scale on Instagram. It’s on my Instagram and the Quantum Vibes podcast highlight bubble. If you want to see the scale that I’m talking about, you can go there. My instagram handle is Suzanne. S-U-Z-A-N-N-E. Adams. A-D-A-M-S-I-N-C. Suzanne Adams, Inc.


And if you look at this scale, about the halfway mark is the frequency of willingness. And in order to go anywhere, we have to have a level of willingness, we have to have a level of acceptance, we have to really be willing to look at what we’ve created and we’ve got to be willing to move in the direction of that love, frequency, energy, if that’s what we desire. And so when I think about my quantum moment, when I think about that moment in time where I really had an awakening, where I really heard my soul, where I really opened to my own intuition and my own divine knowing that lives inside of me, there was a level of willingness that I had not had before. I wasn’t willing to feel the uncomfortable feelings that were bubbling up inside of me.


I wasn’t willing to see what my part in this? What had I been doing wrong? And instead I was telling the story of the victim. And in telling the story of the victim, we drop on the bottom tier of the vibration scale. And I didn’t even know that. And so as I began to be willing to feel the uncomfortable feelings that I had been numbing out from and pushing, I began to say, okay, can I sit in this? Can I feel this? And it was extremely uncomfortable because I had pushed down those feelings for so long.


And so as I began to let them come up to the surface and as I began to learn to heal and as I began to be willing to sit in a puddle of tears if I needed to as I became willing to walk into rooms where I would be seen for the soul instead of the personality and to let myself heal. And as I became willing to take my soul on a date to figure out who I really was, everything began to change. And so I think that this is really important if you can simply be willing to look at things differently. And I want to put a caveat here. This is not just for people that are having their first dark night of the soul because I work with a range of amazing human beings.


The clients in my world that I attract are absolutely phenomenal. And I work with people that are new to the soul journey. And I work with people that have created so much success and abundance that it almost doesn’t even seem like fathomable. And what’s cool is that each next level we have these new breakthroughs. And so whether you’re wanting to, let’s say, break into six figures in your heart center business, or whether you’re trying to reach millions or billions or whether you’re trying to hit multiple millions of dollars, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re trying to fall in love, whether you’re trying to become into the best shape that you’ve ever gotten in, whether you want to feel more fulfillment in your life, It doesn’t matter what the goal is.


What matters is that there is a level of willingness to look at what’s worked, to look at what hasn’t worked, to move yourself in the right direction of where you feel your soul is calling you to go. And I want to say that again because when you move yourself in the direction of where your soul is calling you to go, that is quantum vibrations. Because your personality will take you places and your soul will take you places beyond your wildest dreams. Your soul will surprise you and delight you in the best of ways. And too many of us have distractions, we have layers, we have things that are clogging the voice of our soul. And so my intention with this podcast is to open the channels for you.


My intention with this podcast is to help you hear your soul more. My intention with this podcast is to help you turn on a frequency that’s so magnetic, that’s so in alignment that everything begins to just line up for you. Now, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to do your part because you will. So there’s the third dimensional piece of this, which is the time of sitting down and listening and diving into these quantum tools I’m going to share with you. And then there’s the layer of integration and actually integrating this into your daily practice, integrating this into who you be, how you show up and the frequency that you emit. And that is what takes practice and that is what may take a little bit more than just listening to a podcast.


And so it’s going to be different for each and every one of us. And this is where you’ve got to turn on the awareness that you have a unique soul blueprint and when something excites you, when you feel activated by something that is your soul guiding you. So if you’re feeling like there has to be more, there is. If you’re feeling like you’re meant to create more impact and lasting change on this planet, there is. If you’re feeling like you have so much more untapped potential, you do. And so my intention is to help you plug into that. My intention is to activate that and my intention is to do it in a way that feels fun and exciting for all of us. So this is going to be a wild and exciting and magical ride if you want it to be.


So the last thing I want to say is if this conversation feels activating to you and you want to learn more from me, and you want to come and you want to be in a room filled with people, that understand this Quantum Vibes conversation and you want to link arms with leaders and you want to plug into the infinite field of possibilities, then I do just want to extend a formal invitation right here and right now to come join me for the Quantum Vibes launch party event. It’s the Quantum Success Leadership summit. It’s happening in Laguna Beach on September 20 eigth and 29th. And let me just tell you, this is going to be a room full of leaders, innovators, people that know they’re meant to make impact and change.


And so if you know that you’re a leader, that you’re being called that you want to open your heart, you want to understand that the energetics of manifesting, you want more clarity on your unique soul blueprint you want more passion and alignment in your life then check the link in the show notes. Get registered today. Come join us, be in this room with us to anchor in all of your manifestations for the rest of this year. To anchor in anything that feels exciting to you and I cannot wait to see you there. So with that, I hope that you have an amazing day. I hope that your soul feels inspired and I hope that you begin to look for where that more might just be that your soul is ready to show you right now.