EP10S1: Reprogram and Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Transcend Your Beliefs

Audible version of Quantum Vibes (book), Quantum Tool #4: Reprogram & Rewire Your Mind

In this episode, Suzanne Adams shares her excitement about recording from her new home, The Quantum Villa. Suzanne discusses the power of reprogramming and rewiring the mind to manifest dreams.

She explains how the subconscious mind plays a major role in our lives, influencing habits and decisions. She explores brainwaves, particularly the theta brain waves, as a key to accessing the quantum field, quantum moments and attracting your most exciting desires!

Emphasizing that our minds are influenced by external factors such as media and childhood experiences, which can shape limiting beliefs. Suzanne shares her controversial opinion about collapsing time to geal and upgrade these beliefs.

Suzanne shares tools on how you can get your subconscious mind to work on your behalf and become your secret power when it comes to manifesting your dreams!

Hi, y’all. Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. This is episode ten, and I am so happy today.


And if I’m honest, my nervous system is a little bit out of whack because this is the first podcast episode I am streaming to you from my brand new home, which we are calling the Quantum Villa. Y’all, this is literally a dream come true. I don’t know if you’ve seen the post on my Instagram or not. If you haven’t, go check out a few of the reels and it is honestly just a dream come true. It is like Tuscany vibes. The pool is a private pool and jacuzzi, and it just feels so luxurious. And I literally feel like I’ve rented a really special villa somewhere at a luxury property. But this is my home, and this is what dreams are made of. And you know what got me here are all of the tools that I’m sharing with you inside of this podcast.


So today is a really potent quantum tool, and the quantum tool I’m going to be reading and sharing with you today is all about reprogramming and rewiring your mind. And this is something we should be taught at a young age, because when we understand how to drive the vehicle, the game truly elevates on every front and every level. And I want to just start riffing about this right now. But first, I want to give you the foundation and give you the tools. So with that, we are going to dive right in to chapter four of Quantum Vibes seven Tools to Raise Your energy, harness Your power, and Manifest a Life that Will Blow Your Mind in the Best of ways. Chapter four. Reprogram and rewire your mind. It’s time to be defined by a vision of the future instead of memories of the past.


Dr. Joe Dispenza quantum tool number four. Understand the way your mind works. When things are not working for you, go within and look at the stories you have and are aligning within your mind. Take your power back and begin to tell a new story. Create a fresh narrative that will take you where you want to go, making sure that it’s exciting and imaginative in everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It is, after all, where you’re meant to be. Genie in a bottle. Have you ever wished you had a genie in a bottle that could grant you wishes on command? I’ve loved the idea of three wishes ever since I saw Aladdin as a little girl. Of course, my first wish has always been for unlimited wishes. Wishing is a large part of getting your quantum vibe on.


But by the end of this program, you’ll know that wishing is just the start of the whole process. Why? Because wishing is attached to the notion that it’ll never happen. I wish, after all, is totally distinct from I will. In fact, changing your language to I will can shoot you right up. That hertz vibration scale, and rapidly at. That. My method, the one you’re learning all about here, is about shifting your vibration to the scale’s highest realms and taking a quantum leap so that you can realize your biggest, most dazzling dreams. So we’ve already dug into the energy and vibrations we’ve covered the law of attraction and understanding that like attracts like. Now it’s time to talk about perhaps the most powerful tool of all, which shapes just how high your vibes can rise.


Understanding the way your brain works and how to get your subconscious mind to work for you and not against you. The conscious part of your mind. I’m sure you know that’s the part you’re aware of. But what do you think subconscious means, then? Subconscious, in bare bones terms, means unaware. Studies performed by neuroscientists at institutions ranging from Stanford to MIT show that the subconscious mind is running the show in our lives approximately 90% of the time. Let me repeat that. Your subconscious mind is in the driver’s seat 85% to 90% of the time. I was shocked when I first heard this downright baffled even to the point that I was like, Say what? The part of me that I’m unaware of is essentially dominating my life. What do you mean, subconscious mind?


How do we have something that’s such a huge part of us and we’re not even well conscious of it? But it’s true. Whatever you’re doing right now, besides reading or listening to this book, is due to your subconscious chewing, walking, running the dishwasher, adding organic gummy bears to your instacart. All that happening because of a discrete navigational device that doesn’t even tell you it’s on and it’s almost always going. The implications of this are tremendous, of course. Primarily, this means that our lives are set on autopilot, because our minds are responding to the habits we’ve established and the instructions we’ve given them. How many times have you hopped in your car to go to work, the grocery store or yoga? You jump in the car, crank the ignition, and, well, you’re on your way before you have another conscious thought.


You’re in the parking lot of your destination. You checked out and went to another place in your mind, but somehow still ended up in the precise spot you wanted to reach. Equipped with this knowledge of just how powerful our subconscious is, I set myself on a mission to understand as much about it as I could. I was determined to learn how to utilize this aspect of me to work and work well for me. Part of my research included getting cozy and acquainted with our different brainwaves. What does this mean? Think of it like this our electrical impulses that are activated by our neurons. Basically, they are infogobetweens that through those impulses and chemicals send data between different regions of the brain and the nervous system. The cool thing? Brainwaves happen at different frequencies and define our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, levels of concentration, and more.


Here’s a breakdown of these brainwaves for you. Delta, beta, alpha, beta, gamma. As I’m reading that, it kind of feels like I’m on sorority row. Now. No need to memorize these. Trust that I don’t give out report cards on this process, but the one I want to focus on here is Theta. Quick side note, though. Remember the Reikian energy healing I did and continue to do? It activates Alpha brainwaves, which are slower brainwaves that in essence move you into idle in the state you’re chilled and peaceful. Which is why I usually describe Reiki as a ray of light. Theta brainwaves are the ticket to quantum moments expansion and becoming a super attractor of your dreams. Suffice to say, for now, that once you’ve tapped into this magical place, you feel dreamy and sleepy. Maybe even spacey, albeit in a good way.


It’s that airy lovely place between wakefulness and slumber. Now back to our subconscious. As I’ve said, our minds respond to the habits we’ve established, but they also react to the orders we give and the noise we allow to enter. This last bit is uber important, as it’s safe to say that the majority of us, if not all, have let toxicity absorb into our minds, bodies, and energy from the hours of news and other media, particularly during that pandemic and lockdown we consume. And the social media we scroll through daily, every single day, we’re programming our mind and our energy. Mainstream media, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and millions of marketing firms understand this all too well. Just think of the film. The social dilemma. Media and marketers are masterminds at pushing our buttons and triggering both our desires and fears.


They know the language to speak to us and do this in a way that their message drops right into the part of our brain governing our lives and making decisions. You had an illness simply because you saw a commercial for treatments for it, oh, only like a hundred times. Have you ever noticed how swiftly you believe what news anchors are saying without ever questioning if it’s actually true? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the compulsion to buy that bracelet or hat on Instagram because it looks just oh, so you? Our subconscious minds soak up what they’re exposed to and this goes beyond the realm of media, social or otherwise.


As children, we assume thought patterns, perceptions and opinions based on three main things our surroundings, what our parents, society and those closest to us tell us, and the beliefs we begin to think about ourselves. Such often wellmeaning influences can calibrate us to believe we are undeserving. Things said to us as kids, such as shut up, who do you think you are? And you’ll never amount to anything, become the soundtrack, running sometimes silently, or oh so subtly in our brains and bodies. Indeed, when we hear such words, especially from someone we love or respect, they can stick with us to the point that they become integrated into our subconscious minds, thereby encoding us with feelings of unworthiness. To this day. One of my friends wears closed toed shoes if she’s gone more than two weeks without a pedicure.


If not, all she hears on repeat is her mother condemning her for a chipped nail polish. A Billionaire’s Mindset as adults, we run programs and thought loops inside of our mind that are based on the internal judgments and views that we soaked up as kids. For example, I have a client named Tim who is crazy successful and self made. He always leads with his heart. He owns five companies. All are cosmically thriving. When we looked at his patterns together, we realized that one of the things that made him so successful is that at a very young age he believed he was afraid he wouldn’t live past the age of 50. This is because he had suffered a great deal of loss and grief when he was a child.


This specific story served him well in his career, because where many people put things off and procrastinate, his mindset was I’d better do it now, because I might not have tomorrow. Tim achieved happiness, fulfillment, a loving family, and an awesome circle of friends, all by the age of 45. Not to mention a level of wealth that would literally blow your mind. In his case, his subconscious helped him to create a rich and rewarding life. The best part? He’s still striving to reach the next higher plane, both professionally and personally. Remember that’s a billionaire’s mindset change your beliefs and change your life. I have seen those who take on crippling stories too. Money is bad, they think, or Money doesn’t grow on trees. Or they believe that having wealth is selfish and corrupt. All because that’s what they’ve heard growing up.


They’ve been programmed to believe that money isn’t available, it’s imprinted in their mind and therefore their energy field. It goes without saying that this belief totally shapes how they move through life and their tier of success and abundance. Conventional beliefs suggest that in order to change or reprogram, you must get to the root of your story or program. I disagree. I don’t believe you have to understand exactly where your programming was derived from or when. Sure, there are certainly times and cases where it can be helpful to explore this talk. Therapy can beneficial. Why else would have been used as start again. Why else would it have been used as therapeutic technique since Freud? But I also believe even more that the energy and frequency of where we are today, right now, is supremely important.


This might be a controversial opinion in the personal development world, but it’s what I feel intuitively and where I believe we as humans are now the veil to access higher level frequencies and to open the door to the subconscious. Mind is thin and we can quantum leap into a place where we’re healed and whole. When we tap into the right energy and vibration, creating an awareness of old habits and rewiring our energy to align with where we want to go isn’t just effective, it’s powerful and life changing. I’m not claiming it’s a one size fits all, but I am saying that we have faster ways of healing and transforming available to us today than we have ever had before. When pondering these stories, experiences and programs that guide your subconscious, you might see right away where your limiting belief and old story came from.


This can serve you well. If it’s clear where the story came from, then spend some time with that. Let yourself awaken to the fact that the story is a coding that you took on and not an actual truth. More of this is covered in the exercise in the workbook. See page 157. Other times, however, it may not work in your favor to dig up traumatic memories. It might be in your best interest to merely honor where you are on your journey today. Sort out what arises and boldly look at these stories with acceptance, love, and a willingness to allow them to move through you. As you notice a feeling, you can start to tune in to why you are feeling this way. The journal prompts on page 188 to 189 can help you uncover the reasons.


Sometimes it’s more powerful to focus on the now and where we desire to go, rather than giving so much power to the past. As you allow your feelings and emotions to roll through you from a compassionate place, you’ll begin to alchemize these tales with love, the target zone. In doing so, you’ll give yourself the opportunity of a clean slate and a fresh start. From here, you’ll be able to write a new story, one that’ll fire you up and fuel your dreams. I had a powerful breakthrough in all of this when I read Harry Carpenter’s The Genie Within. This book suggests thinking of your subconscious mind like a genie in a lamp. The thoughts you think and the questions you ask tell your genie what you’d like. Case in point if you ask yourself questions like why doesn’t anything ever work out for me?


Why is this happening to me? Just as I thought this went terribly, then you’re effectively asking your subconscious genie to find negative answers to these downbeat questions. It’s your job to intentionally ask questions that will serve your dreams and desires. So what if you frame the questions differently by asking, where’s the opportunity here? What are my next steps to facilitate a much better outcome? How can this experience translate into more joy and abundance? Well, your subconscious yep, that thing you’re not even aware of will work tirelessly to supply you with answers. So if you change the song and tune into a higher frequency where willingness, acceptance, reason, love, and pleasure predominate, you will be vibing at the level on the scale where you can realize those dreams and fulfill those desires. Resetting your mind with quantum tool number four. In my fourth quantum tool.


Reprogram and rewire your mind. I am giving you a roadmap of how to unleash your own inner genie in a bottle. And yes, you get more than three wishes. The first thing we need to do is understand exactly what I’ve explained above. Recall what I said about driving, how you can jump into your car and without really being aware of it, arrive where you set out to go. Over the years, I’ve asked this question to thousands of people. Every time. When I speak at events, nearly every person in the audience nods and raises their hand, recognizing that this has happened to them and happens on a regular basis. I’m guessing it happened to you at some point as well. Your subconscious mind took over because you programmed it to get you where you wanted to go. This translates into other spheres of life.


The first thing I did when I learned about the subconscious mind I started taking an inventory of what I was letting into my daily life. Was I listening toxic news or watching detrimental thoughts on TV without even realizing it? Nope. I had stopped doing that in my late twenty s. I noticed I didn’t feel good when I listened to the news. And the solution was simple turn it off. I used to go to bed with my TV on. Now my entire body cringes at the thought of that. In my girl awakened state, as I am now, I listen to binaural beats or a meditation or work toward deliberately reprogramming my subconscious mind with affirmations and thoughts that are aligned with my dreams so that they will continue while I’m sleeping. Why? Because even when we’re out cold, our subconscious mind is awake.


In fact, this is an excellent time to utilize what I like to call intentional reprogramming after I was already deep into rewiring and reprogramming my subconscious mind and helping many of my clients do the same. I found the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who says, and I’m paraphrasing here what separates the conscious and subconscious mind is the analytical mind. Your subconscious mind operates on a program of habits, behaviors, and emotions. All of which are tied to memories and the past. This is the genius of meditation. It’s a tool that teaches people how to change their brainwaves, how to slow them down to reach that theta state. When you begin to slow your brainwaves, you begin to have access to the space inside your mind where you can reprogram your subconscious mind and create enduring change. Knowledge is for the mind.


Experience is for the body. In that moment of experience, you are embodying knowledge and wisdom. It is literally in your cells, creating magnetism in your body. So I want to just pause for a quick second. This is what can happen when you go somewhere with the intention of reprogramming and rewiring your mind, and you allow a new frequency to come into your cells. You’re experiencing it. You’re feeling it. And so, just the same way, if you were going to send your laptop off to Apple or whoever would repair your computer, they’re going to go in and update the hardware and the software. And so this is essentially what really happens at my live events. And so if you’re like, I am ready for a huge upgrade to rewire reprogram my subconscious mind, then check out what live events I have coming up.


Right now, I have the Quantum Success Leadership Summit happening in Laguna Beach, September 20, Eigth and 29th. We’re going to do a lot of amazing meditations there that really will activate this in your body. Like, you could just sit in the room. You’re going to feel it. And then I also have a four day immersion happening in Sedona, Arizona, in February. And it’s the same thing. It’s like if you’re ready to change on a cellular level and reprogram the frequency that you’re holding, these are great opportunities. And maybe there’s someone else that you admire that teaches this conversation, and maybe they have live events too, but just an idea of something to check out.


And I’m going to go ahead and make sure we put the notes for the Quantum Success Leadership Summit and for the Sedona vortex immersion in the show notes so they’re there for you. Okay, now back to the book. Once I heard Dr. Joe explain it like this, I realized how fantastically powerful meditation is when it comes not to just shutting down the endless chatter of the monkey mind, but also to reprogramming and rewiring your mind. In each meditation, you’re teaching your body emotionally to feel the outcomes of what you desire. The feelings of your big, wild dreams are stamped into your cells. You’re essentially rehearsing your success over and over in your mind’s eye. And just think of professional athletes and musicians who call upon visualization for drive, something we’ll get into later on.


The way you’re rewiring and reprogramming your subconscious mind, as well as becoming a vibrational match to where you consciously want to go, there is a chance to generate a new story in your mind, body and soul to deliberately create with your biggest superpower, your very own energy. Let me explain how this is possible. As I touched upon above, we have electrical impulses occurring in our brain that create waves or bands. As I also said, I want to help you understand theta brainwaves, which are linked to creativity, daydreaming and peace. When you’re in Theta state, you’re in a place where you’re just barely aware. And it’s here that the door to the subconscious mind is wide open. With this door wide open, you can rewrite the script. According to Dr.


Joe, you can literally change the genetics and coding of your cells and DNA by syncing your body with calculated higher vibe energy and uplifting thoughts. The theta state helps you enter the subconscious mind, which creates a door straight into the quantum field. Remember that the universe speaks in energetics and emotions. Honing in on these tools will help you arrive there at turbo speed. You navigate your mind and body to be able to access it. And once you’re there, you look beyond your human aspects. There’s no logic or meaning in the quantum field. It is the key to steering yourself free from limitations you put on yourself. And there’s a fabulous bonus. With this relaxed state, theta will help you override your subconscious mind, which, as we all know, can sometimes be vicious.


Just think of that poisonous media and negative self talk it has absorbed over the years. And those bad habits and limiting beliefs you have carried around that didn’t even originate with you. You can reach theta in meditation and other hypnotic states. And you can achieve theta brainwaves when you’re lightly sleeping or dreaming, but not quite in the deepest phases of slumber. You know that moment first thing in the morning when you stretch, take a breath and feel like you’re floating as you slowly open your eyes? That is theta. You’re lost in the tasks that you’re performing or the project you’re creating when you lose track of time and you’re just connected and present. Also known as in the flow or in the zone. This too, is theta.


Or that feeling when your mind is on the brink of shutting off that cerebral slip right before you fall asleep. Theta again, and it’s spectacular. Many meditations and sounds can take you into Theta. Those binaural beats I mentioned earlier, they work beautifully. Crystal Sound and Tibetan Healing Bowls are just a few other sounds that can shift you into this dreamy place. The benefits of striking this brainwave are copious. Numerous studies have demonstrated that it’s the ideal brainwave state to be in for mind and body healing. In part because Theta promotes profound levels of relaxation. This band in your brain can also boost your immune system, reduce your stress and anxiety, which, let’s face it, we all need during these days, and enhance your creativity and intuition. It’s also, again, the perfect sweet spot to be in to reprogram your subconscious. Dr.


Rick Hansen, who is the author of Hardwiring Happiness and Buddha’s Brain, among other titles, confirms this. Mindfulness meditation, he says, is characterized by an open presence and a non judgmental awareness of sensory, cognitive, and effective experiences as they arise in the present moment. The handful of research studies examining EEG activity, a test that examines abnormalities in your brainwaves during the mindfulness meditation practice, consistently reports increases in frontal theta power as well as increased frontal theta communication. This is important, he goes on to write, because theta is a slow brainwave and may serve as a counterbalance to the typical fast brainwave activity observed in persons experiencing chronic stress and anxiety. Anyone else feel like you have some stress or anxiety? Then listen up.


Translation landing in theta playground quiets the mind, thus allowing you to enter a state in which you feel the results of realizing your dreams. This isn’t to say that meditation is as simple as sitting in the lotus position, closing your eyes, and falling into that marvelous theta state. Trust me on this. I dabbled with meditation at first, and that’s putting it lightly. When I closed my eyes, all I could see and hear were the thousand thoughts I was thinking and the gazillion things I needed to do. Wasn’t this supposed to be soothing? I felt like ants were crawling out of my skin. I also thought I wasn’t doing it right. If you know me by now, I’m sure you can see that I’m someone who likes to excel at everything I endeavor.


This isn’t working, I told myself over and over again, and kept opening my eyes and looking around the room and wondering what I should have for lunch, and if for sure, I had unplugged my hair wand and should I buy that other dress I like? And my gosh, did I pay that bill? And so on and so forth. My mind was frankly, too busy because I was busy being busy. Plus, what was I supposed to be feeling? This? Really? Nah. A bottle of Pinot was far more effective and honestly, much easier. I stayed with it, though. Like anything in life, if you want success, you keep going. You build up to your goal. No one expects to go to the gym once and have six pack ABS or scroll worthy biceps by the next morning. It’s the same with rewiring your mind.


It’s a practice, something you continually cultivate. Now, I can say in all sincerity that I have meditated every single day since May 11, 2014. I haven’t missed a single day since then. I don’t do it because I’m hyperdisciplined, either. I do it because I understand the power I’m creating through this daily practice. It expands my heart, opens up my connection to the quantum field, turns up my vibes, and it’s a fabulous catalyst for the persistent reprogramming of my mind. I started by listening to guided meditations and found them extremely helpful. Then I began creating guided meditations at my events and for my clients because I knew how transformative this practice could be. I have several guided meditations for you in the workbook. If you’d like audio meditations, you can get a few free ones at my website, WW.


Suzanneadamsinc.com reconditioning your belief to create a new story. I had a client named Jack who had a terrific desire to create success inside of his online coaching business. He came to me committed and ready for a breakthrough. Jack had his own business for about two years and had reached a few milestones here and there, but he just couldn’t seem to make more money than roughly $2,000 a month. He knew his purpose and that his calling was to reach many, and he didn’t understand why. He was stuck and felt capped and had been here for a while. He joined one of my coaching programs and began to rewire and reprogram his mind and energy. He was an A plus student. He showed up with an open heart to every training and coaching call inside of the program. Very quickly, something clicked inside of Jack.


He did the inner work and the rewiring techniques I shared with him. Many of them are in the workbook. In part two, Jack became unbridled in his authentic power. He began oozing much more love energy than he ever had before. He was shifting the neurons in his cells and brain, which prepped him for success. Jack began to double his monthly sales, and then two months later, he tripled them. Within six months, he was consistently making $18,000 to $20,000 a month. What’s more, he was reaching and serving ten times the number of people than he had before. None of this, of course, is necessarily about money, although I believe money is a powerful resource that magnifies the energy you already carry. It’s just one sign of how effective vibing up can be.


Jack followed the process I am sharing with you, and he shifted his business and lifestyle. Heart centered, indeed. And I just want to say, Jack was also a client that went all he. He came to the events I was hosting. He did the program I was running within True Intentionality, and it worked very quickly because he made the decision that he was ready. And so I just wanted to add that here, because I know that there’s many of you listening, that you’re ready for your own breakthrough. And this is when you’ve really got to look at what is my part in this and what do I need to do to move? And when you can unlock that piece of you truly begin to come an energetic match for big, wild dreams. Back to the book quantum leaping into success.


I had another client, Monique, who had a partnership in an engineering firm. Monique is one of the most amazing women I know. She has been a long term client, and I. Had the privilege and pleasure of watching her grow, expand, and continue to use these quantum tools. She went from being a partner in a company to having the desire to be the first woman to own a company in her industry. She didn’t know how she was going to do it, and she almost didn’t believe she could. I helped her see new possibilities and showed her how to shift her energy and use her power to anchor into the quantum field. Monique had some old programming to work through, and together were able to rewire and reprogram her mind to align with her bravest, biggest dreams.


Monique ultimately started her own company, and although she launched it just before the start of the pandemic and therefore had some unexpected hurdles to overcome, she had the tools to understand how to manifest optimistically with her energy. She was able and willing to sit in the fire with the new stories that emerged and were not in alignment with her revitalized vision. Monique is such a delight to coach because her energy is so receptive and she’s able to rewire and reprogram very quickly. She’s now thriving in her new company. In fact, she did $3 million in sales this year and just sent out her very first million dollar proposal.


Writing this now brings tears to my eyes, because in addition to creating a dream she once believed was impossible, she has also learned to love herself, has taught her daughter to do the same, and has a deeper and more passionate relationship with her husband than ever. She wrote to me recently, thanking me and telling me what an important part I’ve had in her continued transformation. The truth is, I’m simply a guide for her, a vessel to help her recalibrate her energy, to upgrade her mindset, and to own a new level of empowerment. Monique understands the power of repetition and continuing to stay on the path of using these tools and allowing herself to evolve and grow with each iteration as she follows this process. And now it’s your turn. So, ready for the game plan? Jump right in, rewire and reprogram your mind.


Step one take inventory of what you’re allowing into your energy and your mind. What people, circumstances, literature, films or media are you consuming that’s not working to your advantage? Which of these things are turning your vibes down instead of up? Become conscious. Become aware of what you need to shift so you can shift it. Do you need to be in more spaces and places with high vibe content and conversations? Do you need like minded people in your circle cheering you on instead of telling you to be realistic or that your dreams are impossible? Be truthful with yourself. Act accordingly and do so promptly. Step two understand how quickly meditation can help you rewire your brain and drop into that theta wave state.


When you comprehend that you can shift your brainwaves into a theta state you become impressionable and can rewrite the script of your life and weave the gorgeous, joyful web that you envision. Meditation is a highly valuable way to rewire your subconscious mind into alignment with your heart, soul and dreams. Every time something isn’t going your way, there’s a solid chance it’s because you’re either vibing way down on the hurt scale or because you’ve had a hidden belief stuck in your subconscious that you picked up somewhere along the way, most likely in your childhood. The art of amplifying your genie is to get up close and personal with how you’re feeling. A theme, as I’m sure you can see by now, that is a large part of my program and process. Meditation helps with this as well.


Many of us are too busy to sit with our feelings. Have you ever been busy being busy? I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you have a packed social calendar, never ending meetings to do list at work, errands, soccer games, baseball practices, ballet, pickups, laundry, cooking, blowouts for date nights, live concerts, trips to the grocery store, the gym the list goes on and on. It’s endless. And while lots of life is pleasurable, being too busy being busy can keep you from entering a theta state and altering your subconscious. In the process of opening and healing my heart, I began to check in with how I was feeling every single day. Back in 2013, when I had my awakening, I decided to dedicate the entire year of 2014 to learning to love myself.


How could I expect others to love me if I didn’t even love myself? One of the things I had to learn was to get intimate with myself and my heart. That began with identifying how I was feeling and learning what things would bring this new awakened version of me bliss. I had to reacquaint myself with well, myself. Who was I anyway? Who was the soul? The spirit inside? It may sound silly, but it was a powerful part of my reprogramming and rewiring. When we get quiet and still with our feelings, we create emotional intelligence. If we don’t know how we’re feeling, how in the world can we make changes? If we aren’t aware of the programs we’re running? How can we turn the dial to a new one? The human default is to numb.


Numb with alcohol or Netflix, or scrolling through five different social feeds, or spending 4 hours online shopping, or binging on cupcakes or milkshakes, or cleaning until your hands are red or being busy. With this in mind, ask yourself what is my numbing method of choice? Can I bring it into my awareness and conscious mind starting now? Can I shift it toward healing? Can I be silent and stationary with my emotions and feel them and allow them to pass through me? What is my part in shifting these vibes so I can get higher on the vibration scale? Step three get out of survival and into love. You know what survival feels like? It’s the three big F’s fight, flight, or freeze.


These responses happen in your nervous system in response to any sort of stimuli that feels threatening, whether it’s your boss yelling at you or an argument with your significant other or even someone sketchy walking down the street. The problem is this these bodily reactions evolved eons ago, when humans really did encounter tigers and had to choose between these three F’s in order to survive. We haven’t outgrown these knee jerk responses, so once we sense alarm and if our nervous systems are not trained, we can fall right back into them. In short, it’s not a fun way to live if you’re stuck in survival mode. Unfortunately, many of us are, and without even being aware of it. When we’re trapped in fight mode, we react from a place of disconnection, and it’s almost impossible to reach those supernova theta waves from this space.


So start to notice the moments you feel unsafe, as well as the times in which you’re reactive and not making decisions. From a grounded place of love. You have the power inside of you to train your autonomic nervous system into love and out of stress and away from these three F’s. I spent many too many years searching and thinking everything I needed was outside of me. The truth is, it was in my heart all along. You will not get the reprogram and upgrade from outside of you. It simply doesn’t exist there. It lives in you. It’s right inside of your heart. You’ll be able to feel more and more as you experience that theta state we discussed and also by tapping into the energy of appreciation. Studies show that when you practice gratitude every day for a month, you create a habit.


And when we create a habit, we change the way the neurons in our brain fire, which can be into more positive automatic thinking and behaviors. The more we practice gratitude, the stronger this rewiring becomes. When we think more positively, we emit a higher vibe frequency and therefore begin magnetizing our dreams with our energy. To take this a step further, when you can ignore what is happening around you and dive into the feeling of what you desire, you’re training your mind to align with and create the very reality you’re plugged into and not the reality that other sources are trying to show you and program for you. A beautiful thing about our mind, including our subconscious mind, is that it can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.


A study conducted at Harvard Medical School by a man named Alvaro Pascal Leon asserted just this pascal Leon was intentionally studying how much of the motor cortex of the brain controlled finger movement and piano players. The study is fascinating. The first group in the study practiced a five finger piano exercise every day for five days. The second group was told to visualize the same finger exercise in their minds, imagining moving their fingers. They also practice in their minds the same amount of time as the other group did on actual pianos. So I just want to take a moment to really explain this because this is just fascinating and mind blowing to me. So one group of the study actually had pianos. They walked into a room, they sat down on the pianos, and they were taught how to play it.


The other group walked into a different room. There were no pianos. They were taught the same finger movement. But they just said, close your eyes and visualize this in your mind. Okay, back to the book. He had an unusual second finding at the end of the study in that it displayed a groundbreaking aspect of the brain. The capacity of sheer thought can alter its structure and gray matter. This meant that the part of the brain regulating the fingers and movements of those playing the piano also enlarged in the brains of those who visualized playing on the ivory keys. Mental practice resulted in a similar reorganization of the brain. Pascalon later wrote, what is the implication for you and me? For all of us? It means that mentally practicing anything from vinyasa to football to hay, even kissing, can result in magnificence without physical practice.


Moreover, mental training or visualizing can alter the structure of your brain. When you visualize and imagine something vividly, you’re training your brain to change its biochemistry and create an actual memory. Let me repeat that simply. By visualizing and imagining you are rewiring and reprogramming neurons in your brain. Your imagination can alter your neurons. You can attune the energy and cells in your body to what you desire to create through adjusting your energy to it. Merely with the tool of visualization, it’s proven and it’s potent. If a belief is merely a thought, we think over and over again. Our thoughts create our reality. But what if we bend our thoughts to correspond with a reality we actually want and then think them over and over again to imprint new beliefs into our physical being? You can choose to create a different story, starting now.


If that doesn’t get you excited and help you feel empowered, I don’t know what will. Remember the questions you ask yourself. Determine your reality. What are three questions you remember asking yourself recently? What are three questions you’re committed to asking yourself moving forward? Quantum tool number four reprogram and rewire your mind. Recap. Understand the way your mind works. When things are not working for you, go within and look at the stories you have and are aligning with in your mind. Take your power back and begin to tell a new story. Create a fresh narrative that will take you where you want to go, making sure that it’s exciting and imaginative and everything you’ve ever dreamed of it is after all where you’re meant to be, your blueprint for positive change. Understand how to let your subconscious work on your behalf.


Creating an awareness of old habits and rewiring your energy to align with where you want to go is powerful and life changing. Relaxing into theta brainwaves is a gateway into the door to the subconscious and your ticket to quantum vibes. Simply by visualizing and imagining, you’re rewiring and reprogramming neurons in your brain and shifting your reality. That, my friends, is the end of Quantum Tool number four. Y’all, if you can get this one, I’m telling your life will change and transform in the most magnificent ways. Now, if you haven’t listened to the other episodes, I highly recommend that you do. And if you’re new to this podcast, the way this works is I have one episode where I read a chapter in its entirety, and then the next episode I’m doing an evolution of the quantum tool.


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While it’s best if you can come join us in person, I understand that sometimes that’s not always an option for everybody. So we’ve got you. We do have a virtual ticket. And if you want to come with me and be in a more intimate immersion that focus on personal development as well as the rewiring and the reprogramming of your mind, then I’ve got the Sedona Vortex Retreat that’s happening in February. It’s a four day immersion in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Both of these events are at beautiful places. And look at the links, see what calls to you, see what your soul is guiding you to. And so the Quantum Success Leadership Summit is more a little bit more business based.


We will be rewiring, we’re reprogramming your mind, but it’s more for leaders, for entrepreneurs that are ready to take their business and abundance and clarity and purpose to the next level. And the Sedona Immersion is more of a personal development focus. So if that helps, and if you want both of them, then get ready for massive expansion. The other thing I want to mention that I’m doing, that’s a free class is a free manifesting class. And that is happening live next week. So if you’re listening to this after the fact, there is most likely an instant access replay for the Manifesting class. And in that I’m going to share with you a formula that I’ve created when it comes to Manifesting. And so you’ve got quantum vibes which is the foundational tools. Okay, you’re getting that here for free.


We’ve got the atoms actualization activation, which is the blueprint to connecting to beginning to connect with your unique soul blueprint and understanding the different pieces of you and how to plug into the field, the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Then we have the Manifesting formula. And the Manifesting formula is a formula that I have used to manifest many big wall dreams. And they’re all complementary of each other. So I hope that helps. I hope you’re as excited as I am to go out, become an energetic match to create your dreams. And thank you so much for being here. It honestly means the world to me.