EP7S2: The Mindset You Need to Create Freedom and a Wildly Abundant Business  

In this episode, Suzanne Adams delves into the crucial aspect of aligning mindset with personal desires to achieve success in business. Explaining alignment with your unique soul blueprint, Suzanne encourages entrepreneurs, especially those in coaching, to transform their gifts and experiences into a powerful and lucrative business.

The conversation encourages you to break free from limiting mindsets imposed by external influences and instead connect with one’s heart and soul. Drawing from personal experiences, she also recounts manifesting her dream house and shares the importance of mindset in realizing such aspirations. The episode touches on the concept of “sure thing energy,” highlighting the significance of unwavering intentions and holding frequencies that align with success. Suzanne encourages entrepreneurs to envision quantum leaps in their businesses and offers insights into upgrading beliefs for transformative growth.


Suzanne further explores the entrepreneurial journey, prompting listeners to reflect on how doubling or tripling their income would impact their lives and those they serve. The discussion unfolds with a focus on tapping into a mindset that foster continuous growth, alignment, and fulfillment. Suzanne shares the importance for entrepreneurs to embrace the possibility of expanding beyond their current success, urging them to dream big.