EP16S1: Going From "Where Is It" to "I am It"

The Evolution of Quantum Tool #6 Activating your Vision in the Now

In this episode, Suzanne Adams reflects on the evolution of quantum tool #6: Activating your vision in the now. The discussion emphasizes the shift from the often prevalent mindset of ‘where is it?’ to the empowering stance of ‘I am it’.

By embracing this perspective, listeners are encouraged to recognize the value and abundance in their current circumstances while still holding space for their deepest desires.

During the episode, Suzanne explains how this powerful mindset shift allows you to become an energetic match for your goals and manifestations. The episode includes a guided visualization exercise, helping listeners tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their full potential and embracing a more expansive and open-hearted approach to life.

And a quick reminder: Activating our dreams in the now requires not only intention but also a willingness to trust in the innate wisdom of the heart and soul.

You have more power than you might realize! Remember that!

It feels so good to be back at the Quantum Vibes podcast with another episode for y’all.
We have an epic conversation, and if you can grasp what we’re talking about today, the way that you manifest the level of fulfillment in your life will tenfold.
I mean, seriously, what you’re experiencing in your life will just go through the roof.
If you can grasp when I’m sharing with you today.
So I am sitting here looking over the beautiful mountains and I’ve been in full prep mode for the Sedona Vortex Retreat.
And last night I just had the most amazing dinner in connection with my guy.
And I’m filled with gratitude in so many areas of life right now.
And the reason and then I’m filled with this gratitude is because I implemented the quantum tools that I’m sharing with you and specifically this quantum tool.
So today is all about the evolution of quantum tool number six, which is activating your vision in the.
Now let me tell you why this is so powerful and so important.
So many times we’re in the frequency of where is it, where is it?
Where is it?
I wanted that money.
Where is it?
I wanted that man or that woman?
Where is she?
Where is he?
I wanted the home I wanted the clients.
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want.
Where is it?
And when we’re in the frequency of where is it, we’re an energetic match for guess what?
Where is it?
And so the energetics of understanding going from where is it to I am, it will change the game for you.
This was a big part of the content and the conversation that we talked about at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit.
So for those of you that were in the room, either in person or virtually, you’re going to be able to deepen this with me because understanding that the frequency that you hold and holding the frequency of I am, it means you’re an energetic match to more of what it is that you desire.
So let’s take a moment to think about where you are right now.
So activating it in the now is beginning to think about where you are right now, what is working in your life right now?
What is the value of everything you have in your life right now?
And just as I’m saying this, as you’re feeling into this, begin to just take a breath, drop your shoulders back, open up your heart and look around.
And wherever you are, what can you see in your life that is working?
What can you see that is valuable?
And then what are the desires in your heart that are making your heart flutter and your body feel like exhilarated with excitement?
Because what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to begin to collapse time and space around where we’re going.
We’ve got to begin to look at what is working and where we’re going and be able to walk with both frequencies at the same time.
In Chapter 6, I talked about the golden Ticket, the golden ticket into the quantum field, The golden ticket of your authentic power, which I also refer to as your sovereign power.
Your sovereign power is when you align your personality with your soul and not enough people do this.
And they don’t do this because they’re in the illusion of the third dimensional world.
And what I mean by that, that is the world that we walk in every single day.
That is the world where we have, you know, people that depend on us.
We have bills to pay.
We have a a health, a body to take care of.
We have all the the things that need to get done.
But our soul lives in a different dimension, and our soul has a wisdom and a bird’s eye view that we don’t have.
And so when we can begin to hand over the keys and surrender and allow our soul, our highest, most beautiful, wisest self, come in and sit in the driver’s seat, More and more and more and more and more, we become an energetic match to many of our big wild dreams.
And what we do when we’re doing this and when we can begin to hold the vision of where we want to go while being happy where we are, we begin to activate the frequency of where we want to go in the now moment.
This is one of the most powerful mindset upgrades you can do for yourself because you go from where is it to?
I am it.
So when I think about attracting love in my life, a big thing I had to do was really move away from where is it to?
I am it.
I had to become the love that I desired.
I had to become the open hearted human that I wanted to attract.
I had to become what I desire.
And so in going from where is it to I am it.
We become what we desire on an energetic level and then we magnetize it into our lives.
Now, this is something that can often be hard to do on your own.
It’s easier to do when you’re in groups, when you’re in conversation, when you have perhaps a coach or a mentor guiding you, when you’re at a retreat, when you’re in an experience.
And the reason I say this is because you’ve got a transcend your logical mind.
And if you’re in a room alone and you’re trying to transcend your logical mind, you can do it if you have people that support you around you and they’re cheering you on.
But sometimes when someone puts you back into that, quote UN quote reality check, it’s very hard to activate your dreams in the now because you’re looking at what is and you’re like, well, that’s not what the dream is, unless it is a piece of the dream.
And then you can use use the power of what’s working on your behalf.
I want to do a visualization here for a moment because I want to evoke a part of your superpower that perhaps, maybe you’ve forgotten about.
Perhaps, maybe you have not allowed this piece of you to come out and play, and so if you could just get still for a moment, get quiet, and if you’re somewhere where you can close your eyes, then do that and drop your energy right into the center of your chest and feel the miracle that is inside of your body, your heart, your heart beating.
Are you doing anything with your mind to make your heartbeat?
And you can just feel that divinity and feel that frequency right inside of your chest and then take a big deep breath in and breathe in through your nose and exhale.
And that was a conscious breath.
But when was the last time you took a conscious breath?
And did your body know what to do in order to breathe when you weren’t consciously breathing?
Another piece of divinity, another reminder of the abundance that you have and and simply being able to breathe and having a heartbeat that is alive.
And so I want you to understand that you have a divine GPS that lives in your heart and just having a remembrance of the power of your soul, inviting in your highest, most beautiful, wisest self to come in and begin to align with your human personality And in your mind’s eye.
I want you to go back to when you were a child and when you felt the most free and when you felt the most excited and when it just felt like life was a dream.
The most likely what you’re going to see is you’re going to see yourself dreaming as a child.
You’re going to see yourself wishing.
You’re going to see yourself in the energy of play without a care in the world.
And when we can bring that energy into today’s world, our energy expands and life elevates.
And so understanding with with your mind’s eye, this vision and keeping your eyes closed and just feeling this piece of you that is dreaming, that is open, that is expansive, and if you cannot remember one, allow your soul to just integrate that frequency into your body.
And then in your mind’s eye, visualizing yourself, the age you are living in, the location that you live in, and just seeing yourself in this open, expansive, free energy, with full confidence, with full radiance, with unlimited possibilities available to you, And begin to feel what that feels like.
Begin to let that frequency come into your body in this moment in time.
And knowing that with this visualization, you are able to change the frequency that you feel right now.
Taking a moment to connect again with the divinity in your heart, with the truest, wisest, most beautiful piece of you, and asking her or asking him if there’s anything else that they’d like you to receive.
And as you’re receiving this, just begin to feel this beautiful golden light, this light that feels like the sun coming in through your body.
This light represents grace.
This light represents the possibility, This light represents the dreams of your soul.
And feel this light just pulsing through your bloodstream, through your cells, through your tissues, through your organs, and just holding this frequency in your body for a few more moments.
And when you’re ready, you can begin to link your eyes back open and just notice how you feel from a very simple and quick visualization and notice how much power you have to shift your energy.
And so when we are activating our dreams in the NOW, we’ve got to understand that the way that we show up matters.
And are we showing up as the empowered creator or are we showing up with some sort of victim mentality?
Are we showing up looking for possibility or are we showing up looking for what’s not working?
And so activating in the now is many things.
It is the mindset upgrade that anything is possible.
It is alignment with your heart and your soul.
It is literally raising the frequency that you carry as you take 1 foot in front of the other.
Activating your dreams in the now is making moves in alignment with the version of you that knows, that knows, that she is meant for more, that knows this next level of success is for you, and doing so in a way where you’re looking in the direction of your big wild dreams and you are unavailable for anything else.
Now again, this isn’t always easy and it takes courage.
It takes courage, which is another thing we talked about quite a bit at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit.
It takes alignment and it takes a belief in yourself to show up for yourself in this way.
I want you to trust and know that if you’re listening to this, this particular episode in particular, you’re here for a reason.
Your soul is calling.
You are meant for more and you have everything you need to create that more.
It is simply a question of are you taking the movement and direction and flow with your soul and are you turning on that frequency of gratitude for what is working?
Are you turning on the frequency of I, am it, or are you stuck in the loop of where is it?
And if you can take nothing else away from this podcast other than the awareness of am I in the frequency of I, am it, or am I in the frequency of where is it?
Your life will elevate and expand in the best of ways, because you are simply becoming the energetic match to what you want by walking with the stats of knowing that you are it and rearranging and reorganizing until you are it.
As I’m thinking about what else I want to say around activating your dreams in the now, the main thing I want to leave you with is looking at where you’ve had the courage, Where you’ve had the courage to show up for your dreams, Where you’ve had the courage to get visible for the people that need your life and show them your genius.
Where do you need to up level your identity?
Where do you need to believe in yourself a little bit more?
And where do you need to open your heart so that you can in fact receive.
So take a moment right now and get still again, one more time, placing your energy and your awareness in the center of your chest, feeling your heart open, connecting to the highest, wisest beautiful piece of you, and allowing them to show you a big wild dream that you have in your heart without judgement.
Just receive.
Just receive the message from your soul about your calling, about your mission, about your purpose, and activate it in the now, in this moment by receiving it and feeling it and allowing that frequency to move through your body and knowing that you may have a crystal clear vision.
You may have a feeling you may see some sort of image, and you may just feel peace.
Either way, trusting and knowing that everything is going to show up for you in the perfect timing as you feel the frequency of what your soul is showing you is next for you.
Opening your heart even more, and knowing that you only have a desire in your heart if it means there’s a pathway for you to receive it, it means that there are multiple pathways that this desire can manifest for you.
And so knowing that you only have a desire that’s made it to your conscious awareness, which is the awareness that you’re feeling in this moment, and just let that sink in.
Let the frequency of possibility activate in this moment in your body, and when you’re ready, you can blink your eyes open to the room.
And I just want to tell you, your soul is guiding you always.
And the more that you can let that in, the more that you can move from that space of not thinking, not the logical mind, but the heart.
Do you have flutters in your body about this next move?
Are you feeling excited?
And the more that you can bring that conversation and that feeling into your body and you move, you’re moving into alignment and it’s never going to make logical sense.
And so activating it in the now, becoming it now is about making in the direction of this feeling of it is now.
It’s my time, I can feel this in my body and you go from that space and place.
Now for those of you that are entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, if you have a business and you know that you’re being called to reach more people, I want to share with you what is happening inside of my world.
Because I am on a mission to elevate more heart centered leaders and I know it’s time.
I know now, now is a time for me, It’s a time for you and it’s time to begin to move, It’s time to begin to elevate.
And so I have a epic four day experience where we will literally transcend time and space and activate your full power in a sacred vortex of Sedona in a luxury five star resort.
So if you’re like me and you love bougie hotels and you love beautiful nature, and you love connecting with your soul and activating dreams and manifesting dreams beyond your wildest dreams, I want you to think of this as calling to you.
And whether it makes sense or not, check it out because this is 4 days that can and will absolutely change your life.
It’s the Sedona Vortex immersion.
We’re going to put the link in the show notes.
If you have any questions at all, you can DM me on Instagram and I will personally answer them for you.
The other things I have coming up is I am hosting A visibility vortex, which is going to be a four part experience.
It’s happening over four days.
It’s going to happen virtually, and I’m going to be teaching modules around how to begin to show up in a way that is in alignment with your soul, that feels good, that feels fun.
Where you’re activating your business dreams in the now, where you’re connecting to your heart, where you’re really healing your relationship with social media.
Because I don’t know if you’ve ever had the the thought of no one’s watching or you’re creating content on the Internet and no one’s seeing it.
The way that I used to feel when posting on the Internet was like no one was watching and it actually took be really out of the frequency of I am it because I was like, where is it?
And we’re so trained to look for the likes or the downloads or the plays or the shares.
And what if we could begin to magnetize the right people, the people who are it with us in the now.
And so I’ve learned quite a bit.
I’ve transformed the way I see social media.
I’ve learned to have fun with it.
I’m not going to say I’m never triggered by it, because of course, because how can I not be sometimes?
But what I have done is I’ve learned how to have a lot of fun, have a lot of fun creating magnetism online, attracting my ideal clients, and I’m taking a group with me through an experience called the Visibility Vortex.
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And one of the attendees of this experience is also going to manifest a one to one.
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Then check out the Sedona Vortex immersion and if you’re ready to get visible online and you’re ready to begin to have a fun experience on the Internet, on your social media channels, and you want to magnetize idle clients into your world, then check out the Visibility Vortex.
And if you’ve enjoyed this episode, please share it with people that you think would enjoy it and then are ready to activate their own dreams in the now.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you for your presence, thank you for your energy, and I will see you on the next episode, if not before.