Ep9S1: How Self-Love Activates Your Manifesting Magnetism

The evolution of Quantum Tool #3: Aligning with Love or Above

In this podcast episode, Suzanne delves into the concept of aligning oneself with the frequency of love or above using her quantum tools. She shares a personal journey of self-discovery, self-love, and aligning with one’s true essence. Emphasizing the under-utilized power of tapping into the frequency of love, a concept often overlooked in mainstream society.

Suzanne discusses her journey of growing up with a disconnection in her heart due to a lack of understanding self-love and divinity within. She also highlights the importance of this quantum tool and its potential to change lives and even the world.

Suzanne explains how aligning with this quantum tool will elevate and activate your manifesting magnetism!

Suzanne discusses her awakening, soul alignment, and the transformative impact of loving oneself. She recounts the challenges of embracing self-love and how her journey unfolded over the years, gradually allowing her to align more deeply with the frequency of love or above. She also shares insights about manifesting dreams, facing fears, and the importance of inner healing for outer transformation

The episode touches on the upcoming Quantum Success Leadership Summit, where participants can experience the love or above frequency firsthand through in-person or virtual attendance. Suzanne shares our potential and powerful high vibes in this episode!

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. I am so excited you’re here. Today we are talking about the evolution of the quantum tool that is all about aligning to the frequency of love or above.


This quantum tool is near and dear to my heart because I have been on a journey of coming back to the love that’s already within me. And you know what? It’s already within you too. And unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t teach us that for the most part, many of our parents weren’t taught that. Many of our grandparents weren’t taught that. Some were, there are some that were. But for the most part, at least in my experience, I would say that this is the most underutilized tool that we all have available to us that can literally change the world.


And when I think back to growing up and adolescence, there was a disconnection in my heart and it was because I didn’t really understand how to love myself and I didn’t really understand that divinity lived within me and I didn’t really understand my worthiness. And there’s so much depth to this quantum tool and I’m going to share what’s top of mind for me today around it. And I very well may come back to this quantum tool to do more of the evolution because I think this is a really important piece to fulfillment and to being able to plug into the quantum field of infinite possibilities. So for those of you that have done the atoms actualization activation with me, I share about aligning your identities and pointing your alignment arrows up into an infinite field of possibilities.


And when we can align with this frequency of love or above, with our power, with the identity of who we are in this third dimensional world, and the identity of who we are from a soul perspective, and the identity of us being a little bit of everything, meaning that we all have this infinite flow of love source energy inside of us. And when we can open up that portal in our heart, we unlock a new level of magnetism. And it is potent. And I say this speaking from experience because along my journey, having my awakening in 2013, starting my soul fueled business in 2014, I think I had initially thought it was 2015. And then I looked back and I realized it was actually 2014 and beginning to start my business in the path of personal development, in the path of soul alignment.


What’s interesting is looking back now, I can see that there was still so much growth that transpired over this last 910 years and it’s still happening. Because I’ll say this a million times, I believe as we’re breathing, we’re growing. As long as we’re breathing, we are growing. And today is the last podcast that I’m going to be recording for you from my beautiful ocean view place that I’ve lived in for the last just under four years. It’s been about three years and eleven months I’ve been here and I’m moving this weekend. And this is so special to me because I honestly believe that aligning with the frequency of love or above has led me into places like this, spaces like this, living with one of the most beautiful views.


And now I’ve purchased an even more gorgeous home that has an exquisite view and I’m going there as a more full person than I came here as. And I came here pretty aligned and with this love portal in my heart open, and it’s open and aligned even more. And I cannot wait to see what the next four years brings and what the next decade brings because life just gets more rich and more exciting as you align with these quantum tools. And so I want to share a little bit around aligning to the frequency of love or above and what that means for your manifestations and what that means for your romantic relationships. And I think this is relevant whether you’re single or whether you’re in a relationship.


Because when I think about kind of my first phase of aligning with the frequency of love or above, it was in 2014 when I dedicated a whole entire year to learning to love myself. I had awakened, I had opened the channel to my intuitive gifts coming online, and I had to learn who I was on a soul level. And in doing this, it changed everything in my life because it changed the way I looked at things, it changed what mattered to me, it changed the frequency that I emitted. And I began to set some boundaries for things I was no longer available for. And I began to walk differently, I began to lead myself differently. And it was the beginning of something really beautiful. And along the journey, I knew that this self love thing was big.


I knew that it was really something important that I’m meant to bring forth in this world. And whenever we’re meant to bring something forth, that means that we’ve got to learn it, master it, and continue the evolution of it. And that’s the path that I’m on right now. I remember of just having these moments of coming back to my soul and I remember of learning about mirror work, which is something Louise Hay taught in one of her books. And I remember standing in front of the mirror and just looking at myself and saying, I love you. And it was hard. Have you all ever tried that? Because now I can just look in the mirror and bet my eyes and be like, girl, you looking good. But then it wasn’t that easy.


It was hard, like, looking in my own eyes and speaking soul to soul, me to me. It was challenging and it brought up a lot of emotion. And I realized, like, I have some healing that I need to do. And as I began this path of self love, and as I began this path of truly reclaiming my power and activating this love or above frequency within me, it literally began to change and transform my outer world just by changing my inner world. And I think that’s really what’s not talked about enough in the mainstream community is people don’t understand is if you want an amazing outer game, then you’ve got to do the inner healing. And this is the unsexy conversation that people really don’t talk about that often.


And when I think about my path of getting here, I always am talking about manifesting big, wild dreams, and I teach on the manifesting formula, and there’s all of these things. But the truth of the matter is, if there is one thing that you can master to change your life, it is this. It is learning to love yourself. Because even if you’re not in alignment with your soul and you love yourself, it’s like your soul is going to find an opening to come in. It’s like you’re going to come into alignment way more naturally if you love yourself. And let me just explain a little bit more about what I mean when I say self love. And no offense to anyone that uses this word in a different way because I’ve done it too.


Self love can mean at times massages and pedicures and journaling and all of that. But really what I believe self love means is taking the time to look inside of your heart, to look at what piece of you actually has the keys and is driving and is making the decisions of your life. Is it the highest, wisest piece of you? Or is it a piece of you that still needs some healing and kind of like you’re going to go up and down that hertz vibration scale over and over again. You’re going to change who’s driving over and over again. Meaning at one moment you might be in total flow with the highest, most beautiful, wisest piece of you is driving. And then you get triggered. And then all of a sudden, your needy inner child comes out and he or she’s driving.


And when that happens, we’re out of flow. We’re disconnected. We’re no longer in that alignment that I’m always talking about. And when we can begin to understand and have compassion and empathy for ourselves, we open a portal of magnetism. When we can begin to learn who we are on a soul level, not just as a human being, but on a soul level, we change the game. And this is the inner work. That’s not like you just read a book and you get it. This is something that you truly need to learn to embody. So then the obvious next question is, well, how, Suzanne? How do we learn to embody? And this is going to be different for each and every one of us.


I’m a huge proponent of teaching where you’ve got to figure out what’s in alignment with your unique soul blueprint and you’ve got to look at what is going to soothe your soul, what is going to activate your soul, what is going to turn on those that feeling of excitement in your body. And some of you don’t know because the channels are too clogged, because you haven’t been in enough of these conversations or rooms that are holding conversations like this. Some of you know and you’re feeling fear. You’re not moving because you maybe don’t think that you’re worthy enough to truly claim your birthright and to truly begin to live out the destiny you were meant to live. Some of you are on path and you are like, yes, I’m doing it, I’m doing it. And if that’s the case, then amazing.


It really doesn’t matter where you are on this journey because there’s always the next level. And as I am in this moment, I went on my Instagram stories this morning. I woke up at 05:45 a.m. And I did a long meditation and it just felt so cleansing and so pure. And I’ve just been contemplating on so much in life because I’m closing a chapter and it gives us time to think about what got me here, whether it’s good or bad, what got me here. And I’m sitting here and I’m just looking and I was looking back at my Instagram stories from when I first moved in here because Bryce and I, my boyfriend and I, were out on the balcony a couple nights ago, just listening to the ocean and looking at the stars.


And he was like, do you remember the first night you moved in and you came here and you were just looking at the stars? And I was like, no, I don’t. I remember what I remember is just being so stoked. And I remember this moment of standing in the shower and looking out and seeing a palm tree and hearing the ocean and seeing the moon and just thinking like, oh my gosh, I created this. And so I went back and I looked at my old Instagram stories and it was kind of cool because it was like an archive of a diary almost. And I’m getting emotional. Gosh just even thinking about this because it’s like me saying yes to my soul and me learning to love myself is what got me here, is what brought me to living a life of my dreams.


And I went back and I started looking at when I moved here, and it was 2019 when I moved here. And I remember I was just dancing around and I was showing the view and I did a little reel where I was down on the beach and I was like, Good morning. This is where I like to drink my coffee now. And it felt like such an adventure. And I remember I was turning four. I had just turned 40 right before I moved here. And I was like, oh my gosh, it feels like life just started and everything just felt alive and awake. And I was so excited. And there hasn’t been one moment of me living here that I’ve taken it for granted.


Every single day I’ve woken up and I’ve looked at this view and I’ve just said, thank you, God, thank you. I’ve thanked myself for having the courage. And I think we have to realize what have you done in life that you feel grateful for, what is working for you? And what can you really begin to calibrate to now in this moment with giving yourself acknowledgment for what you’ve done so far? And as I began to look back at the stories, I was posting all these images of this beautiful view. If you haven’t seen it, if you see my Instagram account, you will see it. And I had posted this image of this view out the door and it just said, dreams do come true. And I felt it then and I feel it now.


And it’s like where I’m going is so amazing and so exciting. And I went back and I looked to when I sold my house in Atlanta and I remembered back in 2013 when it was the unawakened version of me building this home and allowing my soul to guide me. And I just think of how far I’ve come and I can’t wait to think about where I’m going and how expansive that’s going to be. And if you take anything away from this conversation, I want you to know that there is magic available. And sometimes we’ve got to let go of something good in order to receive something spectacular, in order to receive something phenomenal. And we get too scared because the good feels comfortable. And I’m in this huge portal of growth right now.


I cannot wait to see what unfolds and what comes because I know something bigger and amazing is coming in for me. And it’s because, honestly, I’m aligned to this frequency of lover above. And when I’m not, I have the tools to put myself back on track and the meaning of lover above is going to mean something different to all of us. And so you’ve got to begin to dance around with your own unique soul blueprint and figure out what does this look like for you? When are your most happiest? When do you feel your most alive? When do you feel like tuned in, tapped in, turned on for all my Abraham Hicks fans? When do you feel like the world is your oyster and how can you create more of those moments?


And then the other thing I want to invite you to look at is what are you resisting? Where is there some inner healing that could take place that you haven’t let yourself feel because it feels uncomfortable? And I can tell you I have had my biggest breakthroughs when I’ve been willing to sit in the darkness and in the density of my limiting beliefs and of my fears and of whatever trauma I’ve been holding in my body and release it now. I share some tools and exercises in the Quantum Vibes workbook that will help you release some fears, that will help you let go of some of these doubts and then look at where you’re putting your energy. Are you focused in the direction that you want to go?


Are you activating this love or above frequency more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more. Are you waking up in the morning and scrolling on your phone or are you waking up in the morning with a beautiful visualization about seeing yourself connected with your heart and your soul and the infinite possibilities that are available to you? Because I’m telling you right now, we are living in a time where we are evolving and transcending and there is so much goodness and greatness that is flowing in if you know how to open the channel and plug into it.


Now, I do want to talk about love or above when it comes to romantic relationships and I know I said I was going to talk about this in this episode, but it just is not feeling aligned for me to talk about it today. So I’m going to save that and talk about it on another episode. And I want to tell you that there are tremendous amount of tools to help you plug in, find community, find your tribe, find people that see you in your greatness and are cheering you on and go. Now, if you want to come and plug into my community and my tribe, then I’m going to take this opportunity to extend the invitation to invite you to come to Laguna Beach for the Quantum Success Leadership Summit. PLA. This is not actually focused on all inner healing.


There’s going to be tremendous inner healing aspects of what we’re doing here. And everything I do has inner healing in it. Has coming back home to your soul when you’re sitting in this room with us. There’s going to be something activated and unlocked inside of you that’s going to help you see another piece of your soul that’s going to help you feel that love frequency. If you want to sit in the room with the frequency of love or above energy, then you’re going to want to be there with us in Laguna Beach, California, September 20 eigth and 29th. And come do yourself a favor. Come be in the room with us.


And if you cannot come in person, we do have a virtual ticket, and the virtual ticket is the second best thing because you’re still going to be in that lover above frequency with us. You’re still going to get to connect with a tremendous amount of community and be able to just be in this room and receive. So we’re going to put the details for both the virtual and in person experience in the Show notes. It’s one link where the tickets are. You can choose either virtual or you can choose the in person. If you have any questions about this event, feel free to either DM me on Instagram or email my team. Hello@suzanneadamsinc.com. And the other thing I want to share with y’all is I’m hosting a free Masterclass, and this masterclass is around my manifesting formula.


I have a manifesting formula that is a beautiful complement to all of these quantum tools. It’s different, but it’s a complement. And I wanted to offer this free because I want you in the room for this. I want you to be able to feel the frequency of this formula and really experience me sharing it. So if you’re listening to this in real time, the class will go live on August 20 Eigth. And if you’re listening to this after the fact, there will most likely be a replay available for you. So the link for the free Master class will also be in the Show Notes. I just want to tell you that if you have a dream in your heart, it is meant to be yours. And I believe that with everything that I know. And life is meant to be rich and rewarding.


And the more that we can plug into possibility, the more that we can connect and align with our soul, the more that we can open up to allow these high vibrations into our being and our body, the more magnetic we become, the more rich life gets, the more fulfilled we feel. And with that, I’m sending so much gratitude for you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing this with your friends. I’m sending Quantum Vibes your way, and I hope that you have a fabulous and phenomenal day, and I will see you right here on the next episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast.