EP7S1: Navigating the Quantum Field to Create and Manifest Dreams and Soul Alignment 

The Evolution of Quantum Tool #2 Connect to the Quantum Field

In the latest episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams delves into the profound concept of connecting to the quantum field of infinite possibilities, marking the evolution of Quantum Tool number two.

Suzanne begins by sharing her personal journey of awakening and how the understanding of the quantum field has transformed her life. She invites listeners to recognize the gateway to the quantum field, emphasizing that alignment is the potent key to access its boundless potential. In a world dominated by busy schedules and self-imposed pressures, Suzanne urges individuals to pause and consider where their internal pressures stems from, emphasizing that self-imposed limitations hinder the vast opportunities offered by the quantum field.

Suzanne also discusses the pivotal role of authentic power, the alignment of one’s personality with their soul, in manifesting desires.

She encourages listeners to view themselves as multifaceted beings with various identities, all of which can be harnessed to unlock dreams and aspirations.

Suzanne provides a compelling narrative from her own life, recounting how a chance encounter with a shamanic astrologer in Sedona, Arizona catalyzed her awakening, illustrating the power of recognizing and heeding quantum moments.

Throughout the episode, Suzanne asserts that plugging into the quantum field requires an awareness of its existence, the willingness to align with one’s unique soul blueprint, and the belief in the transformative potential of quantum vibrations. She extends an invitation for listeners to join her at the upcoming Quantum Success Leadership Summit for a deep dive into these transformative concepts and an opportunity to amplify their manifestation skills.


Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. I am so happy you are here, and we have an exciting and expansive conversation today. Today is the evolution of Quantum Tool number two, connecting to the quantum field of infinite possibilities.


This quantum tool has been an absolute game changer for me. Before I was awakened, before I became Suzanne Adams in alignment, I had no idea what the quantum field was or that it even existed. And so this conversation alone will change the game for you when it comes to manifesting. Before we dive in to the evolution of Quantum tool number two, I just have to tell you all, last night was a lot of fun for me. I led an abundance activation for some of my clients, and went deep. We went deep around reprogramming some money mindset stories and around really understanding how to turn up the vibration to create magnetism and attract more abundance in life. And I want to open up an opportunity for you to receive this activation if you’d like it.


So if you want to receive this activation, all you need to do is leave a review on this podcast, screenshot the review, and then you can either email it to hello@suzanadamsinc.com or you can DM us at my instagram and the handle is at Suzannedoms Inc. We will put all of this in the show notes for you. So if you want an extra abundance activation and want to plug into those high vibrations, then that is a way you can receive a complimentary ticket. So the first thing that I want to talk about when it comes to connecting to the quantum field is really beginning to look at the gateway. There’s a lot of different gateways to the quantum field, and the one that I found has been extremely potent is alignment. I want to just read a little excerpt. So this is from page 28.


There’s a gateway to the quantum field that many of us are not aware of. It all starts with that alignment I’ve talked about. This was a word that didn’t mean very much to me before my awakening. Remember? I was busy being busy and numbing out with a full social agenda, nightclubs and veno. The last thing on my mind back then was alignment or my soul or even manifesting. So the reason I wanted just to read that little excerpt is because we live in a busy world. We live in a world that tells us that there’s deadlines and due dates and we’re running out of time. And these are all things that we’ve created. Time is a construct human beings have created. Being busy, having all these to do lists or these are things that we’ve all created.


And a lot of times when I’m coaching with clients and they feel pressure not always, but many times, especially if they’re an entrepreneur and they feel pressure, I say, Where’s the pressure coming from? And usually they kind of drop into their body and they think for a second and I say, who’s putting this pressure on you? And nine times out of ten, the answer what do you think the answer is? Me. It’s always they say, I am. And I do this too. And the reason that we do this is because we set goals for ourself and we want to have success. But what we’re doing when we’re putting all this pressure and we’re setting goals is we’re actually putting a cap on our energetic portals. So instead of plugging in to the quantum field of infinite possibilities we’re getting stuck in Minutiae.


We’re looking at what’s not working. And so when we can understand that when we come into alignment with our soul, with our purpose, with our mission we plug our energy into an infinite field of possibilities. So I explain about the alignment arrows inside of the atoms actualization activation. And I also explain about the first steps to uncovering your unique soul blueprint inside of the atoms actualization activation. And I want to give you a little glimpse of that here so when you come into alignment, okay, I have to tell y’all I’m in the last couple weeks so a little sidebar here. I’m at the last couple of weeks in my oceanfront home that I’ve lived in for the last four years. And I just said, when you come into alignment and I look up and there is the most beautiful yacht.


I mean, this is a big yacht and it is just cruising by and this is what alignment feels like to me. It’s like possibilities that you never even thought existed that belong to you. It feels like flow. It feels like abundance. It feels like excitement. And I believe that this is what we should be taught in the first grade. We should be taught this in elementary school. We should be reminded in middle school. We should be a walking embodiment of our soul’s purpose and mission by the time we’re in high school. And instead we’re taught to sit down and be quiet. We’re taught to follow rules. We’re taught to follow someone else’s blueprint. And I don’t know how many of you all know this, but elementary schools were created because there were factories.


And factories needed workers and they couldn’t get anyone to sit down and do the work for 8910 hours a day. And so whomever were the powers that be at this time said what can we do? So we have factory workers and they started school systems so people would get used to sitting down, being quiet and working. Now, I do believe that there is some good to schooling. I’m not just saying that there’s no purpose to school, we shouldn’t have it. And that’s actually not at all what this conversation is about. What I’m saying is there’s a programming that we take on at an early age and the way that we change the world and the way that we change our levels of happiness and fulfillment and abundance is we begin to look at how to come into alignment with our unique soul blueprint.


And so what do you think the world would look like if in first grade were sat down and told about energy and about the things I’m teaching here in Quantum Vibes? And what if were told that we have a soul and that we have a unique genius? And when we can plug into that genius, everything gets really delicious and exciting. And so what’s cool about this is we have to trust divine timing and we have to trust that we’re on the path to plug into our unique soul blueprint in the perfect timing. And so wherever you are in the world, if you’re listening to this today, I want to tell you that this is the perfect timing for you. There is something inside of your unique soul blueprint that your soul is ready to show you.


And the ways to uncovering it is to following what lights you up. Thinking about what would I be doing if money were no object? What do I love to do? What are my unique zones of genius? And then you look at areas of life and think how can you be plugged in to those places and spaces? More often there’s a quote by someone, and I cannot remember who said it, but it was something along the lines of when you can find what you love to do and figure out how to monetize it, you never have to work a day in your life. And I feel like I’ve been really fortunate because I have unlocked this within myself and it doesn’t mean it’s not always pivoting and evolving and growing.


But even last night when I was sitting there and there was just an open channel moving through my body and as I’m teaching them these most amazing high vibrational clients, what moved through me, I felt like high in the best of ways, all natural from my own frequency. And that’s my wish for you is that you’re doing something and you feel so lit up, is that you believe in possibilities, that you have the courage and the confidence to move forward and begin to call in your big wild dreams. Because manifesting is not a one way street. We’re not supposed to just sit there and meditate and expect God to just drop everything in our lap. It’s like, we’ve got to start to get clear. We’ve got to begin to make the first move.


And when we make the first move, god and the universe will respond. And this is where we’ve got to make the first move and have our energy so plugged into the quantum field of infinite possibilities that we know, even if it doesn’t look like it, that we’re holding the frequency of where we want to go, and the next step will be shown to us. And so if you’re like, this sounds a little crazy, and what is she talking about? Bear with me here, because the more you listen to this conversation, the more it’s going to land and the more it’s going to make sense, because I’m speaking to you on a subconscious level. I am activating something within your soul. And so I want you to begin to think about what are the things that light you up the most?


If money was no object, what would you be doing? When it comes to unique soul blueprint, pay attention to when do you feel activated? That, for me, was one of the biggest. AHA. It’s like I would hear a teacher read a book or I would see an advertisement for a retreat or listen to a podcast, and I would begin to get flutters and tingles in my body. And it was my soul being like, yes, this is for you. This will still happen with things. Like, opportunities will show up and my body will feel it. This happened to me when I wasn’t even actually ready to buy a home. But I had a real estate agent who was quite persistent.


There is a fine line between persistence and annoyance, and she wasn’t at all annoying, and she was the perfect amount of persistence, because she got me out looking when my mind was telling me, I’m not ready. I don’t have time. But I did want to learn the market. And so I believe that when you plug into the quantum field of infinite possibilities, god, the divine, the universe works through people, and in this case, the energy, the frequency, god was working through my real estate agent. And so she kept kind of trying to get me to go out and look at different homes. And I finally was like, okay. And so went and we began the search. And as we began the search, I was busy with a million other things. I was hosting my retreat in Sedona.


I host annual retreat in Sedona, which is so fun and so exciting, and there was just a lot going on in my world. But she got me out looking. And again, this was following my unique soul blueprint. And as I began to look, I began to realize that maybe I wasn’t looking in exactly the right area. And my intuition told me, Suzanne, you should expand your search and begin to look in some surrounding areas that are still close to the beach, but maybe a little different than what you’ve been living with now. And so I’m not going to tell the entire story here, but basically my real estate agent shows me a home in a surrounding area. And I was like, yes, I’d like to see it. And still then I wasn’t even like, this is going to be my house.


I was like, I’m just going to go learn the market in these areas. And so as I’m driving over to see this new house, even on the way, even when I left my home, where I am now on the ocean, I was like, I don’t think I want to live over here, but who knows? But something happened in me, y’all, I don’t know if this has ever happened to you or not, but something happened along the drive. And as I turned the corner and I started to see the most beautiful vista of these mountains, and then there was this gorgeous row of palm trees. It looked like a scene out of a movie. And I’m driving down and all of a sudden everything seems lighter and brighter. And I’m like, oh my gosh.


So then I pull up to the house and there’s a yard. There’s a yard and a tree. And I’m like, it’s like, what? I’ve been looking at all these houses that didn’t have yards and they didn’t have trees. So many of the houses in Laguna Beach are just right on top of each other, even at a very high price point. And so I’m stoked because there is a yard. I walk into the house, I go straight through the house. I don’t even look at the house. And I walk out and I see this beautiful pool and then one of the most gorgeous views of like Tuscany vibes. It’s a mountain and trees and greenery. And I’m standing there and I look around and my heart starts to flutter. And my soul speaks to me.


And I can feel it in my body that this house is meant for me. This was my unique soul, blueprint. This was my soul telling me, suzanne, this is for you. And I felt it in my body, and I knew it in that moment, just like in 2019 when I was visiting Laguna Beach and my soul told me, you’re supposed to live here. Just like in 2014, when my soul told me, you’re supposed to write a book about awakenings, there are all of these moments, these quantum moments that happen when you’re connected to your unique soul blueprint. And this is what makes life rich. And this is what opens up possibility in the unknown. Because when we think we have to know everything, we’re really operating in the third dimensional world.


So if you want to start to play in the quantum field, one, you’ve got to know it’s available. Two, you’ve got to be willing to come into alignment with your soul and your unique soul Blueprint. And this is a thing that I’m really great at helping people at in my programs, at my events, at my retreats, even on this podcast, reading the book Quantum Vibes opening up, girl Awaken, beginning to dive into it. Every single thing that I do, the intention behind it is it’s going to put you in more alignment with your unique soul Blueprint, because where many of us go wrong is we try to look at what’s in alignment for someone else and make it our own. And when we do that, there’s an energetic mismatch for what we want to call in.


And so if you think about the buttonhouse of possibilities and you can begin to dream as if you had zero limitations, and you start to look at what is your soul not your mind, not your personality, what is your soul calling you to do? The name of the game will change and expand for you on so many levels in so many ways. Now, the next thing I want to talk about when it comes to the evolution of connecting to the quantum field is you are exactly in the right place. And I’m going to say that again, you are exactly in the right place of where you’re meant to be to manifest your big, wild dreams. Your soul knows there’s a higher level of wisdom that lives inside of you that is guiding you each step of the way.


So in chapter two, when I talked about that moment in Sedona, so this is one of my favorite stories. And for those of you that have read Girl Awakened, or if you’ve listened to Girl Awakened audibly, you know that Samantha, the main character who’s loosely based on me, she goes to Sedona, Arizona, and it starts her search, her soul retrieval search of traveling the world and going to power spots. And it’s so fun for you if you’ve read Girl Awakened, and now you get to hear the true version and the true version of what actually happened to me. And in 2011, when my friend invited me to go to Sedona, there was something in my body that was like it was a yes. And I can still just tell you sedona is one of the most special and epic places.


I host a retreat there every single year. I’m hosting one in February this year with the most amazing humans. We’ll put the link in the show notes so you have it in case you want to come join me for four days of amazing soul expansion, personal development, growth, and really creating quantum vibrations. I’ll put that link in the show notes for you. And when I was in Sedona, and everything was really cool about that first trip. Now, this was 2011. I had my dark night of the soul in 2013, and my true year of full awakening in 2014. So when I think back to this moment in Sedona, Arizona, this was almost like the quantum field planting seeds of prophecy for me. And I think about the way that I felt in that room with that shamanic astrologer.


And if you haven’t yet listened to the episode where I read chapter two, then go ahead and listen to it’s, the episode before this one, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But when I was in there, it was like everything that he said was so crazy, almost like he was speaking a completely different language. It resonated. There was a frequency about what he was saying. The frequency of truth was like, reverberating through my body. And so what I would invite you to do is look at moments. Look at moments where maybe there’s someone that was planting a seed, like maybe God, the divine, the universe was speaking through someone else to you. Maybe you feel like that right now inside of this podcast. Maybe you had a conversation with a loved one.


Maybe you’ve seen an intuitive or your own astrologer that might have said something that was like, made no sense, but it felt just like truth. And when we plug into the quantum field of possibilities, things are going to make no sense. And if you’re trying to make sense of it with your logical mind, you’re going to miss out on so much of the magic. And when I think about what I’ve been able to manifest, and when I think about the career I have, and when I think about all the clients in my world that have understood manifesting, they’ve gotten this down. They’ve understood that a piece of the manifesting formula is understanding. There is this quantum field of infinite possibilities. So there’s the first thing is the awareness. Understanding. There’s a quantum field of possibilities. Understanding.


You have the power to plug your energy into that field. And again, if you want to understand more about this, I do go into a lot more detail inside of the atoms actualization activation. And when you understand how to point your alignment arrows into the quantum field of possibilities, everything begins to change. And so for me, in my story, this shamanic astrologer helped me on a subconscious level, begin to point my energy into an infinite field of possibility. So when I had my awakening, it was like a remembrance. It was like, oh, my gosh, wait, something there was something that I’ve been shown, told that I need to begin to unlock and begin to play with and having that foundation, really, honestly, as crazy as it sounds, it’s kind of what was a guiding light for me because it felt like possibility.


It felt like even though nothing makes sense, everything is making sense. And I just believe that so many of us are awakening now and we’re awakening to our truth and to our power. We’re beginning to see clues of our unique soul blueprint. We’re beginning to believe in ourselves more than we have. We’re beginning to plug into courage more than we ever have been before. And I just want to say if you’re feeling these things then you are on the right track. The last piece I want to share for today with the evolution on quantum tool number two is authentic power. I talk about how Gary Zukoff talks about authentic power is when you align your personality with your soul. Now, there’s a lot of different identities we know. I am Suzanne Adams. I am a bestselling author. I am a motivational speaker.


I am a girlfriend. I am a daughter. I am just a woman on a mission to help others really learn how to attract their big, wild dreams. I am a sister. I am an aunt. I am a niece. I am a neighbor. So we hold all these different identities. I could go on and list a million more identities. And when we can begin to look at these identities from the state of observer and when we can begin to plug in our highest, truest, most beautiful, wisest self and we can begin to look at the layers of what would that highest piece of us be doing with each of these identities?


And where are their dreams that we have not yet achieved because we don’t have the identity that we can achieve them or attract them because we’re stuck running an old program telling us that we’re not good enough. Who am I? Who am I to go after this dream? Who am I? The who am I? Is a very big subconscious program that many of us hold because weren’t empowered in our youth. And this has nothing to do with our parents unless our parents did empower us with this knowledge. And I know that there’s so many well meaning parents and maybe you’re even one of them that did the best you could with what you have.


When we can begin to first teach ourselves and lead by example and then teach our children that our desires are from our soul, our desires are guiding lights showing us what we came here to do. And when we can begin to look from the lens of possibility and looking for people that can give us evidence of what we desire and show us what’s possible we began to create a reprogramming and a story. I’ve heard this story often and I think the first time I heard it was from Dr. Joe Dispenza and he was talking about the four minute mile. And for years and years there were the world’s best athletes trying to break the four minute mile and no one could do it. No one could do it.


But then all of a sudden there was a man who broke the four minute mile. He ran a mile in under four minutes. And then a couple of days later, someone else did it. And then a couple of days later, someone else did it. And before you know it, there’s a ton of people celebrating that they had broken the four minute mile. And what that shows us is that when we see that it’s possible for someone else, we unlock something in our conscious and subconscious mind that shows that it’s possible for us.


And when we can understand that there is an energetic field of infinite possibilities and all we have to do is be able to understand how to plug our energy arrows, our alignment arrows into this field and hold the frequency of what we desire, it is universal law that it will have to come to us. Now, where we go wrong is we start looking at what’s in front of us and not what’s in the quantum field. And that is what I’m going to continue to help you unravel throughout this podcast and inside of the work that I do. So with that, I hope you are feeling inspired. I hope you are feeling like there is possibility. If you’re enjoying this podcast, if you would share it on social media and tag me, it would mean so much to me.


And if you want to understand how to plug into the quantum field of infinite possibilities, and you want to come be in a room with me and the most amazing humans for two days of soul expansion, heart exhilarating energy. Constant evidence of possibilities. Then you’re going to want to check out the Quantum Success Leadership summit that is happening live and in person in Laguna Beach this September. I’m going to link the Quantum Success Leadership Summit for you in the show notes so it will be there for you. Thank you so much for your energy, for your presence, for listening. It means more to me than you know. And I am wishing you all of the quantum vibes you can ever desire. I will see you on the next episode.