Ep2S1: From Awakening to Abundance

In this podcast episode, Suzanne Adams shares her personal journey of awakening and transformation, rooted in aligning with her unique soul blueprint. She discusses her book “Girl Awakened” and its nonfiction counterpart “Quantum Vibes,” which offers practical tips to expand energy, magnetize positivity, and reprogram the mind. Through anecdotes and insights, she explores the intersection of science and spirituality, emphasizing the power of vibrations in shaping reality.


Suzanne introduces the Hertz Vibration scale, a tool for understanding and elevating energy levels, and highlights the importance of intentional thought and emotion in manifesting desires. Drawing from her own experiences and teachings, she presents seven quantum tools for achieving a fulfilling and purposeful life, including connecting with the quantum field, aligning with love energy, and activating synchronicity. The episode concludes with invitations to explore further resources and participate in upcoming events aimed at empowering listeners to manifest their dreams and live in alignment with their highest vibrations.

Hi. Welcome back. I am just honestly so happy you’re here. I’m so excited to share quantum vibrations, quantum vibes, high vibrations with you, with the world. 


Here we go. 


So in the last episode, I said we’d dive into chapter one, and I misspoke. We are now going to do introduction, part two. And this is something I am really excited about because I don’t know how many of you know my journey, but in 2013, I had a massive awakening. Like, I literally was Girl awakened. And I teach about aligning with your unique soul blueprint. And my unique soul blueprint told me a big part of my purpose, and my mission was to write a book. 


To write a book that I called Girl Awaken. 


And this book was meant to be written with the intention to shift the consciousness of the world in a fun and magical way to inspire people to connect with their heart and their soul. 


And I did that. 


That was actually the first book that I wrote. 


And so introduction Part two, the. 


Title of this part in the introduction. 


Is called Girl Awakened. And so what I love about the combination of my books is Quantum Vibes is the nonfiction version. 


It’s filled with tips to help you. 


Expand your energy, to help you magnetize your energy, to help you rewire, reprogram your mind. And it’s written, in a way, with stories to share so that your subconscious and your conscious mind can digest it. And then Girl awakened, the actual book is more of like a mystical, magical discovery of, you know what’s so fun. 


To me about my book, girl awakened. 


Is that when everyone reads it, they’re like, Suzanne, you wrote this about me. And actually, girl Awakened is loosely based on my own story, but I wrote it so that everyone that reads it. 


Would see themselves in Samantha, who’s the. 


Main character in Girl Awakened. And so, as you’re listening with me to quantum vibes, you’re going to get to kind of see the parallels that. 


Are truth that I also read about in Quantum vibes, and you can kind of see what’s quote unquote fiction in Girl Awakened and what’s not. So without further ado, here we go. 


With introduction part two of quantum vibes audible version Girl Awakened. The wound is the place where the light enters you. 


Rumi I spent the first 30 years of my life searching for a feeling. 


A feeling of joy, of freedom, of meaning, of connection. 


But no matter where I looked or how many pairs of designer shoes I. 


Crammed into my closet, I couldn’t find it. 


I’d been a go getter from day one. By the time I hit 31, I had the sort of life I’d desired. I had the job. 


I had the house. 


I had the clothes, the car, the posse. I also had the boyfriend, who was this close to popping the question. By that point in my life, I’d spent the better part of my adulthood consulting with top notch hospitals and training surgeons on new technologies and devices used in operating rooms. The devices I worked with, the technologies I saw, the miracles I witnessed daily, they all fascinated me. I loved being a part of something that helped people have a second chance. But the X rays and MRIs and ultrasounds I was surrounded by, also showed me that what we present to the outside world can differ wildly from what’s happening internally. The body can seem perfectly healthy from the outside, but when you get a glimpse of what’s going on internally, you can see things that you just couldn’t see before. 


That dissonance resonated with me a bit too much, because I understand that the same thing was true of the mind and the emotions. There was a huge clash between what I showed to the world and what lurked invisible underneath. On the outside, everything didn’t just look okay. 


It looked awesome. 


Most days, I was excelling at work and adding more zeros to my savings account. Many nights I was dining at the newest, hottest restaurants and tossing back fancy champagne at nightclubs with swanky zip codes. Many weekends, I was airbound away on luxury trips with my almost fiance and entourage of friends. 


My future was bright, and so was my present. There had to be more. 


The problem was, when the lights were off and the music had stopped and my makeup washed off, I was slammed with a realization so stunning I. 


Didn’T want to face it. 


I wasn’t enjoying this. Those quick moments of bliss, the string of prestigious sales reward trips I’d won, the trendy clothes that hugged my butt in precisely the right way. 


Sure, they were fun, even tantalizing. 


But I couldn’t help thinking there had. 


To be more out there. 


It felt like I was eternally chasing after something that kept slipping around the corner before I could even get to the end of the street, away from the lights in action, away from everything I had once thought was everything I wanted. 


I was, frankly depressed. 


I tried to avoid it. I was busy being busy. I refused to sit still or be alone for long because that meant being quiet and getting real with what was happening inside of me. Like many people who are new to this whole soul emergence thing and maybe flailing around like I once did, I decided to renovate my own life from the outside in. I started with my house. I wanted something bigger and more beautiful, and who says you have to wait to do nice things for yourself? The things I wanted, such as safety. 


Light, freedom, space, nourishment, and nature, I. 


Put into my remodeling plan. It would look like this, I told myself. A fancy new garage, casement windows, ten foot high ceilings, a deluxe kitchen, and an enormous cedar deck overlooking the forest behind my home. The downward spiral but then I ended my relationship with a man I’d been sure I’d marry. I boomerang right into a rebound relationship. He appeared perfect on paper, smart, sweet, successful, accomplished, and from a good, fun loving family to boot. 


But I still had to shush the. 


Voice inside me that said, something’s not quite right here, and I don’t mean the paint color I chose for the kitchen. Meanwhile, my remodel turned into a nightmare, and I was suddenly thigh high in debt. My home had no roof for a time, rendering it uninhabitable, and its interior, kind of like my own inner world, was covered in mounds of sawdust. My rebound boyfriend invited me to stay with him, but he lived in a bachelor pad with two roommates, a sink perpetually full of dishes, and a shared bathroom. 


Not quite my style. 


I couch surfed at all my married friend’s houses and began to unravel. The box I was trying to fit my life into didn’t have my name on it, and all the efforts I’d made to squeeze into its confines were blowing up in my face. At the same time, work started to. 


Feel false and distant, as if another. 


Girl on autopilot was finishing her daily task that had, in the past earned her promotions and company wide respect. My confidence dwindled along with my savings. The new boyfriend and I called it quits over Pinot and pizza. And while I knew the breakup was the right thing to do, it still felt like a sucker punch to the stomach. I wanted the whole shebang. A husband, two children, maybe even a golden doodle puppy. My heart sank as I’d realized I’d. 


Be starting over yet again. 


A friend offered me a furnished condo while she was away, which was a relief. But the move arrived with a new kind of loneliness. Clubbing now triggered a seemingly unfillable longing, and so I took to drinking by myself to get through the evenings. The bubbly girl I’d been disappeared with the bottles I tossed into the recycling. My quantum moment One afternoon in my friend’s echoing townhouse, I stared at the. 


Clock, willing it to be 05:00 p.m. 


Already so I could pour myself a glass of wine with at least a modicum of respectability. It had to be the longest 459 in history. 


When 05:00 p.m., hit, I typically would. 


Have gotten up to uncork the bottle, but this time I felt my entire body trembling. My palms were sweaty. Every part of my being felt distraught. Tears began to stream down my face. I took a giant deep breath because a yoga teacher once taught me to do so. 


And for the first time, well, ever. 


I started paying attention to a different feeling, the one in the pit of. 


My stomach and the voice that accompanied it. 


This isn’t the woman you’re meant to be, it said. This is not what you came here to do. There’s so much more for you. You were meant for so much more. I could feel the words as if they were being shouted from the rooftops. They were so loud and undeniable. I had no choice but to listen. 


And so I did listen. 


But I also had no idea what. 


To do about what I heard. 


I had fate since I was a child. And so in that moment, I dusted it off, got down on my knees, literally, with tears streaming down my cheeks, and asked God and the universe to show me a new way of being, to help me remember what it was I came here to accomplish. I tried to bargain with myself. At first, I tried to trick myself into believing that maybe, just maybe, my life, with its lack of genuine meaning, was fine as it was because it takes strength and willpower to tune into our divine internal monologue. The whisper only got more defiant, yet also more alluring, because it reminded me of what I’ve known since childhood, that I, like you, am here to do something remarkable, to exist on a deeper, more gratifying and transcendent plane. 


And the quantum shift in my life began in that very special quantum moment that changed the trajectory of my life forever. That’s the thing about the universe and life itself. The universe answers, and the lower it. 


Lets us fall, the higher it also. 


Allows us to soar. Yes, soaring higher is what this book is about. Quantum vibes is a call not only for getting your foot up the first rung of the ladder, but for seizing the top. It’s a guide to help you blow past the hurdles that have stopped you in your tracks and help you dive into the happiness and purpose that is waiting for you, just as it was waiting for me. Where and how, you might ask? Through soul connection and vibrations on a whole new level. Through using your vibration to create your reality instead of allowing your reality to create your vibration to feel life as. 


It was meant to be, brimming with delight and significance. 


Finding my life purpose I looked for that feeling in romantic relationships. I’d looked for it in career accomplishments. I’d looked for it in Bloomingdale’s and Prada, and in my 20s, every nightclub. 


East of the Mississippi. 


But the one place I hadn’t gone searching was in two realms that had. 


Both stumped me, science and spirituality. 


Placing those words side by side might make some people gasp. If so, I know how you feel. I grew up in Georgia and in the south, one of the most religious parts of the USA. But I also grew up in the 90s, when the division between religion and science in school as well as in society, was sharp. Trying to explain spirituality with science can be daunting. But finding the spiritual lessons in science? 


Now we’re talking. 


As I sobbed through that afternoon and fought against my desire to numb it all away, the voice inside me said it was up to me to find a way to gain access to that feeling I was after. And it was that intersection between science and spirituality that held the answer. I stumbled upon Gary Zukov’s the Seed of the Soul. And by stumbled, I mean I saw it on Oprah’s Instagram page and was struck by him mentioning that all of our souls have a plan and a purpose before we’re even born into a human body, I was blown away. 


Life purpose. Life purpose. 


Why had I never even considered that this was the feeling I was desperate for? How had I completed years of education, traveled to exotic places, bought and renovated a home, nailed a great career, and yet still hadn’t been aware of this? I mean, a life purpose is what you’re born to do, right? 


As in the purpose of your life. 


I became a woman on a mission. I started researching happiness, truth, authenticity, intuition, the power of aligning your personality with your soul, self compassion and self love. The idea that we can draw into our lives exactly what we need and want through the law of attraction, meaning, if we create high vibes in our life, we receive high vibes in return. These words were a foreign language to me, but I devoured books that gifted me with ideas for a major life change. 


Finally, I was excited about something again. 


Along the way, I discovered the works of David R. Hawkins, a psychiatrist who was also a pioneer in the science of consciousness and spirituality. Before I knew it, I was missing Saturday sales at Neiman Marcus and trying to internalize Hawkins’map of consciousness, which demonstrates how powerful our thoughts are. On an overcast day, perhaps, maybe broking up with someone that you were deeply. 


In love with to the lift you. 


Up thought patterns of optimism and forgiveness. Hawkins explained how these thoughts translate into energies that directly influence our lives, minds, and bodies, intersecting as they do with the quantum field of energy. This allowed me to understand even more clearly, even viscerally, how we can change our minds and lives through simple changes to our thoughts. 


The map opened up the physical reality. 


Of quantum physics in a way that showed me the practical and inspiring possibilities. 


Of working with it. 


You may have heard the word quantum tossed around. 


Maybe you’ve even taken a quantum leap. 


A phenomenon we’ll delve into later in the book. Perhaps you’ve been intrigued by all the talk about quantum computing, watched the TV series, or played the video game Quantum break, how to measure and vibe up your energy. The Hertz Vibration scale is a visual representation of energy that taught me how to vibe up my world, both internally and externally. Not to go all Sheldon Cooper on you, but the scale measures waves of energy. We’ll work with a scale throughout the book. In doing so, will make it easy for you to vibe with your dreams in an amazingly effective way. Once you grasp the basics of energy, you’ll realize it’s a super easy concept that proves you can create anything, and I mean anything you desire by intentionally utilizing the vibrations of your thoughts and feelings. 


Yep, I’m talking success way bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined. Soul Expanding love and that dream job. 


You know you’re destined for. 


Do I have your attention with this scale? 




It’s based on the pioneering work of David R. Hawkins and his map of consciousness. Now think back to high school science when we learned that Einstein once said that everything in life is vibration. This is because everything is compromised of atoms, and atoms are in a perpetual state of motion. From the sofa you sit on to watch your favorite TV series to the car or the subway seat where you might be reading or listening to this book right now. Sound is also a vibration. So are your thoughts, which is perhaps the most important thing to note in terms of igniting your dream life. Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt what could only be described as good energy? Maybe you felt a warm, happy vibration that you couldn’t totally identify but knew was there. Or maybe you felt inspired or excited. 


That was energy flowing. 


That was you feeling the vibrations of the frequencies that were in that room. 


They were high vibes. 


On the other hand, have you ever stepped into a room that had bad energy? A room that, even if it had good lighting and posh furniture, felt dark. 


And gloomy and heavy? 


Nothing bad has even happened to you there, but you just know there’s something shady about the place. 


Those are by get me out of. 


Here vibes or low and dense energy at work. The same goes with people you’ve probably met. Some who were inexplicably captivating, in whose presence you were convinced that no matter your belief system, they were radiating some sort of magnetic, fabulous energy. Of course you have. This is one of the first steps. 


To falling in love. On the flip side, have you ever. 


Met someone who, no matter how solid the reputation that preceded them or the chick clothes they were sporting, exuded a heaviness that told you to make a run for it? You feel high energy and you feel low energy. And you could also be high energy or be low energy. This is what I’m talking about. This is what the scale shows. Let me show you a little more of what I mean. You intentionally tune into a specific frequency and then you receive that frequency in return, just as you tune into a specific channel to see the voice, just as you can tune into Spotify and hear your boyfriend’s mix of the stones in maroon five. Go figure. These are invisible waves at work based on a frequency. 


We use these frequencies as signals all day long, every time we connect to wifi FaceTime or get swipe happy on hinge. And everyone, you included, can deliberately create a feeling, a vibration inside your being that is a match for your dreams. 


Yes, you heard me right. 


You have the power to create high vibration experiences and situations based on the thoughts you think and the vibration you are consequently emitting. Everything that comes to be in your life can be due to the vibration of your thoughts and the energy you’re both calling into your being and expressing to others. 




Because, as quantum physics shows us, on a subatomic level. Everything in the universe is composed of vibrating energy. You can use the Hertz vibration scale to calibrate the vibrations your emotions produce. One of the reasons I love this scale is because it adds a feeling of tangibility to energy. 


If you are baking a cake, you. 


Have a recipe that tells you to measure one cup of sugar and what. 


To do with it. 


This scale shows you a way to measure energy. While energy can be subjective and it definitely changes throughout the day, it’s very powerful when we can begin to become aware of where we are vibing in. 


Relation to the scale. Look at the scale, then close your eyes and take a deep breath. 


Where do you think you are on this scale at the moment? 


Most likely, you’re at least at the. 


Willingness or acceptance stage because you’re reading this book. I want to just chime in for a second, so I want you all to be able to see the visualization of this scale. So what I’m going to do is. 


I’m going to go to my Instagram. 


And I’m going to put it on. 


My stories, and then I’m going to. 


Put it in a highlight bubble. The highlight bubble are those little circles. 


At the top, and I’m going to put it in the bubble that says QV podcast. 


So if you want to actually get. 


The visual of the scale when you’re done with this episode, just head over to my Instagram. The handle is at Suzanne Adams, Inc. S-U-Z-A-N-N-E. Adams. A-D-A-M-S-I-N-C. We’ll also link it in the show notes. And then you can really kind of just breathe and feel into this scale, because this is an important part of. 


This is we have to realize where. 


We are in order to have a breakthrough in order to be able to climb up the scale. 


And so I’m going to put that. 


There for you, and it will be there, right there for you. Or of course, if you have the book Quantum vibes, then it’s in the introduction and you can view the scale there, too. I’m going to finish reading now. 


Maybe you’ve been feeling really excited and. 


Open hearted lately, or closer to the love zone than you think, or maybe it’s been a rough couple of days, weeks, months, or even years, and you’re feeling stuck in the fear zone. On the scale, there’s no right or wrong, and there’s no exact way to know for sure. It’s more about creating an awareness and an opening with your mind and your energy and starting a conversation about one of the most powerful tools you have available to you. Your energy, your vibes, the emotions you feel, and the thoughts you think emanate a vibration and energy. You can intentionally tune into a particular frequency and receive that frequency in return. For example, if you tune into peace, you may experience a sense of contentment. This is the universe having your back when you nurture it with love and positivity. 


On the other hand, by not managing your thoughts, you may let out bad vibes that can attract bad juju right back to you as it’s mirroring your inner world. As you can see from the scale, some of the lowest frequencies we encounter. 


Are shame, grief, and fear. 


The very emotions I was struggling with and that were compelling me to deaden myself with daily drinking at happy hours. Happy in quotes. Obviously, in retrospect, these were very unhappy hours. These lower vibrational frequencies were keeping me from radiating the light I was born with. Side note, we all have this light. 


And we always have access to this light. 


The highest frequencies are the antithesis of low vibes, and they’re the ingredients to a life that will set your soul on fire. Gratitude, excitement, joy, peace, and love. The more you tune into this top tier 500 above on the Hertz vibration scale, the more your life will unfurl with the passion and pleasure we all have the right to experience. Many of us are feeling a deeper need than ever to align with our true dreams and purpose. 




It’s the perfect time to start scaling the scale until you rise, until you find your bliss and purpose. 


Turns out a huge part of my. 


Purpose was and is to learn how to engage in the highest frequency possible and show others how to do the same. The more I focused on turning my thoughts toward what’s beautiful and right about life, the more I realized the power I had to flip the script and attain happiness. Introducing the seven quantum tools in the midst of climbing out of my own dark night of the soul, I was desperate to find joy and meaning and purpose. I was at the point where I would do just about anything to feel connected and loved again. 


As we go through this book, I’ll share with you the voyage I took to crawl out of this bleak hole and how I discovered the seven quantum tools to help me and later, my students and clients create a life that continues to blow my mind in the best of ways and often leaves me speechless. 


This is how it will go. 


The first quantum Tool Turn up your vibrational frequency serves as the umbrella under which the other six quantum tools rest. This tool is beyond powerful because you can turn it up, no matter where your starting point is. From there, I will show you how to connect to the quantum field, the second quantum Tool. This will help you see the vastness of the Universe’s infinite possibilities and how this connection is the golden ticket to taking a quantum leap right into a life that will leave you joyfully breathless. Next, you will learn how to align. 


With love or above. 


This third quantum tool will show you how engaging in the energetic frequencies above love on the Hertz vibration scale will not only help you to tap into the jet stream of success and abundance, but will also lead to a higher collective consciousness as more and more of us understand and attune to the vibe of love energy. This tool will help you drop whatever fears you’ve been holding on to. This is a huge move in the direction of our evolution as a species and toward a more compassionate, happy, and peaceful world. The fourth Quantum Tool will show you how to reprogram and rewire your mind by intentionally and unswervingly rewriting the script of your life through working with your conscious and subconscious minds. 


Then you’ll move on to the fifth quantum Tool to repurpose your energy by turning the things that trigger you into a powerful way to manifest magic and new possibilities. 


The 6th Quantum Tool will help you. 


Activate your vision in the now to dive deep into the quantum field and positively alter your present. And finally, I’ll show you how to use the 7th Quantum Tool. Follow the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance to stop resisting the natural flow of the universe and instead get directly in its divine current to receive your truest and deepest wishes. Each of these tools is illuminated through my personal flops and feats, as well as through the antidotes of clients I’ve assisted as a transformational mentor. And each of these tools is designed to help you achieve a life that will blow your mind in the best of ways, even on a daily basis. I’m not pretending that it’s easy or that will all happen overnight. You might have quantum moments, which we’ll get into, but just briefly. 


A quantum moment is an abrupt, memorable awakening, even bigger than a eureka or an aha moment that changes your life. Understanding how your energy affects your reality can and will shift everything, and I mean everything, for you. Remember this. You are bones, tendons, organs, cells, physical, indisputable, wonderful matter. But you are also a soul that needs to unite with your dreams and energy. When you achieve this, you too will discover what I did, which is this. I put down the bottle of wine. I got busy connecting to people who needed more than a good financial retirement plan and Apple TV to be happy. I learned about the overlaps of spirituality and science, and I began adopting practices that connect to the physical brain to positive states of optimism, love, and illumination. 


And I started seeing the real results of the law of attraction because I worked to live in sync with the highest vibrations. I’ve since coached thousands of people on uncovering and engaging with their purpose and manifesting their own big wild dreams. They’ve become happier, healthier, more prosperous, and more in touch with their whole reason for living. Quantum vibes is a compilation of all that I’ve learned. In part two, you’ll find a workbook of exercises to enable you to put theory into practice and guide you into the world of boundless opportunities. 




Because it’s your birthright to realize your. 


Desires and in the end, to reach that high vibe state. 


Oh my gosh. 


Thank you so much for listening. That was the full introduction of quantum. 


Vibes and I am so excited. I’m so excited to see what you’re. 


Going to create when you plug into everythinG. 


I’m going to share with you right here. And I just want you to know, to check out the show notes. I have some really amazing activations, something I created called the Atoms Actualization Activation, which is really the most potent blueprint to manifesting big wall dreams in compilation with the Quantum tools. So if you’re loving this and you’re. 


Like, I want to learn more, I want to connect with you more. 


Suzanne, check out the Adams Actualization activation. The link and the details are in the show notes. And I’m also going to go ahead and just put the link to any upcoming live events that I have. If you’re listening to this in real time, then we have an exciting announcement. The Quantum Success Leadership Summit is coming up this September and this is going to be an event where you really get to begin to plug into quantum vibes. You open your heart, you actually will become an energetic match to big wild dreams just from sitting in the room and observing the teachings, connecting with the world class speakers that are coming in and really opening your heart to receive. So if this is something that you’d love to be a part of, then the link is going to be in the show notes. 


And then I’m also going to say we are doing something extra special at this event and it is going to be the Quantum Vibes podcast Launch party. So if you want to come and. 


Be part of a moment to anchor. 


In your desires in person with the most powerful group of leaders, innovators, high vibrational souls that are really ready to come into more alignment and create more abundance and create more fulfillment and really create their own ripple effects of positivity and light, then this is a room you’re going to want to be in. So either way, thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for being here. 


And I will see you very soon with chapter one.