EP8S1: From Heartbreak to Healing: Aligning with Love and Above  

In the debut episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, our host ignites the airwaves with palpable enthusiasm, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative journey of high vibrational energy and boundless possibility. With a deep-seated belief in the power of intention and intuition, she unveils her vision for the podcast: to transmit quantum vibes audibly, infusing each episode with potent insights and practical wisdom.

Season one promises a groundbreaking approach, as each installment delves into the chapters of her seminal work, “Quantum Vibes: Seven Tools to Raise Your Energy, Harness Your Power, and Manifest a Life That Will Blow Your Mind.” Through a unique blend of spirituality and science, listeners are encouraged to shift their perspective and tap into their inner strength, becoming agents of change in a world teeming with chaos and uncertainty.

Drawing from personal experiences of transformation and resilience, our host offers a roadmap for reclaiming dreams, overcoming obstacles, and manifesting a life filled with joy, purpose, and connection. As she shares her own journey from disillusionment to magnificence, listeners are inspired to embrace their innate power and embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

With each episode, Quantum Vibes promises to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding listeners toward a life that surpasses their wildest dreams. So, buckle up and get ready to elevate your energy, amplify your intentions, and co-create a reality that will leave you breathless with wonder and excitement.


Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. I am feeling on top of the world today. My birthday was just two days ago.


And I just want to say a personal thank you to every single person who showed me the love on Instagram with all the comments and DMs and on Facebook as well. It means so much to me and I’m feeling so filled up with love, which is perfect because today is chapter three and the Quantum Tool is Aligning with Love or above. So I’m going to read this audibly for you today, and before I do, I want to share a little bit about what’s up for me and what I’m feeling right now. So for those of you that follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen the beautiful ocean view that I’ve had the pleasure and honor of seeing every single morning when I wake up. It is truly a dream and just filled with pinch me moments.


And this chapter is coming to an end and I’m feeling so excited about where I’m going. And the new house is amazing. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. It has so many great things about it that I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see what my soul creates when I get there because I can feel something big coming through. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m feeling a little emotional about leaving. I mean, I have fallen in love in this home. I have healed in this home. I went through a pandemic in this home. I wrote Quantum Vibes, the book, in this home, and it has just been a dream come true and it’s coming to an end in a week. And I’m just feeling emotional. And I want to share this because I know I’m being guided.


I know I’m being guided to where I’m going. And so many times we can’t let go of something good to receive something spectacular. And this is one of those instances where I could feel my soul. Everything I teach, I talk about really coming into alignment with your unique soul blueprint. And my soul showed me. I shared this story on I think it was the last episode, or the episode before that, about when I walked into the house and my soul spoke to me. And I know and I trust that every time that happens, I am being guided into more fulfillment, more richness, more love, more alignment, and being able to hold more impact. I also understand that sometimes we have to let go of something to energetically create space, and so I am just feeling excited and also it’s a little bittersweet.


And so I’m doing the work of processing every emotion that’s coming up for me, of being able to hold any fear that’s coming. And we’re going to dive into this in the future. Chapters of quantum vibes. I share with you some exercises and also for those of you that have the actual book, there is a whole workbook at the end. That is a lot of the work that I’ve done to be able to hold the higher frequencies and allow myself to have the human journey of fear and doubts and all of those things coming up. Because every next level is going to require a new version of you and every next level is going to require you looking at what you’re feeling. And so I could continue talking on a tangent, and that is not what today’s episode is about.


So I am going to get started with chapter three in just a moment. And at the end of this chapter, I know there’s so many of you that have been messaging about what programs, what are ways to come into my world more, and I’m going to share a few of those ways with you all after I read this chapter, so stay tuned for that. Without further ado, here we go with chapter three of Quantum Vibes seven Tools to Raise your energy, harness your power, and manifest a life that will blow your mind. Chapter Three align with Love or above. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla Quantum Tool Number Three practice feeling more happiness and worthiness and allowing the good feelings in.


Commit to treating yourself the way you would treat the person you love most. This could be with kind words, compassionate actions, or simply a treat that will nourish your body, mind and spirit. Just think of my awakening and how my love for luxury spas introduced me to my soul. When you fall away from love, energy rebound as quickly as possible by acknowledging your feelings with presence and compassion. Enter the jet stream of your desires in 2020 and 21, I let more love into my life than I ever had before. True, I had relationships in the past. Remember too, that prior to my nightly happy hours and that radical lull in my life, I was certain my former boyfriend, the one I thought was my Prince Charming and I would get married and live happily ever after.


When that crumbled faster than a cookie in a toddler’s hand, I closed off my heart. I completely forgot c. S. Lewis’s words from the four loves. The only place outside heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is hell. In other words, I began protecting myself from heartbreak by hardening myself. I put a shield over my heart because I was terrified of letting it break into pieces again. In the process of doing so, I started missing out one of the primary reasons we are alive love. Which, let me remind you, is a juicy target zone of the Hertz Vibration Scale. Side note for a moment, if you haven’t seen the visual of the Hertz Vibration Scale, I do have that for you in my Instagram.


What you can do is go to my Instagram page, and then there’s little highlight bubbles, and there’s one that says Qvpodcast, and it’s, I think, like, the third slide in that highlight bubble has a visual of the Hertz Vibration Scale. And so if you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet after this episode, check that out, because I think it will really help you to understand when you can see the visual of this. Okay, returning back to the book, I was ready. Though. I had healed, I had turned up my vibes. I was oozing joy and appreciation around every corner. I had learned to tear down the walls that were guarding my heart, just as I had learned the power of accepting the unknown. In fact, I had learned how to thrive in the unknown.


It was in this energetic space that I met a man named Matt. He immediately felt like home. Our second date was so on point, it seemed like I’d known him a decade, if not in another lifetime. He was and is, handsome, athletic and masculine, and has a heart of gold. He also possessed the most soothing presence of anyone I’d ever previously known. We laughed, we danced, we snuggled on the sofa and just had fun being together no matter where were. But early on into our courtship, yes, I still use that word. Matt and I had a conversation. You know, the conversation. We were incredibly compatible, we realized, but weren’t totally a fit for a long term relationship. I felt crushed. Even if it made sense on multiple levels, I genuinely thought I might have finally met my match.


At that point in life, I understood the magnetism and power of leading with your heart, of breathing deeply, being mindful, checking in with your emotions, and allowing your intuition rather than your logical mind to run the show. And my intuition told me that, alas, he wasn’t the one after all. Although I knew it wasn’t a forever fit, that he was Mr. Right now and not my fairy tale ending, every time I tuned into my heart, all I could hear was enjoy it anyway. Love him with all you’ve got. That felt terrifying and completely against the rules many of us had been raised on for finding your spouse or life partner. I threw caution to the wind, and I trusted my inner guidance system. I had faith in the voice I’d heard and my heart’s true feelings. It worked.


I cherished every moment I had with Matt. He’s a chef and made my Saturday morning ventures to the farmers market even more special. He pampered me with five star, romantic homemade dinners, which we relished cozily. Everything felt like an escapade with him, whether were snorkeling, hiking, adventuring through a national park, or just going to the grocery store, we had a ball. We always giggled and had a blast. No matter what, our connection was fierce, palpable, passionate and playful. We were both very happy. We never argued, and I’m confident I have never been as present with anyone. While it didn’t last, I grew from that bond in numerous ways. It was my first time walking away from a relationship without feeling overwhelmed with bitterness or resentful or miserable those feelings on the bottom rung of that hurt’s vibration scale.


Instead, I felt fulfilled and grateful for the experiences we had shared. It was if I walked away from him more aligned with and filled up with love energy than I ever had before. Discovering a new level of self Love as Matt and I were in the process of breaking up, I was hosting a leadership summit in Florida. I was trying to decide if I should invite start again. I was trying to decide if I should invite Matt to join me. He was extremely supportive of my career, and I knew he would be thrilled to be there. Unlike other moments in my previous relationships when I looked to the outside to make decisions, this time I turned into my heart.


The voice that once told me to savor the connection I had with Matt now said those two words that are sometimes impossible to hear let go. Only this time, I didn’t feel an ache inside of me. From this, wisdom, freedom and appreciation bloomed instead. Don’t get me wrong, the logical part of me struggled with this because I had fallen for Matt. And yet I followed my intuition and my heart’s voice and decided to head to Florida without him. While all of my events are extraordinary, empowering, and soul expanding, this event had an extra flare of love energy. It was the first big event I had hosted since that unexpected halt that was placed on life in 2020, and an all in person contact and gatherings were suddenly nonexistent. The energy that moved through me on that stage was extraordinary, powerful, buoyant and magnificent.


Looking back, it’s as if my connection with Matt allowed me to let more love in than I had realized possible. I adore my clients and the people who show up for my events. A continued theme I heard from them was, wow, you’re truly glowing, Suzanne. Life is looking great on you. Such words pleased me and seemed entirely right, because that’s precisely how I felt. I remember having a moment of gratitude after the event because it was all just so perfect. So many breakthroughs, so much growth, so many people turned up their vibration. Massive levels of healing and new soul friendships had transpired no hiccups whatsoever. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is rare when you’re hosting large events. I was soaking in a bubble bath the evening after the event when I glanced down at my phone and saw Matt calling.


It was terrific to hear his voice. What felt even better, though, was my trust and my decision not to invite him. If he’d been there with me, I might have attributed the way I was feeling to him. Maybe I would have thought that having him there with me was what had created that glow my clients and attendees kept commenting on. Although it would have felt wonderful to have him there. Recognizing this new way of aligning to Love or above was the most precious tool I could have ever received from Matt. I chose to love myself even more than him. I chose to honor my heart first and not care what anyone else would say or think. I chose me, and in doing so, I let even more love in. We’re taught to think that anything we want is outside of us.


But searching like a hungry ghost and expecting others to make us happy inevitably leads to pain and disappointment. The love we desire is inside us. The question is, how can we align ourselves with others who can help lead us back to our own hearts? When I reflect on 2020 and even 2021, my biggest lesson by far was amping up my Love or above game again. Love is the target zone, right underneath the ultimate tier of enlightenment. It comes in at that 500 magical hertz. It’s filled with momentum and limitless possibilities, and it’s the vibe and literal key to the quantum field getting in sync with Love or above. Quantum tool number three, the third quantum tool in my arsenal. Align with Love or above is all about riding upward in the energy jet stream, which is a powerful force that allows those possibilities.


The quantum field inspires to start materializing. How? By consciously and consistently raising your vibration to Love or above, as Hawkins calls it. This elevates our purpose and our energy to the highest frequencies of mindfulness. Love is misunderstood to be an emotion, actually. It’s a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others, Hawkins states. And I couldn’t agree more. We’re humans. Flawed, certainly, but oh so capable. Once we start using our vibes to create the real life, we crave. We’re on a journey, evolving more today than we ever have before. We’re being called to open up to a new and profound amount of love energy, to let it in, soak it up, and give it back to others. I want to be clear here.


I’m not suggesting that you force yourself into the love zone, that you use this lesson for self serving purposes, or you don’t honor how you’re truly feeling. In fact, when you witness the way you’re feeling and you process it with compassion and empathy, you actually alchemize your vibration with love in that exact moment. Read that again so it will sink in. When you witness the way you’re feeling and you honor it with compassion and empathy, you alchemize your vibration with love in that exact moment. What I am suggesting is this accept the fact that you will move up and down this scale about 8 million times. This doesn’t matter. It’s part of the human experience. What does matter is that you learn and hold on to the tools in this book to come back to the love zone as often as possible.


That day in 2013, that moment when I hit my knees and asked God for a positive way forward, I shifted on the hertz vibration scale in an astounding way. I moved from the bottom, the red zone, from below zero, if you will, up to the green, the 300 Hz range. Because finally, I was willing to choose a different path and see a different way forward. There is no way we can get to the love Zone if we aren’t willing to select another route while also accepting exactly where we are in that moment. Vibing at Love or above starts with loving yourself first, which is 100% essential. I’ve spent all those years dashing after a feeling that I wasn’t even giving myself. I looked for love at the bottom of wine bottles, on dance floors, and in relationships that weren’t quite right for me.


And worst of all, through the opinions of others. What I failed to do and remember, failure is nothing if not an opportunity for change, was pure inside to see the bright light of my soul and my pure positive power and inner strength. If you want to create or manifest anything in your life, one of the most underutilized tools to do so is self love, self appreciation, and self compassion. This is what we should really be teaching in schools. This is what will transform your life. Your heart is the most magnetic force of creativity that you have. How are you treating it? Is it whole? Is it open? The truth is, your dreams are your responsibility. And it’s up to you to love yourself and get to know the real you so that your soul can shine and others can love you too.


A dark night of the soul that turned to love. This is the first thing I shared with Sarah, a client that had been referred to me by another client I had worked with for years. Sarah reached out to me in the middle of her own dark night of the soul. A successful doctor who owned a private practice, she was suffering from the loss of the love of her life who had recently walked away from the life they had built together. Her anxiety was off the charts. Her depression led her to dread waking up. She could hardly concentrate at work, and her work obviously was critical to others’well being the real kicker. Her son told her he no longer recognized her. When I connected with Sarah, I told her I could help her if she was willing to help herself.


I explained that through my program I would help her transform quickly, but she first had to accept where she was. I also added that if she was willing to take my advice and coaching and implement the tools I gave her, magic would happen. She agreed. It was quite miraculous, I must say, how swiftly she began to climb the vibration scale. I knew that all she needed was to come home to herself again and again, to remember why she was living and exactly who she was living for. I taught Sarah about her energy and the power of returning to her heart, just as I’ve taught you here. I asked her to put on a beginner’s hat, to pretend like she didn’t know anything about herself. Who was she deep inside? What brought her pleasure? What brought her pain? What did she find fulfilling?


What left her indifferent? Sarah shifted willingly and energetically, she opened her heart and began to heal layers of herself through our work together and through journal prompts, self care practices and a strong minded decision to be happy without falling into toxic positivity forced happiness that can create more harm than good. So she let herself mourn the love of her life and stayed in those low bye vibes until she felt ready to alchemize them with love and ascend the vibration scale. Just a few months into coaching, sarah would come to our calls with a smile on her face. Even across zoom, she beamed with positive energy. She said she was falling in love with herself more and more one day at a time. This had shifted and changed everything.


Her private practice was flowing, her son had rekindled his fondness for her, and their relationship was more solid and joyful than it had ever been. In time, Sarah’s ex came back. However, this time it was her choice to decide if this is what she actually wanted. She decided that it was, and did so consciously, thoughtfully. Aligning with love or above isn’t about getting an X back, landing that dream job, or even having the most glorious ocean view to wake up to every morning. Rather, it’s about letting your birthright in, opening up to receiving new levels of divinity in your human form. This can feel unfeasible at first, especially if we don’t believe we are worth it. But once we prioritize self love and see how very valuable we are, we begin to feel lighter, freer, more at ease with ourselves.


Over time, this shifts to knowing that we are all here for a reason, that we are all special and needed in our own unique ways. This in turn leads to our full expression of self love and every morning feels like a gift. I’m on this path with you. I believe as long as we’re breathing, we are growing and learning. I also believe there is always a next level. Today I can let more love in than I could last year. Hopefully next year it will be even more. Sarah was able to land in the love zone regularly while previously living in fear and shame zone after only four or five months of intentionally deciding to align with love or above, and by utilizing many of the tools in this book.


As I mentioned previously, you’re going to have bad days and you’re going to have good days. This happens to the best of us, even if we tend to hover somewhere near that target. 500 Hz zone on the scale. When you can view yourself with sympathy and understanding for where you are, when you can value the low vibes you may be feeling, you automatically begin to transmute them with love. Understanding vibration is one of the most transformational tools on your belt or in your box, if that’s more your thing. Nothing around you may or even can change. You have no or limited control over this, but if you change your energy and vibration, you can alter the way things around you unfold.


People will meet you as you are, and if you’re letting your light shine from a place of love or above, I assure you that magic will happen. Say you walk into a party where others are complaining about their crappy day or their bulldog of a balls. You might feel unhappy because those vibes can drag you down to the bottom of the scale. You have a choice in this moment. You can calibrate down to their low vibes, or you can be sovereign in your love energy and hold a higher vibe and therefore invite them to calibrate up to you. Energy is contagious, and it’s your choice who you spend time with and how powerful you can be with your vibes. The magic is in holding the love or above energy in as many situations as possible.


We live in a world that is dense sometimes, if not straight up heavy. And if you can hold that energy of love, you will become more magnetic than your wildest dreams. People will be drawn to you. They will want what you have. You will be the one people choose to sync up to and calibrate to so they can drop and alchemize their own low vibes. High vibes say, get out of my way or rise up and join me. Allow me to reiterate it here like attracts like. It really is that simple. It’s the law of Attraction, the irresistible, electrifying force of the universe that pulls together similar energies I look to the Law of Attraction as a way to generate internal energy and lure in the circumstances I desire.


No matter what is happening in the economy or the government, with my goals, or personal life on a global scale, or even at the table next to me with all of their gossip. The truth is, what will give you the most powerful quantum leap is when you can hold the Love Vibration. When you’re in the in between state, meaning you’ve set your intention on a dream, you’re turning up your vibration, you’re giving your focus to where you want to go, but it’s just not here yet. This is when you anchor into the Love Energy and decide who you’re going to be on the way to where you’re going. I used the Law of Attraction to flip my broken down old internal reality of attachments to ideas and beliefs that were no longer useful, healthy, or serving me.


And when I changed that internal energy, it changed me. That transformation allowed me to invite in and view new opportunities and insights I hadn’t seen before. Just as it let Sarah feel happiness again, rebuild a bond with her son, and have the choice, her own choice, whether or not to get back together with the love of her life, whom she thought she’d lost forever. Take this a step further and you’ll find that love attracts love. Once you begin to align with the Love or above, you’ll lure in what and who you love. Again. This all starts with how you love yourself and how you treat your own heart. Your desires are placed in your heart from God, the Divine, the Universe, according to your individual definition of power beyond you. Your higher power gave these desires to you for a reason. Nurture yourself.


Get to know the wisdom of your heart and soul. Shower yourself with aligned pleasure that feels good and exciting and serves your body in a positive way. Give yourself the space to be who you really are and bask in it. Align with love and above starting today. When you look at the Hertz Vibration scale, what comes up for you? Where do you spend most of your time? Are you in the lower vibrations of fear, grief and shame? Are you in the space of willingness and acceptance? How often do you land in the love zone? What changes can you make starting today to let in more love? Can you say an empowered yes to exciting opportunities and an equally empowered no to the people and things that no longer serve you?


Can you simply accept where you are and be willing to choose another way or a different vibe or mindset? Where in your life do you need to view yourself with more empathy and compassion? How does your internal resume read and what changes can you begin implementing to improve it? Quantum Tool number three align with Love or above here’s a recap practice feeling more happiness and worthiness and allowing the good feelings in. Commit to treating yourself the way you would treat the person you love most. This could be the kind words, compassionate actions, or simply a treat that will nourish your body, mind and spirit. Just think of my awakening and how my love for luxury spas introduced me to my soul.


When you fall away from love energy, rebound as quickly as possible by comforting your feelings with presence and compassion your blueprint for positive change. Give yourself full permission to let more love in. Allow yourself to receive more romantic love, more family love, more friendship love, and even more love through your colleagues and profession. If your vibrations fall from the zone or feeling of love and above, treat yourself with compassion and grace so that you can rebound as quickly as possible. Allow yourself to experience the way emotions make you feel and then alchemize your lower vibrations with love. It’s up to you how powerfully you influence your surroundings and the people you meet with your vibes. Oh my gosh, I feel so aligned, to be honest. Like the timing of reading this chapter coming after this weekend.


And I just want to say that aligning with love or above is so much more than just being in a romantic relationship or just what you see on the outside and there is a tap of infinite wellness that you turn on the moment you really get this quantum tool. I am so excited for the next episode where I’m going to be sharing the evolution of this quantum tool because I have so much to say about this and the fact that I’m reading this. So it’s a Sunday night. I rarely work on Sunday nights, but I just had the best birthday weekend and I spent the weekend with friends and my boyfriend who is an incredible man who is very much a soulmate and aligned with my heart and soul and I’m so excited to see where that goes.


And so I want to talk about my perspective on aligning with lover above and romantic relationships and what I wished I could have told to myself when I was in my 20s. I’m going to talk about how this quantum tool can really help you create rich and meaningful romantic relationships and so I’m excited to share that with you in the next episode as well. Now, many of you have been asking how you can come into my world and learn from me and have me as your mentor. And there’s a few different ways, and I also just want to share what I have going on right now. So if you’re listening to this in real time, I want you to know the opportunities where you can come and we can create quantum vibrations and help you plug into exciting success.


So the first opportunity is a live and in person quantum Success Leadership summit that is happening. In Laguna Beach, California. This is going to be September 20, Eigth and 29th. And there is a virtual option and a live in person option. If you want to align with that Love or above frequency and you want to do it with a group of amazing humans, then go check out the page, see if it calls to you. If you have any questions at all, you can DM me on Instagram or email. Hello@suzanneadamsinc.com. The other thing is, I am running a really amazing high level, high touch, close proximity, six week acceleration mastermind. This is called the Aligned Mastermind and it’s for leaders that want more purpose and passion and abundance.


And you want to use the tools of energetics to break through to six or multiple six figures in your business. And you want to do it with a group of amazing humans that’s committed to making the world a better place. And you want to do this from a way of building your business on solid foundation. I have been doing this since 2015. I started my company in 2015. And so I have staying power in what I’ve created and I have learned a thing or two. And what I love about when I’m able to help new entrepreneurs now in building businesses aligned with their heart and their soul is I’m able to share tools, how to build on a solid foundation of how to create a business in alignment with your unique soul blueprint.


And so if this sounds something you’d like to be a part of, there’s extremely limited space and it’s application only. So we’re going to put the link with the details in the show notes. If you want to check that out, then go ahead, see if it’s a fit for you, if it calls to you and you can apply and our team will receive your application. And then the last thing I want to say is, if you are loving these quantum tools and you want to take them to the next level, then I invite you to check out the Atoms actualization activation. This was a visualization that was given to me so I could help people understand how to align your soul with your personality in a way that’s going to help you create success and abundance and truly manifest big wall dreams.


And the cool thing about the Atoms actualization activation is once you buy it, the ticket price to the activation, there’s a 30 day window where you can use the price of the activation toward the Quantum Success Leadership Summit or my Manifesting Formula program or any of the other programs that I’m running. And so if you want to just kind of like dabble come in, get the activation and see if there’s something else you’d love to do with me, that is a perfect place to start. So thank you so much for your energy. Thank you for being here. Thank you if you’ve listened. Thank you for sharing this podcast and I will see you on the next episode.