EP5S1: Quantum Tool #1: Turn Up Your Vibrational Frequency to Create a Life Filled with Possibilities

The evolution of Quantum Tool #1.

In this episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne delves into the evolution of the first quantum tool, which is to “turn up your vibrational frequency.”

This tool is essential in creating a life aligned with our hearts and soul, bringing richness, excitement, and purpose. The discussion activates the power of understanding our unlimited potential and the need to look inward for fulfillment rather than seeking external sources. By connecting with the energetic field of quantum possibilities, we can manifest big dreams and desires.

Suzanne also shares personal experiences and transformational moments when she realized the importance of turning up her vibrational frequency.

She emphasizes the role of her understanding of quantum physics and how energy changes matter, ultimately leading to profound shifts in one’s life. By being conscious of where one directs their energy, nurturing emotions, and taking radical responsibility, individuals can raise their frequency and attract positive changes.

The episode encourages listeners to celebrate their progress and appreciate how far they’ve come on their journey. Suzanne advises listeners to engage in practices that raise their energy, such as meditation, while recognizing that personal growth is an ongoing process. She invites the audience to join her live at the Quantum Success Leadership Summit in Laguna Beach this September, for further exploration of these quantum tools and to connect with a community dedicated to high vibrational living.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. I am so excited for today’s conversation. Today we are diving into the evolution of quantum tool number one, which is turn up your vibrational frequency.


This quantum tool is near and dear to my heart because it honestly is the basic foundations of creating a life that is in alignment with your heart and your soul, that creates richness in your life, that helps you to feel electric and excited about waking up in the morning. And so really what I want to tap into today is the fact that you have unlimited potential in your body, in your cells right now. I think so often we’re looking for things outside of us to fill us up. And what I love about quantum tool number one, turn up your vibrational frequency is it reminds you of the power that you have.


And so when I think back to when I was first awakening around 2013, and I think back to the mindset that I had, it was very different than the mindset that I have now. Even though I had created a lot of success in life, there were certain things that unconsciously I had figured out and discovered. What was missing was the heart and soul connection. What was missing was the understanding of how to turn up my vibrational frequency, of how to turn up my vibes, of what I could do to change and shift the energy and how powerful that actually is. So when you think about what I talk about in chapter one about Newtonian physics, which is moving matter to matter, and then you have quantum physics, and then you have the neuroscience of reprogramming and rewiring your mind.


But it starts with understanding that your energy and whether I’m helping a corporate client or a client that is really ready to excel in his or her business to the next level of abundance or someone that just wants to bring more passion and purpose into their life and business. One of the things that we start with is beginning to play in the field of dreams, the field of possibilities. And in order to do that, you have to understand the energetics of who you are and where you’re going and the energetics behind big, wild dreams. And it doesn’t always make sense to the mind. It doesn’t always make sense to our personality, to our identity. And so in order to turn up your frequency, you’ve got to be willing to look beyond your everyday life.


You’ve got to be willing to look into the infinite field of quantum possibilities that exist in your imagination. And we’re going to deepen on this later in other chapters about the quantum field and how to connect to it and how to activate it in the now. But for this purposes of the evolution of turning up your frequency, I want you to know that when you really begin to understand the power, when you have your energy connected to possibility and when you’re an energetic match to that, you automatically pull your big wild dreams to you.


And so for those of you that have listened to the atoms actualization activation, which is a process that kind of expands everything we’re talking about in quantum vibes and takes it to the next level, I talk about aligning your energy from all of the different pieces of you up into the infinite field of quantum possibilities. And in order to do that, you have to have this first quantum tool nailed. And so when you think about your vibrational frequency, I really want you to begin to just understand that you are an energetic being and that there is a frequency that you hold. And so in order to become an energetic match and magnetize your desires, you’ve got to look at how do you feel. And again, this isn’t about good vibes and bad vibes.


And if you’re having an off day that you’ve totally ruined everything. That’s not what I believe, that’s not how I operate and that’s not what I teach. But I do teach having radical responsibility for the way that you’re feeling and knowing that if you have feelings and emotions that you need to process, then you need to get in rooms and conversations that can help you process that. You’ve got to look at what are your daily activities look like and can you come to peace with exactly where you are today to activate a magnetism to draw in the dreams of where you want to go tomorrow? There is so much magic and wisdom in this quantum tool. And so I really just want to invite you to look at how are you feeling right now? What is working in your life?


Is there an area where you’re excelling? We’ve got to look at the big factors in life. So, for example, taking it back to where I was in 2013, where I had ended a relationship with a man that I had thought was my soulmate and that I was going to marry, I was in the middle of a home renovation that really wrecked me in the most interesting of ways. I had a career that while I had excelled at and while it was aligned on so many levels, it was no longer filling me up. And in fact, it was starting to drain me, which was this was interesting for me because I had always loved what I was up to. And so I get to this space and place and literally it feels like nothing is working out for me.


Even the friendships that I had felt like there was something weird because I was changing. And so it was like I didn’t like to do the things that I used to like to do, and I was craving more in depth connection and more in depth conversation. And so I got to this space in place where it’s like nothing is working. And that’s where I had to listen to the voice of my soul, and that’s where I had to take radical responsibility and say, what is the common denominator and what’s not working out? And it was me. And then I had to begin to have the courage to go and change what was happening in my life, change my energy, change my mindset, change what I’m letting into my body and my world.


I began to find coaches, mentors, healers, communities, and it changed everything because I changed. And what happens is so beautiful is I just had this experience with a client. She was closing out with me, a six month client, a high level, close proximity client. And she said to me, she said, suzanne, I have never felt more happy and fulfilled in my life. And I know when I signed on with you, I thought I wanted to do this thing in business, and I thought I wanted to do all of these things. But what happened was I came home to myself and she said, while nothing has changed, everything has changed. And she said that her profession, a job that had felt dull, all of a sudden, it started to feel light and happy and free.


Her relationship that she was thinking in the beginning that she wanted to end, she had changed, and therefore her relationship had changed. Everything had changed. Nothing had changed, and everything had changed. And that is the power that we have. When we change the energy that we hold, when we change the focus of where we’re going, everything around us begin to change just because we change the frequency that we hold. And so this is the power. No matter where you’re going, at every next level, there’s always going to be a new crest, a new mountain that you want to achieve, to hike. And so we’ve got to begin to look at what is working.


So whether you’re like me in 2013, where you’re having a dark moment of the soul and it feels like nothing is working, or if you’re like me, where you’re growing in each next level of evolution, it’s like, okay, this is working and this is working. But I can see room for improvement here. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to make peace with where we are, no matter what level that is. And we’ve got to begin to pay attention to the hertz vibration scale of how we’re feeling. What are we emitting? Are we making space to really look at what we’re feeling and how we’re feeling it and nurture it with love? Are we casting blame on other people for our own circumstances? Are we taking radical responsibility?


And so when you think about Quantum Tool number one, turn up your vibrational frequency. I want you to get real with yourself. What could you change today? Can you begin to up level your mindset and know that this is truly the beginning, that you’re the youngest that you’re ever going to be? And that what if you chose right now and in today to make the next ten years the best ten years, wouldn’t life get really rich and meaningful and juicy? And so with that, there’s a couple of places in chapter One that I want to expand upon. So in the beginning of the chapter, I talk about sharing this moment. And it was the summer of 2019, and this was such a special moment, and this was a time for me where I had come into a lot of alignment in my business.


In that summer, I was speaking for Mind Valley. It was my second time speaking for them, and it was an event in Europe, and I decided to make it a European vacation. And honestly, it was one of the most pivotal moments in my life because I was sitting in one of the most beautiful spas in Lake Garda, and I had just hiked up to the top of the vista, and I’m looking over, and I just see this beautiful, gorgeous, like, vibrant blue water. And I had just hiked, and I’m answering some emails from my team, and I’m looking at the abundance that’s showing up in so many areas of my life. And tears just began to stream down, and I had this realization of not the I’ve arrived, but like, look what I’ve done. Look what I’ve created.


Look at what my vibrational frequency has drawn into my life. And I know that this is only the beginning. And that was a pinch me moment. And I’ve had so many pinch me moments since then, and it’s like the more we plug into these tools, the more pinch me moments we get to have. And so I want you to just take a moment and look. We’re always looking at where we want to go, but we don’t always look at how far we’ve come. So take a moment right now just to think about when was your last pinch me moment? When was your last moment of, like, pure elation? Maybe it was yesterday. Maybe it was last month. Maybe it was last year. Maybe you can’t even remember. And it doesn’t matter when it was.


What matters is that you’re opening up your consciousness and your vibration to be an energetic match, to receive more and more of those, like, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe this is my life moments, because I can tell you right now, I have them often and frequently, and I didn’t always do that. And so it’s like the more we can begin to open up our awareness that this is available to us, and the more we begin to plug into our own worthiness and our own alignment with our soul, the more and more of these you’re going to magnetize right into your life. So there’s a couple of other places that I really wanted to talk about, and I just want to reread this one paragraph.


So for those of you that have the book and are following along in the book, this is page nine in chapter one, and it says, think of classic Newtonian physics. Drop a glass on the floor and it’ll likely shatter. Push a chair hard enough and it’ll fall over. Go pedal to the metal, and, hey, you made it to your destination with time to spare. Now, consider quantum physics, which says that everything is energy. And think of how you can work this in your favor. For example, Einstein proved that E equals MC squared, that energy is the equivalent to mass, which is matter times the speed of light. In other words, energy and matter are just two different forms of the same thing. I’m going to just pause there. Energy and matter are two different forms of the same thing.


What that means to me, I really want to speak to your conscious and your subconscious mind. Here is everything that you see in the physical form. Matter. What is matter? Matter is the chair that you’re sitting on. Matter is a car that you’re driving. Matter is the bed that you’re sleeping on. Matter is the desk that you have your computer on. Matter is the beautiful ocean that you’re looking at. Matter is the bushes and the flowers that you see. It’s formed in a physical matter. But what was it before matter? It was a frequency of vibration. So your human body, when you look in the mirror, you see the matter, the physical form, the physical manifestation. And underneath it is an energy, a frequency. And so what that means when you change the frequency, you change the matter.


And this is how you’re able to collapse time. This is how you’re able to really draw manifestations into your life faster. When you understand this and when you understand that you are a vibration, you are a frequency. And when you change that frequency, you change your reality. You turn up your frequency, and therefore, you turn up the dial on all your big wall dreams and pulling them towards you. Now, I want to finish reading this chapter, so I’ll start again with that sentence. In other words, energy and matter are just two different forms of the same thing. Any little bit of matter can be transformed into a huge amount of energy. This means that you have enormous personal potential simply through vibing up your energy. Ivan Young, PhD. Says that emotion is energy plus motion or emotion.


In other words, the more energy you pour into anything, the more of that thing you receive. So keep that in mind. Where are you pouring in your energy? Are you pouring in your energy to conversations like this? You’re here, so, yay, we’re moving in the right direction. Is this something that you do often, though, or is it something that you just dabble in and stick your toe in? Are you pouring your energy into things that intrigue you, that excite you, that activate you, or do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? You wake up, go to work, pay bills, and that’s the end of the day, because I know that at one time, that’s how I felt, and it didn’t feel good. In fact, it felt soul crushing.


And so when we can begin to look from a conscious perspective of what are we pouring our energy into? Are we pouring our energy into creating rich and meaningful relationships? Are we pouring our energy into creating depth with our own soul and our own purpose and mission? Are we pouring energy into connecting with nature, getting outside, putting your bare feet on the ground, feeling the sunshine on your skin? Are you pouring your energy into getting still and quiet? I know I’ve shared it a million times, and I’ll share it a million more times. I’ve meditated every single day since may 11 of 2014, and it is one of the best gifts that I’ve given to myself, because it is one of the most potent and powerful tools that I have in turning up my own vibrational frequency.


When I began meditation, I began to be way less anxious. I began to be way less reactive. I began to feel way more connected. And so there’s all of these different tools and modalities, and if you want to begin to plug this into your unique soul blueprint, then you’ve got to think about what works for you. Now, sometimes our logical mind will talk us out of these things. Sometimes our logical mind will tell us that the meditation isn’t working, that you tried to close your eyes and you tried to sit still, but all you did was think and want to blink one eye open and see what was happening outside of you. Sometimes the logical mind will tell you don’t have time to get still or be quiet. And the first thing I want to say is, that’s not actual truth.


The second thing I want to say is that we’re all programmed to live in a world where we move matter to matter, and that’s not where the magic is. The magic is in understanding quantum vibes and quantum vibrations and how you can use them in your life. I believe that we’re evolving as a species and I believe that we’re opening up to more potential and more power than we’ve ever had accessible to us as a human race. And so it is an exciting time to be alive. And if this is like stirring something in your soul, I just want you to be aware of that, because we are having what I believe is a great awakening. And we are awakening. We’re awakening to understanding that we’re more than just a human, we’re a soul. We are a soul in a human body.


And as I’ve said before, we’ve got to learn to drive the vessel. We’ve got to learn to understand what is our part in turning up our vibrational frequency. What can we do to begin to set this in motion and to begin just to hold a higher vibration? Now, I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I can tell you that the more that you do it, the more I don’t want to say easier because that’s not the right word. It’s like the more fulfilling and rich life gets, the more and more and more and more.


You let these divine frequencies come into your body and you can hold them because what happens sometimes in the beginning is as you try to turn up your vibrational frequency, you’re holding a lot of density because there’s a lot of density on this world that could be very easy to pick up. Whether it’s trauma that you’ve taken on even in the womb as you came into this world or trauma that you took on as a child, we all get it. As we’re going through this journey, whether you’ve had the news on, if you think about the toxicity in the news, I mean, when do you watch the news and you feel good? It’s your body telling you what is happening here and that’s trauma that can be stored in your cells.


And so we’ve really got to begin to look at what are we letting into our energy, what are we letting into our frequency and without judgment, are we going to choose to stop that and are we going to choose to let more of this love frequency energy come and stream into our body? And so what happens a lot of times with personal development is we think we just need to listen to one podcast or read one book or go one retreat or do one digital program, and we’re going to be like, whoa, voila. Healed. And the truth is, this is an ever evolving journey. And so my hope and my intention with quantum vibes and with these quantum tools is that I’m going to give you a tool belt so that you’re going to have an arsenal.


So when something comes up, you know where to go, where to plug in, you have the tools. And so when you can begin to understand quantum Tool number one. Turn up your vibrational frequency watch and your life is about to get rich and magnetic. And so filled with just love and excitement, I dare you to continue to try to do this every day for 30 days and just see what happens. Now, does it mean that there won’t be any duality or that everything’s going to be smooth sailing? No, it doesn’t, because one, if that was the case, things might get really boring if there wasn’t any contrast. And secondly, there’s duality. And so we’ve got to be able to hold the density of what’s happening while plugged into the higher vibrations of where we want to go.


This is something we’re going to deepen inside of this conversation. That is something that I share about as well in the Atoms actualization activation. And I just want you to know that you have so much pure potential and magnetism and wisdom inside of you. So I think that is a perfect place to begin to wrap up the evolution of Quantum tool number one. There’s going to be more conversations on the evolution of these quantum tools because as I’m talking, I’m realizing like, I have so much to say about this. So I am going to be answering Q as from the amazing community and we’re going to be doing that inside of my Free Vibrations Facebook group. So if you’re not a member of that, I’m going to put the link in the show notes and this is your invitation.


Come over and join us. There’s a couple of trainings that I’ve done that are pinned to the featured section of the group that you can get for free. And it’s a beautiful place to begin to expand upon the conversation of vibrations, to connect with community and have an opportunity to join me in some Q A discussions that I’m going to bring right here to this podcast. The other thing I want to say is if you feel activated and you feel excited and you know that there is more for you, whether you’re looking for more in your business or personal life or from your soul, then I want to invite you to join us live in Laguna Beach.


This September, I am hosting the most epic two day Quantum Success Leadership Summit, where we are going to literally plug into the field of dreams, activate hearts, transcend limiting beliefs, and have a lot of fun. I have world class speakers coming in. I am going to teach you how to hold a higher vibration, how to dream bigger. We’re going to show you what you need to do to begin to plug into the next level of your unique soul blueprint and get clarity on the next step so you can create more success, alignment, happiness and abundance in your life and business. And what’s even more exciting is at the end of the Quantum Success Leadership Summit, we are kicking off with the Quantum Vibes podcast celebration party.


It is going to be a fun evening filled with dancing, mocktails high vibrational friends and some other exciting surprises. So check out the details of that. They will be in the show notes and I look forward to seeing you all at the next episode.