EP17S1: Manifesting Through Synchronicity and Divine Guidance

In this episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams reads audibly Chapter 7 of the “Quantum Vibes” book.

This chapter is all about following the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance, and it promises to be a fun and enlightening journey. She explores the idea that there’s more to our world than what our senses can perceive and guides you in how to tune into the signs and synchronicities that guide us on our path to manifesting our dreams.

Suzanne shares a personal story about a transformative moment in California, where the beauty of the coastline sparked a deep intuition that she was exactly where she was supposed to be.

She also shares how a woodpecker was a messenger to guide her in her path.

This episode is a clear example of the idea that sometimes our hearts and intuition know the way, even when our logical minds resist. It’s a story of embracing change, trusting in the signs, and following the natural flow of the universe to find our joy and purpose.

The importance of paying attention to the signs, symbols, and synchronicities that surround us. These “cosmic car winks” from the universe are signals that we are on the right track and that the universe has our back.

Along the episode, Suzanne shares insights into how synchronicity and divine guidance can play a pivotal role in guiding us towards our dreams and making the best decisions for our lives. If you’ve ever wondered about the power of intuition and the invisible forces at play in your life, this episode is a must-listen.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes Podcast.
I am so excited you are here.
Today we are reading Chapter 7 audibly out of my book Quantum Vibes.
So I’m really excited about this chapter because this is an area where we can have fun when it comes to manifesting and we can activate that childlike play frequency that I was talking about in the last episode.
And so I’m just going to dive right in because this chapter is a lot of fun and I cannot wait to share this quantum tool with you.
Chapter 7.
Follow the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance.
If you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.
Helen Shushman, A Course in Miracles, Quantum Tool #7.
There is so much in this world we live in that we can’t experience through our senses.
Open your heart and look for the signs, synchronicities, and coincidences to find your flow and get in the jet stream of miracles and magic.
She talks to angels in February 2019.
I had another moment.
You know those moments that fire up something of personal revolution?
I stepped outside in a charming little town on the coast of California after finishing an event I had spoken at in a town nearby the weekend before.
The air felt fresh, the sun ultra soothing.
My heart began to flutter.
I peered across the street at one of the most gorgeous coastline views I’ve ever seen, the ocean with sapphire blue.
The sun danced on the water like diamonds.
The cool ocean breeze moved across my skin.
Oh, the possibilities.
My mind fixed on to as the wind blew through my hair.
A deep inner knowing overcame me.
As I stood there transfixed, I could feel my intuition telling me that this was precisely where I was supposed to be.
All right, intuition.
I’m down, I thought.
Totally down.
This place is amazing.
Such thoughts filled me as I walked to a coffee shop.
The cutest can be cafe, rich with aroma of fresh brews and ground beans.
People milled happily about while just outside those vistas continued to glitter.
I was smitten, positively enamored.
I spent the next two weeks in this enchanting, quirky beach town.
I fell in love with it more and more each and every day.
While I was based in Atlanta, GA, I had spent the last decade traveling the world.
And while my heart craved more travel and adventure, as soon as my trips ended, I was always ready to return home to a place that epitomized sanctuary.
Yes, those massive remodels finally came to fruition.
This trip was different though.
I have been away from Atlanta for 2 1/2 weeks and when Sunday rolled around and it was time for me to head to the airport, I dreaded leaving.
I pulled out my calendar to see if I could arrange to stay longer.
It wasn’t an option.
I had a full week of clients and appointments and a stage to speak on in Atlanta the following week.
Begrudgingly, I hopped into a cab and went to the airport.
This was a strange feeling for me.
It was entirely new.
I had never felt like this on my way home before.
When I pulled into my driveway at midnight, I still couldn’t shake the feeling.
I was usually thrilled to get back to my creature comforts.
The objects, the furniture I had so carefully selected, purchased and nurtured something inside me urged me to get out my computer and research available properties in that charming little town.
Instead of curling up on the sofa with a book like I tend to do when I need to decompress after a trip, I typed in the zip code of the quaint, lovely beach town I was already missing desperately and browsed property after property, growing more besotted with a place with each listing.
It was instinctual.
This and I was listening.
My heart knew where my soul was taking me.
It was almost if I didn’t have a choice in the matter.
Monday started with a bang.
It didn’t stop.
The week was fast and furious.
I ended up burying my soul on stage at my event where I shared my new found desire to pack up and head W that California ache in my heart, to quote Led Zeppelin.
I also fessed up to all the fears that this newborn longing was stirring up in me.
My soul would say go girl, go.
This is what you’ve been dreaming of.
Then my logical mind would chime in and start nattering away like a hyper talkative passenger sitting next to me on a plane.
What do you think you’re doing?
Everything you know is in Georgia.
You built and created your Oasis.
Your family is here.
Your friends, your community, your support system, your world, My heart and soul, timid at first, would pipe back in.
Remember all those vision boards you did?
They’re teeming with ocean views.
Remember how at home you felt on that shore and walking along those beautiful beaches and streets?
It was a struggle, this internal wrestling match, and it threw me down into the lower tiers on the Hertz vibration scale.
I knew what my heart and soul wanted, but my logical mind refused to oblige.
I didn’t know the how behind setting up shop 2188 miles away from all that I had long cherished to take that plunge into the unknown.
It would be exhilarating, to be sure, but it was also downright terrifying.
I rearranged my schedule and spent some time working from the West Coast that April to try on the place, A dress rehearsal in one of the sweetest spots I visited.
It wasn’t hard to persuade myself.
Once there, my soul felt electrified.
The town, the beach, the people, the environment, all of it freed and energized me.
Plus, going on a loan adventure and exploring a new area.
Talk about a way to have fun and hone my vision.
And yet, I still wasn’t clear on what I should do when I returned home to Atlanta.
Why was my heart so sure but the rest of me still so doubtful?
I needed a sign, something that would tell me if I should take one of the biggest chances of my life or bloom where I had roots.
Because I firmly believe that we’re always being guided and LED.
If we open our eyes and are willing to let in this direction, I believe there’s a higher power that possesses a bird’s eye view, a broader, entirely different perspective, and it’s piloting our course from afar a little.
Well, actually, Large Bird told me so shortly after I got back in the swing of things at home, I started prepping for the following day speaking event.
It was 5:55 AM, too early for even a speck of sunlight, and I jumped up in the bed from somewhere unidentifiable came aloud.
Pam, Pam.
My head spun as I searched around.
What was that?
There wasn’t any construction going on in my home.
Besides, who in their right mind would be hammering away before 6:00 AM?
The Bam Bam Bam continued, and so did my annoyance.
My mornings are sacred, precious time in which I set intentions, align my energy, and meditate.
The Bams didn’t fit so well with my routine.
In fact, they rather shattered it.
I eventually tuned out the noise, used my earbuds to meditate, and went about my day.
The next morning was the first day of the event and I needed to be on my a game, guess what?
5:55 AM.
And that bam bam bam shook me out of my much needed sleep again.
What the heck is that?
I asked.
The ceiling.
And why is it so loud?
The ceiling, by the way, didn’t answer.
I breathed.
I tried to do a light bath meditation, only to be jolted by another.
Bam, bam bam.
It felt like my house was literally shaking.
The glam squad had pulled up to get me ready for the stage, and I needed to meditate and read my notes one last time.
Whatever that noise was, it wasn’t going to get in my way today, I told myself, and it didn’t.
I had an excellent time with the attendees of the event and share that I was awaiting a sign to guide me for what might be the next chapter of my life.
Day two of the event and this time I wasn’t even surprised by the ear splitting.
Totally unpleasant wake up call again exactly at 5:55 AM, bam bam bam.
Instead of bemoaning the rocket, I got up, determined I had to figure out the source of this clamor.
I followed the sound and walked onto my deck, only to find a large woodpecker going to town on the Super expensive cedar beams that made my deck elegant.
I went outside and shoot it away, exasperated by this pesky, persistent bird.
Once again, this show must go on.
I reminded myself.
I had people to serve and inspire.
I used my tools, the very ones you’ve been digesting throughout the course of this book, to shift my energy back into a positive space.
It worked.
The event was nothing less than potent and transformational.
The morning after the event, my resident woodpecker decided to let me sleep in a whole extra 49 minutes and didn’t bother showing up until 6:44 AM.
Either that or he was quiet for the first part of his visit.
Then it was Bam Bam Bam and more bam Bam Bams.
Now I was straight up annoyed.
I tried to shoo him away again, but he wasn’t scared of me.
In fact, Mr. Woodpecker, I was convinced it was a he had only grown bolder overnight.
He looked at me, dead in the eye, and spat out a chunk of my exquisite cedar beams right at my feet.
I froze, not because I was scared of this bird.
I had grown up in the woods, as you might remember, but because an inner voice suddenly bammed away inside me too, even louder and more insistent than the creature by my toes.
Look up the meaning of woodpecker, it said.
I rushed inside and went straight to my laptop.
The spiritual significance of my very annoying alarm clock hit me like a ton of bricks.
The symbolism of a woodpecker suggest it’s time to pay attention, because opportunity has come knocking.
In other words, the woodpecker is signaling you that great changes are afoot in your life, therefore you must seize the moment.
The door is wide open for you right now, and success is yours for the taking.
Oh my goodness, I thought.
Are you serious?
This was the sign I had been asking for, and it was crystal freaking clear.
I felt annoyed and angry at myself that an animal literally had to start tearing apart my home to get my attention.
There wasn’t a subtle thing about it.
And then I felt thrilled this all of this had happened for a reason.
So I just want to do a quick interjection there, because I have chills even as I’m reading this.
And it’s so spectacular the way the universe delivers signs and synchronicities to us.
And a lot of times, like in this instance, they’re beating us over the head and we can’t see them.
And so the intention with this quantum tool is to begin to really become aware and conscious of the signs that are showing up.
Okay back to the book.
Signs, signs everywhere.
Regardless of what you believe, I guarantee you’ve been LED or guided by a sign in your life as well.
Signs, synchronicities, repetitions all exist to show and reassure us we’re either on the right path or may need to head in the other direction.
Their prevalent and numerous cultures from Hawaiians.
Belief in Amakua family gods, often ancestors who arrive in the form of an animal and are considered omens that save people from harm.
To Native Americans, profound belief in interpreting dreams and going on solo vision.
Quest during which their environment provides clues about a person’s direction and character.
Carl Jung himself was a big believer in these messages from the universe and define synchronicities as meaningful coincidences of two or more events where something other than the probability of chances involved.
He thought These signs reflect physiological processes, offer messages in the same sense that dreams often do, and take on meaning and give guidance that parallel our emotional state or what I think of as our heart and soul.
Translation more intuition, less intellect.
And in that moment, my hand covering my mouth as I went down the rabbit hole of the implications of the woodpecker, I had luminous clarity on what my next steps should and would be.
And after that realization I never heard the Bam Bam Bams again.
The message had been received.
Over the next few months I traveled widely, speaking both in person and virtually exploring one of the most splendid European vistas and spas I’ve ever seen.
Remember that special moment in the Italian mountains?
Once I returned home, I booked A1 Way ticket to California, packed a few suitcases, got my home ready to rent, and followed my heart into the great unknown.
I didn’t know a soul in the beach town that had enraptured me, say for a few baristas and bartenders I chatted with at the cafes and restaurants I had ventured to on my visits.
But I did know I felt more alive and on fire than I had in recent memory, that I was more than ready to see what would unfold for me.
It was rare for me to do something quite so audacious with so little certainty, but when I made these power moves in the past, they had ultimately ended up being pivotal, powerful turning points in my life.
I didn’t know where I was going to live in the Sunsplash new place or how it would all shake out.
But I knew on a cellular level, with my entire being that this is where the universe was leading me.
It called too much to my heart to ignore it.
I began looking for places to live.
In hindsight, I didn’t let myself dream big enough.
I wanted some sort of ocean view.
A peekaboo glimpse from my kitchen window was good enough for me.
I also wanted to be able to walk to the ocean to feel the warm sand on my skin as often as possible.
I loved the idea of being able to walk downtown and have access to shops and restaurants too.
I felt alive and free and excited about new possibilities.
I plugged my energy into the feeling I wanted to sustain and let myself be guided each step of the way.
After about two weeks into my search, I came across an agent who gleefully shared over the phone.
I have the perfect place for you.
Based on everything you’ve told me, it was indeed perfect.
It was also three times above the budget I had set for myself.
Still, I went to see it.
I found myself admiring the palm trees and serene ocean waves on my way to meet her as I walked through the gate of the place she had found for me.
I felt the cool ocean breeze blowing through my hair, the same sensation I had had when I visited in February.
My heart fluttered again, but at a faster pace and open path led me straight to the ocean.
Oh my goodness, yes please.
I walked inside and my jaw dropped at the floor to ceiling windows across the entire place.
All that was on the other side side was the vast, gorgeous, open, brilliant blue ocean.
My heart skipped another beat.
I breathed A sigh of disbelief as I realized I was standing in the very middle of my vision board.
Of course I wanted the place on the spot, but it was much more than I anticipated spending.
All logic told me to pass and get something more realistic.
Every bone in my body, meanwhile, said this is what life is about.
This is a quantum leap right into one of your biggest wildest dreams.
I understood the power of leaning into guidance and uncertainty and decided that maybe, just maybe, it was time to let more love in and live my dream, to follow my desire to begin a new life that would catapult me again and again into quantum moments of bliss.
I turned to the agent with a grin and said I’ll take it Tuning into Messages from the Universe with Quantum Tool #7, my 7th Quantum Tool may be the most underestimated of all.
I’m asking you to follow the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance.
It’s a tool to remind yourself often that it’s not just smart, but imperative to pay attention to the signs, symbols, and synchronicities that abound around us.
If we’re mindful and tuned in not only to the right energetic frequency but also to the universe, I could have continued getting irate at the Adamant Woodpecker and still be living in Atlanta with half of my mind obsessed with this town in the West.
Instead, by opening up to the lure of the quantum field and listening to both my heart and the universes guidance, I saw that woodpecker as magic, sheer magic.
He prompted monumental change and slung me into the flow of manifesting my bold, big, exciting dreams.
Think of it this way.
Swimming against the tide, walking against the wind, and interrupting the momentum of positive occurrences through self-destructive behaviors are all forms of resistance that deplete our energy faster than a wave can tear us off our surfboard.
And you needn’t be a surfer to realize this, but if we position our boards correctly, surrender, and trust in our strength, intuition, and true, heartfelt desires, we can ride joyfully to shore and nail the happiness and sense of accomplishment our hearts desire.
Another way to look at this is we live in a world ruled by movement.
Think about everything.
Even inanimate objects are rolling with energy.
And if we fight against it instead of going with the natural, divine flow of it, we’re bound to experience the same frustration that put us far away from our dreams in the first place.
Flow can be as simple as 5 green lights in a row, a parking spot opening up in the front row of a stadium on game day, having a friend text right after you think of them, or seeing the same numbers or objects over and over again.
It can also be as complicated as an animal nearly tearing down your house to snag your attention.
The gist is that when we vibe with the natural rhythm of the universe, life starts to get really fun.
What some psychologists call cosmic car ends their winks and nods from the universe, which is assuring you that it is indeed holding your hand, that it does in fact have your back.
And this quantum tool, I want to take it a step further and delve into the invisible force I believe is guiding us.
This tool has been a huge game changer for me in all areas of my life.
It’s as if I have a special mentor who lives inside of my heart and all around me.
A mentor, a friend, even.
Who can see things I can’t?
Who can understand things my logical brain, that cute little mind can never comprehend as guidance, as comfort that I’ve chosen the correct fork in the road.
This guidance comes in various shapes, sizes, and forms.
When writing my novel Girl Awakened, I received such strong intuitive, spiritual downloads that I was often left breathless.
They ran through me at lightning speed, so much so it seemed the book was writing itself.
One writing day, however, I felt stuck, even a little blocked.
The blank page stared back at me, begging something of me I didn’t have.
My brain felt dulled, my attempts at writing sentences weak.
Where did the inspiration the fire go?
I was puzzled because this was the first time it had happened and the book was nearly finished.
I mentioned my struggles to my sister Valerie, and she replied, Soos, have you tried listening to classical music while you write?
Her words resonated with me on a visceral level, but they also didn’t much sound like her.
Val prefers Brian, as in Luke to Bach, and Michael as in Jackson to Mozart.
Indeed, I had never in my life heard her listening to classical music.
Still, I gave it a shot.
And guess what?
It worked.
The flow and effortless rhythm returned immediately.
My fingers glided across my keyboards as if they were dancing.
A few days later, Val overheard me telling someone about this episode and her sage advice.
I didn’t say that, she said, butting into our conversation.
I turned to look at her.
Yes, you did.
No, I don’t think I did, Val.
You did.
Why would I make this up?
I was standing over by the window in the kitchen, stirring a pot of spaghetti I had just made.
I remember it clear as day.
She frowned at me and shook her head.
And it struck me my sister had been used as my sign, as a vessel or a messenger.
Something divine had seen an opportunity to flow through her, to help me, and she didn’t even remember.
Why would she?
It was a message for me, and it had been received.
Another colossal sign landed for me a short time ago.
I was feeling a little sad about the disillusion of my relationship with Matt.
Truth was, I missed him.
We had a ton of fun together and I longed for those times again.
Since parting ways.
He had reached out here and there, and in our most recent exchange he asked if we could get back together.
My heart skipped a beat and I instantly felt butterflies in my tummy.
Only I didn’t know what they were telling me.
Even though I knew he wasn’t my Mr. Right, I also knew it would be awesome to see him again.
And yet, after I had said yes, he had reached out to make plans.
His tone seemed nonchalant at best.
It didn’t light me up.
It didn’t make me feel great.
This was partly due to his timing.
He had texted me at the last minute to get together.
I already had a date that evening, and so I asked him if we could try for the next day.
We agreed to connect the following afternoon.
I didn’t agonize about it, necessarily, but I also didn’t feel terribly excited when I saw him.
Something went flat inside of me.
It was the first time I had seen him where there was 0 attraction pulsing through my body, as if the chemical bond between us had been irrevocably busted.
It was odd and unnerving.
A palpable disconnect and distance echoed between us.
It was as if I was still cheering him on.
I still wanted the best for him, but feelings, the connection and allure had vanished.
Maybe it was because he wasn’t in fierce pursuit of me the way he once had been, or perhaps the timing just wasn’t right for us.
I accepted these things, but I couldn’t help the disappointment and grief that arrived with this realization.
Still, I thought maybe there was a chance for us.
Perhaps we could turn a corner and reignite what we’d had after a disheartening date.
I found some random trash red paper, and I don’t know what else in front of my door, likely from one of my neighbors having a party.
Annoyed, I rolled my eyes and walked right past it.
The next morning, on my way to savor one of my favorite Saturday morning rituals of going to the farmers market, I noticed the same red paper sitting on the pathway to my doorstep.
Normally, I would have picked it up and thrown it away.
I didn’t.
I walked right over it and went on to enjoy perusing veggies and fresh fruits before meeting a friend for brunch.
It wasn’t like my neighbors to drop trash at my door, but such is life Right On my way back home I stepped over the red paper again.
This time I stopped in my tracks when I looked down and saw the most beautiful heart-shaped green crystal on my doorstep.
It was small, about the size of 1/4, but nonetheless noteworthy.
Another sign I was sure of it, I mean a green heart-shaped crystal on my doorstep.
It had to be a good omen.
Then my heart sank.
I turned around and noticed the red paper and trash I’ve been stepping over were triangles.
Literally red shaped triangles.
Are you kidding me?
Two red flags, like actual flags.
Clarity descended.
The red flags represented what I was feeling when it came to my relationship with Matt.
I already knew he wasn’t my person.
With his indifference, he was showing me the same to the red flags.
And the way I felt when I saw Matt were all I needed to finally close the door in our relationship.
Don’t get me wrong, I will always wish Matt success and happiness.
He will hold a special place in my heart forever.
But the Divine wanted me to know my green heart was in front of me and not behind.
My future was beckoning, and my past, well, it was just that the past galvanized.
I stepped through my door, gazed at the ocean view that it always served as my secorin strength, and settled into that glorious, delicious feeling of knowing I was making precisely the right decision.
Much like I did when I decided to uproot my life in Atlanta or flip my career upside down and answer my souls calling, follow the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance.
You can tune into the same synchronicity and divine guidance as I did in the situations I’ve described above.
What if you decided that today is the beginning of your new chapter in life?
What if you decided, starting today, that the next 10 years are going to be the best 10 years of your life?
In this declaration, you invite in a new high vibe and unseen power that has unlimited access to the quantum field.
It’s ever knowing energy, influencing you and steering you into a realm of love and above and wonderful possibilities.
What if you took all the tools I’ve given you, utilize them, and embodied them?
You would welcome an invisible superhero type of power into your life to guide you towards your dreams.
That’s what you would be doing.
Ask yourself what might seem possible in this moment that seemed impossible only yesterday.
What if it all works out?
What would life ultimately look like?
Beautiful, I imagine.
And so very you Quantum tool #7.
Follow the flow of synchronicity and divine guidance.
Recap There’s so much to this world we live in that we can’t experience through our senses.
Open your heart and look for signs, synchronicities and coincidences to find your flow and get in the jet stream of miracles and magic, your blueprint for positive change.
You are being guided by an all knowing, powerful invisible force that absolutely has your back.
Signs, synchronicities, and repetitions all exist to show and reassure us.
We’re either on the right path or need to head in another direction.
Think about everything.
Even inanimate objects vibrate with energy and go with a natural divine flow of it.
You have the power to do the same.
Declare your intention to change your life today and invite in that unseen power with unlimited access to the quantum field and the jet stream of miracles and magic to be your guide.
That is the end of Chapter 7 and I feel what’s the word?
I’ve been having this interesting feeling because I I’ve coming around to a decade of this conversation.
It was 2013 about this time when I had my 459 moment when I was sitting on the sofa staring at the clock and and not knowing what was ahead of me and feeling so depressed and disconnected and I just feel like I wouldn’t be here without the divine support that’s all around me.
It’s all around you.
It’s in this conversation, it’s everywhere.
And it’s so special to me because I think not enough people understand this power and not enough people understand how to connect to it.
And a big part of my success and my gifts is that I’ve opened up this channel and I’m naturally intuitive and it it’s something that I’m able to use in my work and my coaching and and everything that I’m doing.
And in 2011 when I had my first experience at Sedona, it literally was life altering for me, even though I didn’t realize it in the moment.
And I’ve gone back to Sedona because I felt guided there and I’ve been there and hosted 6 retreats and I’m going to be hosting the 7th retreat in Sedona, AZ.
It’s the Sedona Vortex immersion in February of 2024.
And so we are selling tickets now and we have the most amazing group of leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, executives and people that are really ready to tap into their own intuitive superpowers, People that are really ready to breakthrough to the next level.
And I attract amazing humans in my world that are ready for even more amazing.
I always say if you want to go from good to spectacular and spectacular to extraordinary, then come into my world.
So if this is calling to you, maybe you ask for a sign, even if this is for you.
If you’re feeling the flutters in your heart, then this is an invitation that this is available to you.
I’m putting the details about the event in the show notes it is at a beautiful five star property in Sedona, AZ.
We have an amazing discounted rate for our group and if you have any questions about this you can feel free to DM me on Instagram or you can e-mail us and we’ll put the e-mail and the show notes as well.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you so much for listening.
I cannot wait to see what opens up in your life when you begin to implement this quantum tool and we will see you back on the next episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast.