EP3S2: Magnetizing Your Voice: The Power of Speaking Your Soul 

In this episode, Suzanne Adams reflects on her journey of overcoming the fear of being seen and heard, emphasizing the importance of aligning with our unique soul blueprint and choosing courage.

From personal experiences to sharing her own trajectory in the speaking industry, to hosting retreats in Sedona, speaking for corporations like Lululemon and MindValley, and ultimately delivering a TEDx talk reaching over 3 million people.

Suzanne delves into her journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking, recounting her initial terror and the decision to walk with, not eliminate, the fear. Drawing from her experiences, she describes the transformative power of speaking authentically and aligning with one’s true self. Suzanne also introduces her masterclass, “Magnetizing Your Voice,” offering practical tips on sharing stories in alignment with our unique soul blueprint.

If you are desiring to share your story in a more powerful way through speaking live or virtually, hosting workshops (your own or at corporations), then THIS is the perfect opportunity and conversation for you!