Ep1S2: Navigating Your Unique Blueprint in Business

In the first episode of Season Two, the Business Edition, of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams shares her decade-long journey of building a successful business in alignment with her soul’s mission and purpose.

This season is dedicated to helping listeners tap into their unique soul blueprints, magnetizing ideal clients, fulfillment, and incredible opportunities while maintaining staying power.

Suzanne emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring our individual gifts and unique medicine. She believes that each person’s contribution fills a piece of the cosmic puzzle. The key lies in aligning with our unique soul blueprint.

Suzanne emphasizes the significance of self-love in manifesting success and shares pivotal moments, such as writing her book “Girl Awakened” and navigating the balance of masculine and feminine energies in business.

Throughout the episode, Suzanne Adams highlights the importance of inner work in creating a thriving business and offers upcoming opportunities for listeners to dive deeper into their own journeys. These include a masterclass on Becoming the Energetic Match, a Quantum Accelerator event in January, and a luxurious Sedona Vortex Retreat.


Welcome to the Quantum Vibes podcast.
My name is Suzanne Adams and I am the best selling author of Girl Awaken and Quantum Vibes.
I am the creator of the Atoms actualization activation which is extremely powerful manifesting model.
My TE DX talk has reached 3 million people and inside of this podcast, I’m going to help you understand how to use your energy to magnetize your big wild dreams right into your reality.
I help leaders align with their unique soul blueprint and turn on more passion, purpose, richness, love, excitement, and fulfillment in life.
Thank you for being here.
It means the world to me.
Let’s dive in.
Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes Podcast.
Oh my gosh, I am over the moon.
Excited you are here.
Today is the first episode of Season 2, the Business Edition, and I am just feeling exhilarated and happy and excited.
What I’m going to be sharing in Season 2 are things that I wish I would have known a decade ago before I began to start this business in alignment with my soul, in alignment with my mission, and before I really became an entrepreneur.
So I have been at this for a while.
I have created a lot of success and a lot of staying power, and I want to help you do the same.
And so this season is about all things business.
It’s about coming into alignment with your unique Soul Blueprint in a way that magnetizes ideal clients.
More fulfillment, amazing opportunities and experiences, and a way where you can feel lit up and excited about what it is that you’re doing and to be able to do so creating staying power.
So I want to kick off episode one on Season 2 with really helping you to understand your power of coming into alignment with your unique Soul Blueprint.
And so I’m going to share kind of how my journey looked and places and spaces where I did the right things that were really in alignment with my unique soul blueprint.
And I’m going to be sharing some things that if I had to go back and do them over again with the wisdom I have today, I might would have made different choices.
And so again, the intention here is to provide you with value, to get you excited, to show you what’s possible and to really help you plug into a new level of possibility, alignment and abundance in your mission based business.
So if you’re in my world, which you’re here, so I’m guessing you are, if you’re new, welcome.
And if you’ve been here for a while, I’m so happy that you’re here.
You know that I am a huge believer of coming into alignment with your unique Soul Blueprint.
Now it’s quite interesting because when I first started talking about this, I didn’t see it anywhere and everyone was always like Suzanne, what is unique Soul Blueprint?
And now I’m beginning to see more and more people talk about it and that’s amazing.
And the reason it’s amazing is because we each have a unique medicine and a unique gift.
And I have an extraordinary gift, and you have an extraordinary gift.
And when we can come into alignment with our magic, our power, our own gifts, we fill in a piece of the puzzle.
It’s like if you think about purpose and you think about alignment and you think about every soul that came to to be on this planet that we know today to be in our reality.
We all have a piece of the puzzle that we are supposed to fill, a part that only our gifts and only our magic and our medicine can create.
And the only way that that works is when we’re in alignment with our unique soul blueprint.
And so where many of us go wrong is we see people doing things or we see other people doing things or we see experts saying like this is the only way.
This is my exact process, my exact path.
And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with learning someone else’s process or path.
In fact, I think it’s it’s very powerful and brilliant to learn from other people who have accomplished what you desire to accomplish.
I think the issue is when we try to make someone else’s exact path, our exact path.
And so going back to my journey of how I really got started is if you listen to season one, then I feel like you know me up close and personal.
And what happened was I had a really massive awakening in 2013.
It was something in my body erupted.
I I listened to my soul for the first time and I began to hear a calling.
And knowing that there had to be more.
And in knowing that I began to heal.
I didn’t know what the more was.
I had no idea what it was, but I knew I needed to find it.
And I knew that there was something undeniable, a feeling that I could not turn the dial down in my body that I had to begin to listen to.
And so as I began to come more and more connected with my soul, and as I began awakening, and as I began healing, and as I began attending retreats and reading books and listening to podcast and finding inspiration anywhere I could find it, I began to feel more and more fulfilled.
And so in those moments, what I started doing was I started unlocking my own unique soul blueprint because I stopped trying to fit into a box that didn’t have my name on it.
And I started listening to my body.
I started noticing when my body felt excited, I started noticing.
When I was getting flutters in my heart, I started noticing when there was a feeling like a level of resonance.
It’s almost like you can’t explain it.
There’s something, someone says something, you know it’s for you.
You see a book, the cover pops out, You know it’s for you.
Maybe you see an ad for something and you’re like, I need that.
And where many of us go wrong is, is we don’t move fast enough from the the synchronicities that our souls are showing us.
And we think about it too much.
And when we think about it too much, sometimes we talk ourselves out of what our soul was trying to show us.
And so for me going back to 2013 had my awakening, had my dark night of the soul.
I don’t want to go through the whole story here because it’s all in season one.
So if you haven’t listened to the season one podcast, it is there for you.
But what I do want to tell you here is what led me into success in my heart centered business, creating a thriving business that is growing, that is serving the most amazing aligned clients, that has staying power and that honestly lights me up from the inside out.
So something that happened in the beginning was I had a a frequency of courage and it was like once I had the awakening and the unlocking of my unique soul blueprint.
What I mean by unlocking of my unique soul blueprint is it means I was no longer willing to focus on the mind and what other people told me I should be doing.
And instead I began to focus on what was happening on the inside of my body, how I was feeling.
I started to begin to learn this higher piece of who I was and I I understand now.
I didn’t understand then.
It’s it wasn’t like there was going to be a blueprint.
I often joke and say that I thought that I would be sitting in meditation and there would be like a genie in a bottle that came out and gave me step one.
Here is your path to ultimate fulfillment and reaching your highest potential.
Step 2, after you’ve climbed that mountain, you jump over here and swing down this swing like I thought there was going to be a map or a blueprint and the map or the blueprint is actually in unlocking your intuition.
It is opening your channel.
It is coming back again and again and again to your highest wisdom.
To to for the ladies I call it your radiant goddess.
For men I’ll call it your warrior King.
That piece of you that knows, the piece of you that you’ve got to remember.
The piece of you that is all knowing.
The piece of you that has a Birds Eye view that you can’t see.
And so sometimes our personality isn’t ready for all of it.
We just need to know that next thing.
And so when you’re moving in alignment with your unique sole blueprint, it’s about that next step in the direction of where you want to go.
It’s about moving when you get an idea.
And I don’t mean making rash decisions that are going to disrupt your whole life, although sometimes that is what needs to happen.
What I mean is, is doing fact finding, is doing researching.
And when you feel the feeling in your body, you move in that direction, whether it’s putting out an offer, whether it is hosting a retreat, whether it’s hiring a coach or going to your own retreat, whether it’s reading, reading a book, whether it’s making a decision that you’re no longer going to be available for something that you’ve tolerated, that you know is not in alignment with where you want to go.
And so this isn’t A1 and done thing.
It’s not like we unlock our unique Soul blueprint and then life is perfect forever.
We’re always growing.
We’re always evolving.
And as we grow and evolve, our mission, our purpose grows and evolve.
And as we’re growing and evolving our unique Soul Blueprint, more of it is shown to us.
And so in 2014 when I had the the idea to write a book, it was a feeling in my body that was so strong.
It was like I had this vision, this visualization.
I was meant to write a book that was going to literally shift consciousness in the world in a fun and magical way.
I could see it so crystal clear it was going to be like Twilight or Hunger Games, but with a deeper, higher spiritual meaning.
And that book is Girl Awakened.
And what happened was I had the visual and it was so strong.
And what I didn’t know then, that I know now, was I had so much courage that I was just willing to walk without needing to know.
I didn’t have an audience at the time.
I didn’t have a literary background.
There were so many things I didn’t have.
But what I did have was a clear vision and a feeling that I knew that this was absolutely a part of my unique soul blueprint.
And so I know, as I’m saying this, there’s something coming up for you.
There’s an idea of vision, something that your soul has been trying to tell you that you’re meant to do.
Perhaps you’re meant to write your own book or another book.
Perhaps you’re meant to be speaking.
Perhaps you’re meant to be sharing your story.
Perhaps you’re meant to be coaching or leading in some way somehow.
Perhaps you’re meant to be singing whatever it is.
There’s something for you if you’re here.
And so most likely you’re even having an idea in your your mind and or a feeling in your heart and you want to begin to trust those feelings that is coming into alignment with your unique soul blueprint.
And so what’s interesting is as I began to write the book, it’s like the each next step was shown to me and eventually I realized I needed money.
I needed to make money because I had I had a very successful corporate career before.
Again, most of this is in season one, and so I don’t want to just regurgitate everything I told you there.
But for the purpose of today’s episode, what I’ll say is I figured out how to make money at a very young age.
I’d created a very high net worth at a very young age by 30, and I was able to unlock the frequency of abundance.
And in doing that, what it showed me was it showed me that I could create things that people told me were not possible.
And so I had that code, I had that frequency.
I still have it.
And I think it really helped me when I began to to build my entrepreneurial journey because I had proof that I could succeed.
And so I think sometimes when we begin to start our own businesses or we began to go quote UN quote against the grain or we began to do something that feels different, we’ve got to lean on where we’ve had success.
And so I I call this situational power.
And so I want you to think about where is somewhere in your life that you’ve created success that you have evidence that you can do it and just let your let that feeling sit in your body for a minute.
Just take that in, because a lot of times we don’t stop to just take a breath.
We don’t stop to just observe and say, wow, I created that against all odds.
I created that when people told me it wasn’t possible.
I created that with my own power, with my own unique gifts.
Now, there’s ways we can create things with force, and there’s ways that we can create things with flow.
When you’re in your unique soul blueprint, you have a balance, meaning you know when it’s time to make a move.
You know when you’ve got to get in the masculine energy and show up, create, put out your offer, hire the coach, create something new, get a marketing plan, get visible on the Internet, develop your brand bigger.
All of those are actually masculine energies.
The feminine is when you receive the inspiration and you’re acting because it’s it’s so aligned.
You felt it.
Your channels were when you felt it.
And so we receiving the feminine and we do in the masculine and both are very important in business.
And so you’ll hear me talk about both of them and they’re going to be moments and seasons when you feel like they’re you’re in a little more of a doing.
And there’s going to be moments and seasons when you feel like you’re in a little more of a being.
And that sweet spot is coming into alignment with your unique soul blueprint of what is the right timing for you.
And so I’ve learned to dance with this.
And what I found is sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and sometimes when I feel like there’s too much push and there’s too much shove.
If I can just take a moment and go within.
If I can really begin to look at my inner healing tools.
If I can sit and meditate, if I can let go of the pressure.
Often times I open up spaciousness to then feel inspired to move.
And so going back to to thinking of what is it that I wanted to do.
I wanted to build something that was in alignment with my unique soul blueprint.
I didn’t have the terminology unique soul blueprint at the time, but I knew that out there was more for me in life.
So I’m just going to reset for a second because I want to take you back to this moment.
So it’s 2013, I had my big awakening. 2014, I began meditation.
That was the year I spent loving myself, really, really building the foundation to everything I’ve manifested today.
Because self love is one of the most powerful and most pivotal pieces of manifesting, and not enough people talk about that.
I actually have a whole program on this process.
It’s my iconic radiance program that I’m going to be teaching live very soon.
We’ll put the notes for that in the show.
Notes for you.
And this year, 2014, I spent the entire year really learning how to come into balance with my own heart, with my own soul, how to activate my own inner radiance and how to hear my intuition.
And in doing that, I got the visualization of writing the book.
I was scared.
It didn’t make logical sense, but I really knew it was what was next for me.
And so that’s when the frequency of courage had to be turned on and dialled up.
And that’s when I began to move one foot in front of the other in a massive state of uncertainty.
But it was uncertainty that felt exciting.
It was uncertainty where I was able to create the frequency of knowing.
So I was able to create a frequency of certainty in the unknown.
And that was a magical piece for my unique soul blueprint.
And as I wrote and published my book, I realized, like, Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to have make some money because I was a little bit naive.
And I was just so excited about this whole spiritual world.
And it felt so fun to be going on these retreats.
And I ended up walking away from a a lucrative corporate job that was very much in alignment with my heart and my soul until it wasn’t.
And when it felt out of alignment, I moved very quickly.
And in doing that, I was living, I was going on retreats.
I was investing in my business.
I was investing, you know, in in team.
I was doing all of the things.
And all of a sudden I realized, uh oh, there’s a lot more outflow than there is in flow.
And So what I needed to do to come back into alignment with my, with my unique sole blueprint was give myself grace and space.
And I needed to say, what is the path of least resistance here for me to open up the channels of abundance while I build my business.
And I ended up going back into the corporate world for a little while and I ended up doing it on the up and up.
I was very transparent that I was building something new.
But because I had built everything that I had built in my my previous corporate job, it was like there was a level of trust and I could do everything I needed to do with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back because I knew it so well and I was so good at it.
And so there was an opportunity that just dropped in.
It was an alignment and I began to build my business while I was working another job.
And so I did that in 2015 and 2016 and it really was quite amazing.
Because as I began to become an energetic match to more abundance, because more abundance was flowing in, that felt good to me.
It felt good to my unique Soul blueprint.
What didn’t feel good was wanting to spend money, was wanting to go and do these extravagant experiences and not having the funding to do it.
And So what I began to do was I I looked at the lens of I am funding, I am my own VC for building this business.
And so the money that I was making from the corporate job actually felt really good to me and it felt really supportive and I had so much gratitude for that.
And the other thing was, it felt quite grounding to get out and about and to be able to go connect with with people and really began to bring the light that I had been creating in this self love discovery zone into the corporate aspects of what I was doing.
And so eventually my business began to take off and I was in leaning into different mentorship containers.
I was in a couple of different, bigger masterminds with people that I I respected and admired.
And here’s where I did some things that I would do differently today.
And so while I respect to, I still respect to this day every single person that I was in the mastermind with and the leaders.
But what happened was I was looking at they’re doing this, it’s working for them, so it should work for me.
And I tried to do some things with maybe a little more masculine energy, maybe a little more push, maybe just trying to do things because it worked for someone else.
And not all of it was in alignment with what I wanted to create, and I just didn’t see it that way and I didn’t realize it.
And so there was nothing bad that I did.
It was nothing horrible.
It’s just I think I could have built something in a way that was way more in alignment with my heart and my soul.
If I’d understood the principles of Unique Soul Blueprint and I’d If I’d understood how to bring in the balance of masculine and feminine energetics in my business.
And if I would have understood that some things are going to work for some people and they’re not going to work for me and vice versa.
They’re going to be some things that work for me that might not work for other people.
And So what was interesting was I noticed that the way I began coaching people, and I wasn’t coaching people saying I’ve done this, this works, Go do it.
I was saying, well, for you, here’s the path I see.
And in the same room, you know, be a mastermind or a group container.
And I would look to the person to the left and I would say, but for you, I wouldn’t actually coach you the same way I coached her.
Here’s how I would coach you.
And I noticed I was coaching everybody very differently in alignment with what I could see their unique soul blueprint was.
Because I I’m able to to see that clearly.
And again, it’s not like I’m seeing an actual blueprint.
It’s like I can see the next steps.
I can see the gifts, I can see the wisdom, I can see the magic.
And so as I’m beginning to coach different people in alignment with their unique soul blueprint, I’m realizing, oops, I haven’t been doing this for me.
And it was a huge breakthrough.
And So what I began to do was I began to look at what parts of my business were in alignment and what parts did I need to unravel and move them into alignment.
And so I think this feels like a good exercise for anybody.
It’s like wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever industry you’re in right now, and you could honestly also use this in your personal life.
And what you’re going to find is a lot of the quote, UN quote, business conversations we have are very, very relevant to personal life as well.
And, you know, I attribute so much of my success in the outer world to the inner healing and the inner expansion that I’ve done because the deeper you go on the inside and the more you can hold in your inner world, the more powerful, the more expensive, the more magnetic your outer world is.
And so I think it would be a really good idea for everyone just to take a second and just drop into your heart and think about a part of your business that has felt really good to you right now that you’re like, yes, if I could have 10 more clients like this, if I could do that more like what would feel good and what would feel expansive?
And then drop back into your heart and think about maybe a part of your business that might not be in alignment with your soul.
And maybe there was some force there that you did it because you’ve really felt like you needed the money.
Or maybe there was some force there that you did it because someone that you admire says this is how the only way to do it, or this is how they did it.
Or, you know, again, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, there’s no blame here.
It’s just an awareness, A realization.
And what’s beautiful about this is when we can have this awareness and this realization, we can begin to shift.
And so whether this is in your personal life or in your business life, you’ve had the awareness, you’ve had the realization, and now it’s up to you what you do with it.
And so when we think about creating a business and a life in alignment with our unique soul blueprint, we’ve got to understand that there’s going to be ebbs and flows.
And we’ve got to understand that we might think something is in alignment and we try it and then we realize I thought that was an alignment.
But the more I did it, it’s not.
And if you’re like me and you run a business very intuitively, which I do and a lot of the reason I do, that is because so many of my higher level clients come to me.
They’re in my inbox, they’re asking, Suzanne, do you, I want to be in closer proximity to you.
Do you have a high level mastermind?
When’s your next intimate retreat?
I meet them on airplanes, in salons, in grocery stores.
I’ve had, you know, some of my corporate clients drop into my website inbox and say can you come and and lead a workshop?
I’ve had executives and VPS find me from different talks that I’ve given and so a lot of them are magnetized into my world and those are the best, most exciting things because they just came to me and that is ultimate alignment.
Now did that happen in the beginning?
It did a little bit and it did a little bit because I got exposure in some high volume places.
You’ve heard me talk about how I was a speaker at the Hay House World Summit in 2016 next to Deepak Chopra and and 26 other New York Times best selling authors.
And because of that I did get a lot of exposure.
And because I have a corporate background and because I am an author and because I am a speaker, I often attract people that have those same things.
And so my desire for you is that you create a business that feels like it’s not even a job.
My desire for you is that you create a business where there’s so much abundance and so much overflow that everyone around you just sees how happy you are and that your radiance is magnetic and that you are are filling up everyone around you because you’re so filled up.
Now, Is it always that easy?
No, it’s not, because we’ve got to be able to look at the inner world.
We’ve got to be willing to look at.
Do we love ourselves?
Are we willing to move in that direction, or do we feel worthy of ourselves?
Are we willing to to turn up the dial on how we feel worthy?
What is our level of embodiment and what is the mindset that we have?
Do we believe that we can?
Do we believe that what we have to say matters?
Do we believe that there are people that want to hire us?
Do we believe there’s people that want to support us?
Because trust me right now, and I tell you, there’s no way you can do this alone.
And so are there people that want to link arms with us and help us?
And the answer is yes, But the question is, do you believe it?
And so this is just the beginning of a very exciting series of conversations.
And if there’s something that you would like to know for me, a question that you want to answer when it comes to business, then I would love to to answer that for you.
And so you can come to my DMS and Instagram and just put can you talk about this on the podcast and give me your question.
I want this to be a Co creation and I have a lot of different experience.
I’ve spoken in corporations, I’ve had corporate clients that are VPS XX and right now I’m feeling the call to.
Of course I’m still doing all those other things, but I’m really focusing my business and helping people that want to scale a business in alignment with their unique soul blueprint into that 6 multiple 6 and beyond.
So we want to do this because we really want to be able to hire the team members that we want to hire.
We really want to do this because we want to be able to make the impact that we desire and the impact that is in alignment with our unique sole blueprint, because with that alignment is where you’re going to fill the most filled up, the most excited and the most expansive.
So if you were with me in real time, I want to tell you about a few things that I have coming up in case you I’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard from me.
You want to learn more and you want to come get in some real life conversations.
And so I have a master class coming up that’s called becoming the energetic match, and it’s becoming the energetic match is really relevant to anything that you want to create in life.
If you want to to attract higher level clients, if you want to make more money, if you want to attract love, if you want a beautiful home with a view, whatever it is, there’s a process of becoming and it has to do with your level of embodiment and it has to do with a few other things.
And inside of this master class, I’m going to give you the how.
So we’re going to put that link in the show notes for you.
The other thing I have coming up, if you want to expand your business and you want to expand your business from the inside out, then I have two opportunities that are in person.
One of them is January 11th, I’m hosting a quantum accelerator event.
There is limited tickets available and this is for I say for the woman, I market to women, but I do serve men and there are are going to be men in this room most likely as well.
So I’ll say for the soul, for the soul that knows that he or she is really ready to turn up the dial on that next level of abundance, potency and magnetism in your entrepreneurial business.
And So what we’re going to do this day together in January 11th is 111, of course it is.
And we are going to create a vortex where we are going to plant seeds, where we’re going to transcend doubts, where we are going to really, really manifest our big wild dreams for the year of 2024.
And so if you want to kick off the year and not with just New Year’s resolutions but with an imprint, an energetic imprint of your big wild dreams of really coming together with a like minded group to expand what you believe is possible, to expand the level of frequency that you can even hold in your body so that you truly are an energetic match, then that is going to be a brilliant space in place for you.
And there’s so many other surprises that I’ll be announcing soon with the January 11th event.
It is application.
We are going to put the link in the show notes so check it out if you want to see what the Quantum Accelerator in person business event in Laguna Beach is all about on January 11th.
The last thing I’m going to tell you about today is the Sedona Vortex immersion and I have chills in my body as I’m sharing this with you because I went to Sedona in 2011 and it changed my life and I’ve held.
This will be my 7th retreat and this year we’re up leveling all of it.
So if you like luxury and you want a high end luxurious experience and you want to come be in the room with me and big players and authors and innovators and leaders.
And you want to be in the room for four days and go out on the sacred land and link arms and really just experience the magic of my own teachings intermingled with other extraordinary human beings and the amazing land of Sedona, then you’re going to want to check this out.
So thank you for listening.
Thank you for being here.
If you know anyone that you believe would enjoy this podcast, please share it with them.
And thank you so much for your time, your energy and your presence.
And I cannot wait to connect with more and more and more of you learn your questions.
And we’re going to have a lot of fun together on Season 2, The Business Edition.