EP14S1: The Most Potent Frequency to Use to Manifest and Attract Your Dreams Now

In this episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams dives into the transformative power of repurposing one’s energy to align with their unique soul blueprint. She emphasizes that repurposing energy doesn’t always mean moving from low vibes to high vibes; instead, it involves aligning with one’s soul and its unique blueprint, opening the door to infinite possibilities in the quantum field.

Suzanne shares personal experiences where she followed her intuition and heart, even when it defied logic. These moments, driven by strong feelings in her body, led to significant shifts and achievements, from quitting a corporate job to writing a book and living in her dream home! She explains the importance of recognizing and trusting these feelings as signals from the soul, guiding us toward our big dreams.

Suzanne encourages listeners to take courageous steps toward their dreams, even if they defy logic, and emphasizes that true alignment with one’s soul blueprint is the key to an extraordinary life filled with abundance, fulfillment, and excitement.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes Podcast.
I am very happy you are here.
Today we are diving into Quantum tool number six, which is all about activating your vision in the now I am really excited to share this Quantum Tool with you because when you can get this, you’re going to not only see your manifesting game up leveled, you’re going to watch your levels of fulfillment go through the roof instantly.
And that is all I’m going to say with that because I am sitting here right now.
I was just swimming laps in the pool at my new house on my lunch break and I am looking around at one of the most beautiful views and I got here.
I got to living in a dream house to manifesting so many dreams like love, abundance, soul aligned clients through really implementing these quantum tools.
This is the foundation and I just want to tell you that if you’re struggling or if you’re not receiving your manifestations keep going.
Because part of activating your vision in the now is knowing that if you have a desire in your heart, it’s meant to be yours.
And knowing that probably the only difference between you and someone else that has the dream is they kept going and they were willing to fail.
And so this is a exciting piece because what we’re going to do is we’re going to play around with the energy and we’re going to play around with you being able to up level your mindset and begin to pull your dreams right from the quantum field into your reality.
And so with that we will begin.
So I am going to be reading audibly Chapter 6 and Quantum Vibes 7.
Tools to raise your energy, harness your power and manifest a life that will blow your mind in the best of ways.
Activate your vision in the now.
The best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known, but from the unknown.
When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown, that’s where the magic happens.
Doctor Joe Dispenza, quantum tool number six, Stop playing the I’ll Be Happy Win game and get yourself happy, even if it’s only in your mind right now.
Soothe the heck out of your nervous system.
Utilize the power of your body and breathe energy into the now moment.
Feel your desires activate the power of visualization and become an energetic match to what you covet.
Take a quantum leap.
Be here now.
It’s a statement many of us have come to know exceptionally well.
Even if we don’t practice the sentiment behind it, it often echoes in our heads thanks to the surge of memes, tshirts, social media posts, bags, and coffee mugs that feature it and fill us with inspiration.
And while some might disregard this concept as cliche, keep in mind that cliches become axioms for a reason.
They have resonance, and often profound resonance at that.
Nothing could be truer than be here now.
It isn’t an indictment, but a loving, encouraging insistence.
As we’ve discussed, we often live either stuck in the past with all of its heartbreak and regret, and for some, yours truly included, shame, or far-flung into the future, which, let’s face it, rarely works out precisely as we schemed it.
But being here now, totally present and wholly open to all of the realms of wonder and possibility, is in the end our only real option.
And yet it’s a gift we time and time again don’t relish.
We have a fear of missing out FOMO instead of savoring what’s right in front of us.
We’re still.
We’re caught up in all those Agos from I shouldn’t have said that to why did I ever?
Or we future trip into random scenarios.
Hello catastrophic thinking that likely will never happen.
The why behind our doing all of this is threefold.
Sometimes being alone can feel nerve wracking because solitude forces us to confront things that would otherwise be shoved under the rug if we were surrounded by our family, colleagues and or friends. 2 psychologists suggest we ruminate about the past because we hope that by thinking and experience, through even obsessing about it, we can change its result.
And that’s in no way if there ever was 1/3.
Anxiety gives us a false sense of control over our future, but the real question is why do we do this when all that we’re looking for peace, connection, joy, and success resides in the ever present now moment?
Because truly, the magic we desire is directly here before us, in the presence of and focusing on the now moment.
As Thoreau once said, you must live in the present.
Launch yourself on every way, find your eternity in each moment full, stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land.
There is no other land.
There is no other life.
But this at the same time, and this is where I admit, it gets a bit tricky.
To land where you want to go takes a quantum kind of vibe.
It’s in the now moment, exactly at this second, that you must be fully present, not just with your well presence, but also with who you want to become and what you want to achieve.
Whether it’s a kick ass promotion or a stronger sense of self-confidence and the rewards that come with it, the rearview mirror is not the vibe.
Years ago I got super acquainted with Doctor Jodis Benza’s notion that in order to harness our ideal lives and selves, we must let go of the emotions and behaviors of the past and plug into the feelings and sensations of the future we desire.
This might sound strange given that I’m also asking you to be as present as possible and yet simply cranking up your energy to the highest levels on that hurts vibration scale.
I bet you know by heart by now lets you do both.
In fact, it compels it.
It’s quantum and nature, brilliant by design and an awesome rewiring exercise in both promise and imagination.
Here’s how it works.
Picture yourself and your supreme spot.
It doesn’t have to be a place per se, but hey, sometimes that works too.
Whether it’s the lounging and a hammock between 2 sun dappled palms or at the summit of a snow capped mountain.
Wherever you are, you’re happy.
You’re tranquil.
You have financial freedom and a life cushioned by tons of love, support, and inspiration.
You’re healthy and brain, body and conscious.
You’re empowered and at liberty, and most of all, you’re pumped to stay on this wonderful trajectory.
Now how does the thought of this make you feel?
When I practice this, I usually feel warm and curious and blissful, even transfixed.
How does the space and time taste and smell?
What kind of emotions are you feeling in this future version of yourself?
The point is this.
Your mind and the energy you both feel and emanate must arrive at this destination, however you might envision it before you see it in your reality.
Can you breathe that in for a second?
Really internalize it?
Because remember, you have the power to create your world with your own energy, with what you visualize, feel, and concentrate on before it shows up in your 3D reality.
It’s the 5th dimension, and it’s radically marvelous.
This is the magic of the quantum You plug into where you want to go and hold on to the frequency it pledges, no matter what your circumstances.
And by no matter what, I mean no matter what diversions might press themselves upon you, or how much angst you carry when you’re not eyeing the top of the scale, or what your current situation might be inciting within you, Again, it’s up to you.
Completely up to you.
You are the controller of the game when you play by others rules and believe everything you hear on the news or are subjected to within our society.
Recall those naysayers we talked about.
You’re not in charge, you’re letting them dictate your energetic input and output.
But when you refuse to buy into others judgments and limited beliefs and begin engaging, really engaging with your brave wild dreams, now the dice is rolling in the appropriate direction.
The I’ll Be Happy win game.
There are plenty of games we buy into the games I mentioned above.
The media and Society of course, which has only gotten more overwhelming since the advent of social media.
There’s also the game of allowing our subconscious minds to dominate and given to our fears, even if they’re so damaging they keep us from coming anywhere close to the finish line.
The game of numbing and self sabotage too.
And of course, the game so many of us play the I’ll be happy win game.
You know this game, I’m sure we all do.
It goes something like this.
I’ll be happy when I meet my ideal person.
I’m bringing an X amount of money per month and my bank account is loaded.
That new title at work is finally mine.
I lose £10 or heck gain for others.
I moved to a swankier spot.
I can finally buy that Tesla model SI get back together with my ex.
This pandemic is, Oh my God, at last over.
This game is addictive, to be sure, but it’s also sly and bogus.
It’s an illusory carrot with emphasis on illusory.
Often we play so much regret on the past and yearning on the future and fixate on getting there that we lose sight of the journey, yes, but also of the beauty of the present.
What’s worse, when you preoccupy yourself with the I’ll Be Happy win approach, you not only skip one of the keys to the higher vibes, gratitude for this very minute, but you also create separateness.
When you’re hankering for the desired thing from a state of where is it?
You’re subconsciously judging yourself for where you are.
In that moment, you may look at your peers and feel stung and resentful by all that they have.
The house, the prestige, the partner, the kids, the clothes, the car, the ski boat, and feel like you’re 100 miles South of satisfaction.
This can evoke feelings of self pity, as we all know, and when you play the victim role, you feed into your judgments even more.
In turn, you may regress to any or all of those games and prohibit yourself from any progress whatsoever.
I’m not going to lie, I have to catch myself often on this one when I’m craving, if not begging for, something that is taking its sweet sweet time to arrive.
And yet you create cohesion.
When you transcend your judgment with love, you quantum leap your giant dreams into the now.
This is not to say that you should ignore the feelings that surface when you know you’re not as far along on the path as you’d like.
Again, bringing these emotions to light as a central part of this program, Notice that you feel separate.
Let yourself feel it all.
Invite the judgment into the wheels in your heart.
Sit in the fire.
Choose to let the discomfort of the blaze burn away the pieces that aren’t in alignment with your heart and soul and authentic power.
Understand it and alchemize it with love.
Once you release the judgment, you create an internal overflow of love, and the more you follow this process, the higher the chances you’ll feel so Dang good you won’t even need the material desire.
I want to just interject here because I’ve personally had a lot of my own doubts and fears and shadow really coming to light these past couple of weeks.
And sometimes as we’re growing and expanding, the more we receive our dreams and the more we go for our dreams, the more we have to be able to expand our our capability to hold the fear and the doubt and the shame.
And so I talked earlier in one of the chapters about big energy and I think this is really important for activating in the now.
And the reason I want to say this is because I I felt like I really needed to hear these words as I just read them out loud.
And I’m going to read them again.
And I want you to feel it with different ears.
Because to me, this was just a big reminder to really get to where we want to go, to really activate that frequency in the now.
It’s OK to feel uncomfortable.
It’s OK to sit in the fire of fear, shame, doubt.
And just because we’re sitting in there in that moment doesn’t mean that we’re messing up our vibration or that we’re not going to manifest our dreams.
In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
As we begin to sit in the fire of the uncomfortability, we begin to alchemize with love.
Therefore, we’re activating the vision that we desire in the now because we’re not trying to escape what is anymore.
And so let me just read this part again.
Notice that you feel separate.
Let yourself feel it all.
Invite the judgment into the wheels in your heart.
Sit in the fire.
Choose to let the discomfort of the blaze burn away the pieces that aren’t in alignment with your heart and soul and authentic power.
Understand it and alchemize it would love.
Once you release the judgment, you create an internal overflow of love.
And the more you follow this process, the higher the chances you’ll feel so Dang good.
You won’t even need the material desire.
And that’s really the goal here is we want to feel so good.
We don’t even need what we want.
We want to just feel so good.
We’re an energetic match that we just are it, and then we magnetize it.
So going back to the book now, I heard a quote from my friend Feel good on this topic and it really landed with me.
He said the only reason you’re still feeling stuck is because you’re still judging yourself.
I had an epiphany when he uttered those words.
We have the power to activate love in the now simply by emancipating ourselves from internal verdicts and feeling our authentic power.
Your Golden Ticket.
Not only is your authentic power of the Golden Ticket to the quantum Field, but it’s also an energetic recipe for turbocharging vibes that attract genuine manifestations.
How do you define it?
Your authentic power is attuned to and connected with your heart.
When you’re struggling and searching and it feels like nothing, absolutely nothing is working out, it’s usually because you’re not connected to the power that resides in your heart.
Because it’s been shrouded by veils of judgments and walls that were erected to protect us.
Layers upon layers of stories that deceptively tell us we aren’t good enough and we can’t have the things we want.
But when you feel content with what is and excited about where you’re going, now you’re on the track to triumphs.
Our job is to uncover the false layers and inaccurate narratives and peel them back to reveal the raw, genuine truth.
This feels scary.
I know because it’s uncomfortable and unknown.
It also feels scary because it means we’re on the conduit to getting everything we’ve ever wanted.
And success for many is synonymous with stress, even if it’s precisely what we covet.
Sometimes it’s hard for our unconscious minds to vibe with just how good arriving at our dreams can be.
But breathe it in.
Allow it into your awareness.
Let the delicious promise of it all sink in and galvanize your heart and energy.
As you know by now that you can create your ideal reality with your vibration.
It’s a choice literally every single day and every single moment of those days.
Let’s dive into this deeper.
Have you ever felt the full, unvarnished, authentic presence of another human being in front of you?
They’re listening intently, open and available to what you’re saying.
You feel seen and heard, buoyed and appreciated.
I’d even say it’s one of the most enchanting feelings and experiences we can experience.
Unfortunately, in today’s world, these moments are hard to come by and fleeting for many.
We’re also busy being busy, and that’s a real shame, because it’s when we connect with others that we come alive and thrive.
We rid ourselves of separateness.
And it goes without saying that this disconnectedness has been severely compounded over the years.
Zoom happy hours, after all, rapidly lose their luster.
And the work I do with my clients, both corporate and private, as well as the speeches I give on stage.
What propels people toward breakthroughs is the presence and attention I show up for them with.
It’s as if once they have someone open their heart, see them, and truly just be present.
A whole new level of energy is unbolted.
It expands their energy into a new and fresh way of being.
You could also call this holding space for someone.
It’s as if I or someone else who gives them this presence and attention, pierces through all the personas they carry around and truly sees their heart and their soul.
We hold a frequency that can energetically create a space leading to results for them through our presence in the now.
It’s the magic that our presence offers and the high vibe energetics behind our intentions.
The person holding space for you could be someone who has already been where you want to go, holds the energy of what is truly possible and can help you see the evidence of your dreams manifesting because they themselves have done it.
It can be a team member you hired or work with who holds it all together.
When everything is falling apart, they can help you have a mindset shift which expands your capacity to receive and creates a new energetic container.
The best kind of containers are the ones in which it’s safe to be who you really are, a vessel where you can feel both the good and the bad periodically and at the same time, and a receptacle where it’s safe to state your dreams and fears and even the silly little things that make you giggle.
Its connection.
At its best, true connection has the power to change the modern world.
This, I’m convinced, is what modern humanity is missing.
Connection with self, connection with each other.
Connection at work.
Connection within our communities.
Connection with nature, and connection in all of our interpersonal relationships.
Fortunately, I’m often on the front lines of connections at my programs and retreats.
The swiftness with which these bonds are formed blows my mind.
Each and every time, program attendees and retreat goers form connections that are far closer and more real than the relationships they have with those they most often share every meal with.
And most of the time, these ties occur within the space of a mere three days, or even with someone they’ve only connected with via Zoom as part of a program, And they often last for years, if not decades and beyond.
Connections of this magnitude happen because the people who show up for my programs and retreats are ready for change and inherently know that connection is part of the transformation, is part of the recipe they fiercely present.
And whenever you put such a solid energy into that now moment you allow the quantum to be activated in your body, you become magnetic to a new type of vibration that just is.
Wait a SEC Suzanne, you might be saying quantum in your body.
Hear me out.
When you’re present and connected to the human in front of you, with your heart open, your judgment gone, and your energy zeroed in on this person that kind of present, you begin to transcend space and time.
You create room in your physical self that organically calibrates to one of the highest frequencies of all love.
And the diffusion of love energy from your body into another soul works some extra magic.
It electrifies the person with whom you’re engaged while also firing up your own well-being.
This is bringing your soul, your essence, who you truly are into your experiences and allowing them to be felt by others.
It’s that lover above we discussed in the preceding chapters that crazy burning, beautiful, high, high energy.
It’s a difference between greatness and legends and just another concert, cheeseburger, movie, brunch with friends, or goodnight kiss.
It’s capitalizing on being here now.
So I want to just pause on this chapter for a moment because I think that these are some things that that go unmissed is the power of your presence and the power of your connections.
And I feel like so many times we have surface level connections because that’s what we’re taught.
When I think back to my life before 2013, before my awakening, there was so much that was surface level about my life.
And it was one of those things where I didn’t even realize it because I wasn’t aware.
And the connections that I had were often shielded because I shielded my heart.
And so as you’re really beginning to understand the principles and quantum vibes, and as you’re really beginning to show up for yourself and your soul and your authentic power, we’ve got to really begin to take down these walls.
We’ve got to begin to open our heart and really give our presence.
And when we do that, something happens.
There’s a healing that occurs.
There’s a healing and ourselves and our bodies, there’s a healing with their relationship, but there’s a healing with the connection and the person in front of us.
And this is something that every single one of us has and every single one of us can give.
We just often don’t.
And so I would just invite you to look at the connections and the relationships in your life and do you feel like you’re really giving your presence and do you feel like you’re really opening up and letting people in?
Because I know for me this was a big thing, was really opening up, letting love in, letting people see me.
And you know, I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and helping them to create and scale businesses aligned with their passion and their purpose.
And one of the things we often work on is if you want people to see your power, you’ve got to be willing to see your power.
In order to do that, we need to be able to connect and we need to stop playing the I’ll Be Happy win game.
And we’ve got to begin to really look at what’s working now.
What is my desire?
Do I see myself in my full power?
And if not, how can I expect other people to see me in that way?
And so I want to leave you just contemplating that.
And the other thing I want to say is if you desire to deepen this conversation and you want to practice connecting with other high vibrational souls, then I would really trust the fact that you’re meant to be in rooms and spaces with other entrepreneurs and other like minded souls.
And so one of my amazing gifts is really holding space for connection and breakthroughs at in person events as well as inside of all my programs too.
But we are one week out from the Quantum Success Leadership Summit.
So if you are listening to this live and in person and you were just feeling in your body like this, would it be so transformational for me?
This would up level everything then check it out in the show notes.
We have a handful of in person tickets left and we have a virtual experience as well.
So get in the room with us if you really want to be seen, if you really want to begin to activate your dreams in the now.
And the other thing that I have coming up where we’re really going to take this to the next level is the Sedona Vortex immersion that is happening in early February.
And it’s four days, four days of connection, of opening your heart, of plugging into possibilities, of really receiving tools so that you can create more abundance and purpose and fulfillment in your life.
So check those out.
And I am so excited to see what happens when you begin to enjoy this present moment, when you begin to look at what’s working now, when you begin to turn the dial up up on gratitude and begin to plug in to even more possibilities from the space and place of where you are right now.
So thank you for being here.
Thank you so much for sharing this podcast.
If you’ve enjoyed it and I hope to connect with you more, and maybe even maybe just give you a big hug at one of these upcoming events, I will see you very, very soon.