EP12S1: Transforming Low Vibes Into High Vibes 

Audible version of Quantum Vibes (book), Quantum Tool #5: Repurpose Your Energy

In this episode, Suzanne Adams shares her excitement about tool #5, highlighting how it’s something we all need in our lives, even if we sometimes resist it. She also announces two upcoming live events – the Quantum Success Leadership Summit and the Sedona Vortex Immersion, both designed to help individuals break through to their next levels.

Suzanne shares the concept of utilizing low-vibe emotions, such as anger and frustration, as powerful tools for personal growth and transformation. She emphasizes the importance of feeling and acknowledging these emotions rather than suppressing them. As an example, Suzanne tells a real-life story about Jill, who initially resisted change and operated from an “I know” perspective, but eventually transformed her life by repurposing her anger and using it as a driving force to pursue her dreams.

A powerful exercise called “Wheels in Your Heart” is introduced. This exercise encourages listeners to visualize their heart as a car with different parts of their psyche as passengers. It also helps individuals acknowledge and embrace all aspects of themselves without judgment, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation.

Whether you’re dealing with anger, fear, sadness, or any other low-vibe emotion, remember that you have the power to turn it into gold. Choosing courage over comfort and letting your emotions guide you toward positive change, you can tap into the quantum field of infinite possibilities and manifest the life of your dreams.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes Podcast.
I’m feeling really excited about today’s episode because this quantum tool is something that we all need.
Sometimes we don’t want to need it, but we do.
And today is the Audible version of Chapter 5, Quantum Vibes 7.
Tools to raise your energy, harness your power and manifest a life that will blow your mind.
Before we dive in, I just want to share that I have two upcoming live events.
One of them is September 28th and 29th.
It is a quantum success, a leadership summit and it’s happening in Laguna Beach, CA.
And this is for heart centered leaders and entrepreneurs that are ready to to breakthrough to your next level that you want to understand truly how to magnetize quantum success in your business and your life and your fulfillment and your abundance in all areas.
We only have a few tickets left and then I also have a Sedona Vortex immersion coming up.
A four day immersion where we are going to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world at the same time as really elevating our mind, body, spirits and souls and connecting with the most amazing humans.
So if you’re interested in either one of those, check the link in the show notes.
And with that we will dive right in.
The other thing I just want to say is if this is your first episode, stay with me, listen to this episode, but just know that I’m reading Quantum Vibes audibly here for you.
So the way that this works is I read a chapter and in the next podcast is the evolution of that quantum tool and how it’s evolved since the infancy of the Quantum Vibes book.
Thank you for being here.
It it honestly means so much to me.
Here we go.
Chapter 5.
Repurpose your energy.
Choose Courage over Comfortability.
Brené Brown Quantum Tool #5.
Let yourself feel your low vibes and utilize that energy to inspire a new solution you would never have thought of otherwise.
To find motivation and to spur you into the quantum field.
Give yourself permission to express yourself and claim your worth as well as a downside.
Triggers have an upside, and an awesome one at that.
Turn your triggers into gold in the English language are the biggest blockades in the way of you and your dreams.
Yep, you guessed it, and my opinion.
The words I know can construct A monumental wall in your energy which thwarts many, if not all manifestations.
No one can afford me and I’m stuck here.
My friend Jill, a woman I had known and whose company I had enjoyed immensely, said feeling deflated and annoyed.
A few years ago, Jill was an all around badass and Executive VP at one of the most successful athleisure companies, not only in the United States but also across the globe.
I love Jill and admired the heck out of her too, but there were times when I was annoyed with her as well.
She had an I know attitude and could be totally resistant to change, which was completely opposite to my MO.
When we think we know everything and know it best, we aren’t exactly open and connected to the Quantum field.
In fact, we’re closing ourselves off to it as as the quantum field operates on the notion that anything is possible.
Remember it’s a place where imagination rules and our imaginations are nothing if not an exploration of what we don’t know.
Jill wasn’t wholly down for the concept of quantum field because she couldn’t see it as something palpable.
Again, she had that I know perspective that was not only exasperating me, but also wreaking havoc in her life and so I used a longterm approach.
She wasn’t willing to see things differently, which meant that until she was ready for a fresh angle, I wasn’t going to be able to help her.
Meanwhile, Jill watched in the background as I helped top executives create breakthroughs, purpose, abundance, and increased happiness.
I assisted others with landing their dream heart centered careers, those that are aligned with their purpose and mission.
I help many more realize such high vibe energy that they attained precisely what they desired, whether that was manifesting a dream or greater physical help.
I helped others still crank up their self-confidence and become connected with their purpose, which naturally translated to them finding their whole reason for being alive.
In response, Jill’s respect for me grew.
Jill began to ask for my guidance.
She craved something new.
She wanted more.
She’d been with her company for 15 years and was put off by the way she was treated during the pandemic.
She had taken over a brand that was down 50% in sales, although under her particular leadership it was down only 14%.
This is impressive under any circumstances, but especially when the entire world is shaken to its core.
Jill’s bonus was taken away from her and her boss told her she wasn’t impressed with what she had done.
Jill was affronted.
She was angry about the 50% cut in her income, sure, but she was even more fired up that she’d been working 12 to 16 hour days managing all of the major global time zones.
Europe, the US, which had left her naturally slaving away at odd hours she didn’t receive so much as a simple good job.
Not even a thank you, you may be thinking, well, I would be angry too.
Rightfully so.
But anger can be a debilitating thing unless we manipulate it to our advantage.
Here’s the thing about the energy of anger.
Although it’s not at the top of the Hertz vibration scale, it has the incredible potential to generate movement, motivation, momentum, and change.
Have you ever been broken up with?
I felt both broken hearted and myths, mourned your ex for a bit and then decided to make a major positive overhaul of your life.
Whether it was finally going for that cute Bob you were after changing your style to your own liking and not your partners pursuing that dream job in a city they said they’d never moved to, or spending time with those friends you had sorely missed.
That’s exploiting the hot, agitated energy you feel when you’re angry in a good way.
It’s a trigger that’s triggering more than low vibes.
It’s triggering constructive, fabulous change.
It’s anger working in your favor, because you know how to whip it into something wonderful.
Anger inspired Jill.
She was no longer willing to sit by and watch as she was blatantly disrespected by the company she’d been devoted to for years.
With my input, she began to open up her consciousness to the idea that other, even better opportunities were well within her reach.
Jill lived on the US coast, in an area she’d come to love so much that she didn’t want to move.
She originally feared there wouldn’t be a job opportunity in her region, at least not one that could compare with or exceed her current position and the salary that came with it, even if it had dipped.
Jill explained that what she really wanted was respect, kindness, fairness, appreciation.
She loosened her, I know, stance and saw the possibilities of the quantum field.
Then she began to play with it, or rather in it, and grasped what her life could look like if she was truly limitless.
In doing so, she became magnetic.
She couldn’t believe all of the opportunities that started falling into her lap.
Jill was approached by a new celebrity based brand that was preparing to launch.
A few other smaller companies reached out and expressed their desire not only to hire her, but also to compensate her in alignment with what she was already making.
Plus more, despite Jill’s anger and resentment, she felt loyal to her company after 15 years.
How could she not?
She genuinely didn’t want to leave.
She just wanted what she knew she deserved.
She also needed to honor her feelings and do what was best not just for her company, but also for herself.
After sifting through all the prospects that had fallen into her lap.
That’s code for a progressive shift in energy.
She recognized they were happening because she was operating on a whole new level.
She was letting more love in.
She was reprogramming and rewiring her mind to new possibilities.
She had repurposed her low vibe anger to work on her behalf, and she became irresistible as a result.
Jill narrowed down her offers and opportunities to three of her top choices, which we discussed.
She couldn’t quite decide, and in our consultation I noticed she was restricting herself.
She began to look at what her logical mind thought was likely, not what her heart sincerely desired.
I guided Jill to a place of new possibility in connection and asked her to make a list of everything she desired from that space, not what she believed was feasible.
Jill did exactly that and obtained the clarity she needed.
She decided her best option was to take the offer with the number one competitor of her current company.
She messaged me with what they presented to her and while I felt her enthusiasm, I could see there was still so much left on the table.
I coached her back to that place of anger.
She is, after all, a friend and I know how to push her buttons and had her utilize that anger energy once again to courageously request what she knew she was worth.
After two weeks of negotiations, she had a great result.
You were not going to believe what they offered me, she said when she called.
After two weeks of negotiations, Jill had gotten every single thing she’d asked for and more.
Now came the hard part, facing her colleagues and work family from the last decade and a half and letting them know she’d be saying Ciao.
I was thrilled for her.
I knew her work ethic, her talent, her value.
But I could also feel that this entire enterprise and her decision surrounding it wasn’t over yet.
Jill, I know this may not make logical sense at first, I said.
But you’re not going to be working for this new company.
I can feel it in my bones.
I know it seems like such a big move, but yes, I am.
She replied that I know, tone returning.
I’m giving my notice today.
Even though Jill was convinced she was sure, I sensed it wasn’t over.
Typically in Jill’s industry, you get a single chance to walk away and they’ll give you a counteroff for once.
Should you refuse it, they let you go.
She had already tried to resign roughly 5 years earlier.
The company was very strict on this policy and never offered counters.
Twice I saw Jill a couple days after she’d given her notice.
She was flabbergasted.
Every upper level exec across all of the divisions of her company had called and written to her.
She leaned on me to coach her through utilizing the energy that had been stirred up inside her once again, and she did it with success.
Her current company gave her a surprising counter.
She couldn’t refuse more abundance, more freedom, and more autonomy.
It was something that had never been done at her company before, but despite the way they had treated her recently, they weren’t willing to lose her.
The chances of what Jill pulled off happening were literally slim to none if you look at what’s realistic.
And yet the chances of what Jill pulled off happening if you play by the rules of quantum vibes was right on time, even perhaps divine timing.
Also right on time.
Is this message the fact that anything is possible, even if it feels farfetched and very unlikely?
Creating big energy vibes?
As human beings, we can find it tough out there sometimes, but part of what makes life dynamic and interesting are the ups and downs of our feelings, experiences and situations.
While we always want to aim for the highest vibes possible, it isn’t, as I’ve said throughout this book, always going to be sunshine and roses.
Jobs change, relationships end, Loved ones pass away, Illness happens.
Friends disappoint.
All of these events, as well as plenty of others can trigger us and shoot us down, down, down, the hurts, vibration scale.
The awesome part though, We can repurpose the energy that arrives with these triggers and countless ways on numerous levels.
Often we try to push down all of our low vibe feelings.
And frankly, why wouldn’t we want to?
Rage, grief, distress, anxiety, bitterness are all uncomfortable to experience.
When you turn up the volume on a radio or TV, the volume expands.
It’s like this with our energy too.
The bigger you can allow your energy to get, the more powerful you become.
With big energy, we can vibe in the all famous love zone and have space to process the more dense lower vibe feelings.
Where many of us go wrong here is we don’t want to feel the uncomfortable feelings, so we numb or push them away or get busy being busy and forget about them.
Shoving away these feelings isn’t healthy Indeed, To paraphrase Carl Jung, what we resist not only persist, but it also grows in size.
Avoiding our emotions is a form of numbing, and it often, if not always, leads to other forms of numbing.
Whether that’s going overboard on Moscow mules, maxing out your credit card limit at sacks, gambling your heart away online, exercising until you’re in pain and not the good kind, watching hours and hours of mindless television, you name it.
We collectively need to choose healing and living, not numbing and deadening.
That’s what this whole program is about.
We possess so many layers and aspects of ourselves, and as I’ve said in previous chapters, we can learn to view each of these parts of ourselves with acceptance, love, and compassion.
Once we do, we begin to alchemize the lower vibe feelings instead of pushing them deep down, which, let’s face it when they explode in some sort of outburst Hello Hot Mess Express I once was.
No matter where we are in our journey, we’re bound to be hit by triggers, just as Jill was in her career.
It’s simply part of the human experience, and sometimes adopting a positive outlook just won’t cut it.
If you want to grow, then you have to be willing to process triggers, so why not process them in a way that will catapult you towards your dreams and knock down the rabbit hole of numbing out and victimhood, turning your triggers into gold?
With Quantum Tool #5 and my 5th Quantum tool, repurpose your energy, we’re going to take the stuff that triggers you and turn it into manifesting power.
I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been triggered to some degree throughout the pandemic, of course, but also in every other domain of life, such as career, love, finances, friendships, family, traffic, weather, the holidays, government memories, and the list goes on and on.
Anger, fear, disgust, even sorrow can all be leveraged to achieve the very things our souls want.
Triggers are some of our biggest impediments to bliss and accomplishment.
Whether it’s fear of an unexpected layoff, rage at the passive aggressive comment our neighbor made, the anger that arises when our boss snaps at us, the annoyance we have for our spouse or roommate after a never ending quarrel or misery when the lives we’ve planned are thwarted.
And yet triggers are also opportunities.
They reveal the layers of energy inside us that still require healing and can fill us with inspiration and incentive.
If you don’t know exactly what a trigger means, let me spell it out for you.
A trigger is that feeling you get when your heart is beating fast.
You feel so angry you could explode the room and everything around you goes blank and something inside you becomes bowling to the surface.
You can’t see straight, let alone think straight.
Impulsivity sets in and fiercely at that.
In the heat of this moment, you may break up with someone you genuinely love.
Injure lease because your landlord rubbed you the wrong way.
Go into a road rage?
Grab that bottle of tequila.
After you’ve made it through dry January.
Buy those shoes you really can’t afford, text your toxic X, quit your job on the spot, or race through a red light.
In short, triggers frequently result in recklessness and the consequences of letting our triggers override us instead of work for us.
Now that’s something I don’t need to spell out.
However, emotional triggers are also sometimes called mental health or psychological triggers.
These can be people, memories, even objects that almost instantly provoke strong and negative emotions in us and are usually surprisingly intense.
Why does this happen?
Because something in our past hasn’t been properly processed, and it erupts in the present when something sparks it off.
Author of Waking the Tiger, Dr. Peter Levine adds to this, even if he puts it slightly differently.
He refers to triggers as emotional memories and says their echoes of memories stored in our bodies.
The past lives in us in ways that we are often unaware of, he says.
Times when we may have been left alone, yelled at, hurt, neglected, abused, misunderstood, exposed to difficulty, or otherwise traumatized all leave imprints on our bodies that can last through many years and decades.
The question is not whether these memories exist in us, but how they live in us.
To me, a trigger is a part of you that needs some soothing.
It’s an element inside you that needs empathy, not shame or guilt or self sabotage.
And Levine would agree.
Nor should a trigger serve as an excuse that may lead to an error, self hatred or straight up catastrophe.
Rather look at your trigger, Consider it an invitation to love yourself on a more profound level.
Get curious about it instead of mad at yourself for getting roused up.
Not that type of arousal.
Give the core emotion behind it a label as naming your emotions can be extremely validating.
Let your trigger show you it needs to be mended inside and then let it propel you closer to your dreams and desires.
You are human, you will absolutely have triggers.
The question is, will you use them to spiral down the self victim rabbit hole to more low vibes and numbing, or will you use them to bring awareness to your own evolution, to sit in the fire of what you’re feeling and to ignite a passion within you that can only be instigated by your triggers?
When you look at Jill and how she chose the path of the empowered creator and the possibilities within the quantum field of how she elected to repurpose her low vibe, anger, energy for the greater good of her happines and freedom, you’ll find that it’s a beautiful example of what can happen in your own life when you’re in your power and you get provoked, repurpose your energy.
Today I’ve coached, facilitated and led groups through transformational processes for more than 15,000 plus hours over the years.
It is truly amazing to me what can happen when we bring intentional awareness to our energy and healing.
What I’ve noticed most is that we give feelings a label they 100% do not deserve.
We label feelings as bad or good.
That’s not an accurate or productive method to follow.
When we can start to view our feelings from a neutral perspective, from the place of an observer, we automatically turn up our vibrations.
This is exactly what one of my best loved exercises, Wheels in Your Heart, can do for you.
Let me explain this.
Wheels in your heart analogy, which by the way has been exceptionally helpful to me on my journey.
The first thing you do is imagine your favorite car.
Go big here.
Think of a car that makes you smile, if not grin.
There’s no wrong or right here as long as it feels you with excitement and Glee.
Today mine is going to be a Porsche.
I know if it was my nephews, they would choose a Bugatti or a Lambo.
There are other days when I desire a stretch limo.
Choose what feels good to you in this moment.
Now visualize the car in the center of your chest, inside your heart.
Go deeper.
What does the car’s interior look like?
What color is its paint?
How fast can it go?
Then picture the driver seat of the car.
Which part of you has the keys to the ignition?
Your ego, your inner judge, Your doubting self or your best self?
Which part?
Notice this without judgment and Createspace for each part of you in this car.
Back in 2013, when I was in my dark night of the Soul moment, my fears and doubts definitely had the keys.
The piece of me that cared so desperately what others thought of me.
The one that was disappointed that I wasn’t getting married after all.
The one that felt empty.
That version was in the driver’s seat.
Where was my heart?
She was there somewhere, most likely in the trunk, buried under baskets in a yoga mat.
Today, though, my heart has the keys to the ignition, and I invite you to hand your heart the keys to.
As we noticed these parts of us to come to the surface, we don’t need to shelve them or bad girl or bad boy them away.
We just need to give them room to be seen and heard and loved.
When we do this, we get to release the dark parts with love as well.
Jill is a great example of someone who was able to make space for her anger, to sit with a part of herself that felt betrayed by the company that felt like home to her and honoring how she felt.
Instead of numbing the feeling, saying I know, or just accepting the status quo, she gave her heart the keys to the ignition and created an opportunity for spaciousness, a quantum leap, and a miracle.
The wheels in your heart Exercise allows you to see each part of yourself, each feeling each piece of you good, bad, or ugly, if you will.
It allows you to see yourself as whole without giving unnecessary categorizations to the less appealing ingredients.
When we aren’t shunning the pieces of us, they’re given the liberty to be processed and set free.
Then they can have a seat in the trunk until it’s time for the next layer of healing to begin, and we get them back into a seat with a seat belt on, mind you, until they’ve been heard and understood and loved.
In other words, when we give the layers of ourselves a voice and recognition, we transmute and repurpose our energy, triggered or not, to align with our dreams and not with the old subconscious stories that aren’t serving us.
So I want to just interject here really quickly, because this exercise is something I still do today.
If I notice like my life is off track, I take a minute and I’m like, what piece of me?
Who’s driving?
And I take a moment to really, really invite the highest, wisest, most beautiful, divine piece of me to come in.
And I give her the keys.
And this is really powerful and it’s it’s an exercise you can come back to again and again.
And I just want to say that if something in your life isn’t working out and you’re struggling with really surrendering to this piece of you, then that is sometimes where it’s helpful to to get someone to help you.
Someone that has created what you want to create someone that seems to have this mastered and get them to help you.
And I know when I’ve done this exercise that retreats your events, it’s been even more powerful and more potent because people are able to be witnessed and who they are.
And it’s almost like when we can do this collectively with a group of people, we’re able to transcend more layers of all these different pieces of us because we’re human and we’re going to have this journey.
And there’s going to be times, I mean, here I am a decade in, you know, created and manifested many dreams and the voice of doubt still creeps in, my inner judge still creeps in.
I mean, it still happens.
And so it’s really understanding the tools.
And this exercise is a really powerful tool.
So I just wanted to take a moment to really let you know that when, when you understand this exercise, it will absolutely alchemize your vibrations and it will truly help you begin to plug into quantum vibes faster.
OK, back to the book.
Our psyche simply needs to be seen and listened to, even caressed.
This is you.
You and you wouldn’t be that vibrant, intricate, terrific, fascinating you if the areas of your psyche, the realms that create these triggers, didn’t exist.
Can you just imagine how flat we would all be if we didn’t have imperfections, hadn’t made a single mistake in this sometimes trying life, or didn’t have wants and needs, some of which may be unconventional.
It would be like walking around in a world compromised of robots and Stepford wives.
In fact, I imagine that some of the coolest and most remarkable people you know, or what naysayers might call flawed, you know they’re not.
You know they’re human and prone to triggers and slip ups.
But I also imagine you’re drawn to these people.
Think again of those compelling high by people I spoke of earlier because they were vulnerable enough and strong enough to chill with their low vibes, to deal with their triggers, to use what provoked them as a means to healing and a reason, if not a crusade, to take them closer to freedom, meaning, pleasure, and prosperity.
However you might define it.
To recap, in Wheels in Your Heart, you visualize your big, beautiful, bold, open heart in the driver’s seat with the keys.
This is a shiny side of you, the true and authentic piece of you, the one who is living in its top tiers of the scale, where enlightenment and peace and joy and love prevail.
Then you notice the other parts of you have a place in the car too.
They just don’t get to have the keys.
This is a powerful way to reprogram, rewire, and repurpose your energy so that it’s in alignment with your soul, passions, and purpose.
All pieces of us are a portion of greater consciousness.
They’re here in the name of the game we are playing in the school of Earth.
Why do I call it a school?
Because that’s what I believe it is.
I also believe this is one of the largest, most glorious and also scariest voyages.
Our souls can go on being and learning and loving and vibing here as a consciousness and a soul.
We choose to come here for the purpose of learning to love more, to hit those top notes on the Hertz vibration scale and make a difference within our souls and the lives of others.
When we think of life as a virtual reality, which is sort of is, we can see how we hold the controller and which buttons to push.
And I don’t mean this metaphorically.
We have a choice, a lens that we create.
When you can shift your consciousness to understand this, you inevitably create a quantum moment.
You elevate your energy to a higher perspective.
You see things through an awakened state.
You take that sadness and use it to create something tangible and lovely, say a poem or a song, or call upon it when a friend has reached a similar place.
Hey, you empathy.
You take that resentment and exploit it to go after what you really want here on this planet.
There’s no point after all in being envious or mired and jealousy when anything is possible for you too.
And you take that amped up anger and use it as energy to take yourself closer and closer to the person you want to be and all that person wants to achieve.
When your anger shows up, let it get mad, get annoyed.
When the Blues arrive, feel all the feelings.
Do this with every low vibe energy that emerges.
Grab your journal, write them out of your body and onto paper.
Name what you’re feeling, even if you don’t know the why behind it.
Again, think back to what I said about the capacity to heal with quantum leaps.
See page 52.
Give your low vibes the front seat in your car, but not the keys.
Then let these vibes Dr. you right back up the scale, even if it means you take a detour or a couple of steep hills along the way.
When things aren’t working out for you, remember this.
You have a choice.
Always choose to write a new story and tell it.
Then live it.
Unlink and disconnect from the narrative that’s not united with your desires and dreams.
Eradicate the shame and guilt that your triggers may have caused you in the past.
Because right here, right now, is the real start.
Toss the pity parties out the window and create from your internal reality where you hold the keys and the controller.
Remember, you are in charge.
You get to decide.
Not your boss, not your partner, not your family or best friend or what society tells you.
You have the ability to bring awareness to any and all of the stories that aren’t serving you because you and you alone have the power to turn your low vibes and triggers into downright gold.
Quantum Tool #5.
Repurpose your energy recap, let yourself feel your low vibes and utilize that energy to inspire a new solution you would never have thought of otherwise.
To find motivation and to spur you into the quantum field.
Give yourself permission to express yourself and claim your worth, your blueprint for positive change.
The words I know will stall your manifesting game every time.
Remain open to new ideas, even if it means you need to experience some uncomfortable feelings and realizations.
Fully feel your low vibes, then utilize the movement in that anger energy to inspire new solutions that can transport you into the quantum field.
Triggers are big impediments to bliss and accomplishment, but they’re also great opportunities for change.
They have an upside and an awesome one at that.
When things aren’t working out for you, remember you can always choose to write a new story, then create it and live it.
That is the end of chapter 5.
Thank you so much for being here.
I really hope this inspires you.
We’re on the human journey.
Our emotions are going to go up and down in the atoms.
Actualization activation.
I share with you a blueprint of really how to take your energy, what I call it your alignment arrows, and plug them into the field of infinite possibilities.
And sometimes when we think about doing this and when we think about manifesting, we get angry.
If it’s like, I can’t hold the vibration all the time.
But here’s the thing, you’re not meant to.
You’re going to go up and down the breakthrough and the way out and the way through the next level glass ceiling that’s been holding you back is to begin to alchemize, alchemize the lower vibe feelings and not give them control and not let that be the dominant energy.
So I hope this helps you.
If you enjoy this episode and you share it with some friends and or share it on social media, it would mean so much to me.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you for your energy.
We have the links to those events that are coming up in the show notes.
I would absolutely love to meet you and connect with you in person and really take your manifesting game and help you create quantum success inside of your life and business.
So thank you so much and I will see y’all on the next episode.