EP13S1: Unlocking Limitless Potential with Your Unique Soul's Blueprint  

In this episode of the Quantum Vibes podcast, Suzanne Adams dives into the transformative power of repurposing one’s energy to align with their unique soul blueprint. She emphasizes that repurposing energy doesn’t always mean moving from low vibes to high vibes; instead, it involves aligning with one’s soul and its unique blueprint, opening the door to infinite possibilities in the quantum field.

Suzanne shares personal experiences where she followed her intuition and heart, even when it defied logic. These moments, driven by strong feelings in her body, led to significant shifts and achievements, from quitting a corporate job to writing a book and living in her dream home! She explains the importance of recognizing and trusting these feelings as signals from the soul, guiding us toward our big dreams.

Suzanne encourages listeners to take courageous steps toward their dreams, even if they defy logic, and emphasizes that true alignment with one’s soul blueprint is the key to an extraordinary life filled with abundance, fulfillment, and excitement. 

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast.
I am feeling really, really excited for today’s conversation because this is something that has changed my life on so many levels and at every next level of life.
And so today’s episode is about taking the quantum tool, about repurposing your energy and truly expanding it to the next level.
And when I think about repurposing your energy, does it always have to mean that you have low vibes and you need to switch them to high, or does it have to mean that you get triggered and you’ve got to, you know, move that energy in the right direction?
And so when we think about repurposing our energy, what if we decided to repurpose our energy right into alignment with our soul and our unique soul blueprint?
And this is where the magic is.
This is where the door to the quantum field with infinite possibilities exist.
This is how we began to create magnetism in our body and our cells on a cellular level and truly begin to actualize dreams into our reality.
So for those of you that have listened to the atoms actualization activation inside of that activation I shared with you three different potential fields that our energies can rest in and what part of our bodies, our physical bodies and what part of our chakra systems align with that.
And I want to give you a preview of how you can use some of this in to your reality today, in this moment, right now, and begin to repurpose your energy right in the direction of your big wild dreams.
So I hope you are just as excited for this as I am.
So when we think about repurposing our energy, there’s a few ways we can do this.
And so I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re desiring.
More fulfillment, more abundance, more freedom, more spaciousness in life, more of those moments where you’re feeling lit up and excited and like you just want to burst from the inside out because you feel that joy overflowing.
I’m guessing that if you’re here, you probably have some sort of purpose or mission where you were meant to help the world become a better place, to have a positive impact, whether it’s through your personal life or your business.
And what we can begin to do is we can begin to create quantum moments and begin to collapse time and literally begin to quantum leap into big wild dreams.
And I’m going to tell you how right now.
So I was reflecting.
I was reflecting on when in my life have I had experiences that catapulted me into these pinch me moments, these pinch me moments that I have truly been living for quite some time now and that keep getting more expansive, that begin to happen more often and feel even more exhilarating.
And what I realized was I realized that the commonality that many of my dreams have is that none of them make logical sense.
Now stay with me.
What I mean by that is I had a dream.
So when we’re manifesting, the 1st place to start is in our imagination.
It’s like before we create anything, it’s an idea, it’s in our imagination, It’s an intuitive hit, it’s an inspiration.
It’s a vision.
We have these dreams, and most of us don’t even even let ourselves truly dream big enough.
We don’t even let ourselves really feel the potential and the power of the dreams that our soul is ready for us to manifest.
And This is why I love the power of your unique Soul Blueprint.
Because your unique Soul Blueprint will help you catapult into alignment quicker and faster with more of your dreams.
And here’s how your soul is guiding you through ideas, through inspiration, through feeling.
And your soul is like trying to trying to dance around in your body and get your attention with a feeling.
And let me tell you what I mean by this.
So when I had my 459 moment, my first quantum moment, in 2013, my soul spoke to me.
Unfortunately, it was through pain, because that was the only way I was listening.
But when I was down on my knees on that day, tears were streaming down my face and I had made a cold, hard decision that I was no longer to to walk down the lonely, empty Rd. that I was walking on.
Something happened.
I felt a flutter in my body.
I felt my soul inside of me for the first time and I heard the words.
There is so much more for you.
And the feelings in my body moved me to begin to research things that I didn’t even know about energy frequency.
I began to go down a rabbit hole of personal development, and it changed everything.
And I remember signing up for my first retreat, and it made no sense.
And when I got there, I was expanded more than I had ever been.
I remember as it, my soul began to tell me, like, it’s time.
You’re meant to do something different than you’re doing.
And I remember walking away from a very lucrative corporate job that I had loved very much and it made zero logical sense.
But everything in my body was telling me to do it.
Now, just for the record, I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and quit their job.
In fact, I highly recommend that you don’t unless you have some sort of transition plan or unless money is no object.
And it doesn’t matter for me.
My soul was guiding me to do that, and it made no logical sense.
But the way that I knew that was the feeling in my body was so strong.
And then when I got the vision to write my first book, Girl Awakened, it made no logical sense.
I did not have a literary background.
I didn’t even have an audience at the time.
But there was a feeling.
There was a feeling in my body.
So for those of you, some of you, this will mean like a sacral.
Yes, it’s like the uh, huh.
You just know it.
And for those of you that follow human design, I’m actually not a sacral authority.
However, because of my intuition, I do have the sacral hits.
And so what’s interesting is I believe our unique soul blueprint is guiding us through these feelings.
And so regardless of what your human design is, you have this ability to feel something in your body and know it’s a yes and it can.
Sometimes you feel it in your soul, Sometimes you feel it in your heart.
Sometimes you feel in the pit of your stomach.
Sometimes your fingers begin to flutter.
And along the way, I think of hosting my first retreat in Sedona back in 2015.
It made no logical sense.
I didn’t even have an audience, really.
Yet I think of how I was able to speak at Hay House right out of the gates.
Again, I had written the book, which made no logical sense.
I think of as my business began to grow and the way that I put offers out there a lot of times made no logical sense.
The way I attracted high level corporate clients, the way I was attracting executives and Vp’s into my world, it made no logical sense.
But what I was doing was I was following a feeling in my body that was guiding me, and oftentimes with repurposing energy.
We’ve got to move the energy from our mind right into our heart, because our mind will talk us out of our dreams every single time if we let it.
And our heart and our soul will guide us into the life of fulfillment and abundance and excitement that we have been praying for.
And so when I think about in 2019, when I was visiting Laguna Beach and I got that feeling that hit for some of you, like I said, it’ll be a sacral.
And I had to feel it in my body that I was supposed to live there.
And it made zero logical sense.
Only a few years earlier, I had renovated my home in Atlanta, GA.
That was all that I knew was home.
My friends were there.
My family was there.
My identity was there.
Everything was there, but my body was telling me something different.
My unique so blueprint was telling me I was ready for change and this was the change.
And the second I let my heart begin to feel it.
And the second I checked all the logic, I got behind it very quickly.
And so as I booked A1 Way ticket, as I began to start this new chapter, I felt so free.
I felt so excited.
And I think we disservice ourselves so often because we don’t give ourselves the chance to have this moment.
We don’t allow these quantum moments to show up because we’re too busy looking at what is in front of us.
We’re too busy looking at what’s not working.
We’re too busy looking at why we can’t.
And so when we can really begin to repurpose that energy of why we can’t into why we can, and when we can begin to notice the feeling in our body, then everything begins to change.
So as I’m speaking to you right now, I am looking out at this beautiful Tuscan view.
For those of you that are connected with me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen the views of my new home.
And I got here because of a feeling in my body.
When I walked through this home, I didn’t even look at the house.
I was standing outside.
I looked at the view, I felt the energy and everything in my body told me this is your house.
I literally started crying like 30 minutes in.
And I just said to the real estate agents, I think this is my house.
And so there are so many times your soul is guiding you through a feeling in your body, through a tingling sensation in your heart, through butterflies in your belly.
And oftentimes we don’t have the courage to heed the calling into the direction of our big wild dreams.
And so we give the keys to the car of life to our mind instead of our heart.
And we do what’s quote UN quote realistic.
And when you do what’s realistic, then you can expect a realistic result.
And so for those of you that are like, I am so ready for this next level in life, I want to come into full alignment with my unique Soul blueprint.
I want to scale my business to a place in space that doesn’t even make sense to my logical mind.
I want to create success so that I’m able to really make an impact.
I want to make an impact and make a difference.
I want to use my vibration to go up into the quantum field, and I want to begin to play in a space of potentiality, of potential infinite possibility, a place of quantum vibrations.
And I’m committed.
And so the reason I’m feeling excited about this is because I want to share with you an opportunity, an opportunity that can truly be a quantum moment for you if you let it.
And so there’s something right now in your body that you have a feeling about or you’ve gotten a feeling about recently and you’ve ignored it.
And so I want to open the door and open up the awareness so you can begin to notice when your soul is talking to you in this way.
And this is going to begin to put you in alignment with your unique soul blueprint.
And so some of you that are ready if you’re ready to to up level your heart center business.
If you’re ready to expand at the level of abundance that you’ve been able to receive, if you’re ready to make more of an impact and make more money and do it in a way that feels in alignment with your heart and your soul.
Then this is your invitation to join me to join me in the room for the Quantum Success Leadership Summit.
It is happening live and in person in Laguna Beach CA.
September 28th and 29th.
And what can be so phenomenal for you is if this is giving you that feeling in your body and you’re getting the butterflies and you’re getting the uh huh.
And you’re getting them like, Oh my gosh what could we create?
Like I want to meet Suzanne in person.
I want to connect with amazing high vibrational community.
I’m committed.
I’m, I’m ready.
I’m excited.
We are so close to this event and so this is one of the things that would defy logic.
It doesn’t make sense.
It doesn’t make sense to book the travel.
It doesn’t make sense to rearrange your schedule.
It doesn’t make sense to call in a babysitter whatever it is.
And so I want to invite you, whether it’s the Quantum Success Leadership Summit or whether it’s something else that’s giving you this feeling, to really move in that direction because so many times we get these feelings and then we don’t have the courage to take action.
Now, I also realized that some of you may be single parents or some of you might have nine to five jobs that you really just can’t get away from.
And so if that’s the case, and you have this feeling in your body and you’re feeling trigger because you can’t join us, then I want to invite you to come into the room virtually.
It is the next best thing.
And so being in the room in person is amazing.
And if you can do it and it makes no logical sense and you have the feeling in your body, then you come and you be there.
And if you can’t and you still want to have the high vibrations, you want to experience the up levels.
You want to upgrade your mindset.
You want to begin to plug into your unique soul blueprint.
You want to begin to hold a frequency so that you can scale your business into multiple 6 figures and beyond.
You want to really own your power and own your potential.
Then this is the room for you and what’s so spectacular is inside of this room.
I am going to help you expand this quantum moment.
I’m going to help you really take the energy that you’re creating and and having this sacral.
And and moving in this direction in opening up to possibilities and together with the energetics, we’re going to expand all of it.
And you’re going to have new ideas and you’re going to have new feelings in your body about what’s next and how you can serve in a bigger way.
And it is going to be so expansive and so exciting.
And so we’ve got the the link in the show notes for both.
And I’m just going to encourage you that if this is calling to you, that you take action and that you move on it, and that you trust your heart and your soul.
Because when I think of all the moments that have really put me into alignment, they were things that didn’t make sense.
Paying a mentor way more than it made logical sense.
Moving across the country to a place where I knew no one, it made no logical sense.
I didn’t know where I was going to live when I got there.
And then I found them as beautiful floor to ceiling, ocean view place.
It made no logical sense, but everything in my body said it was a yes.
And so we’ve got to begin to get out of the field of predictability.
If it’s predictable, it’s safe.
If it’s safe, it’s probably not truly in alignment with your soul and where you want to go.
Now that is a general blanket statement from me.
So I want you to take discernment and and feel what’s resonating here with you.
Because when there is a frequency and it’s felt in our body and there’s a resonance and our soul is coming into harmony with our personality and it is saying go, you can do this.
And so whether that’s you come into the room to the Quantum Success Leadership Summit in person or virtually or there’s another move that your soul has been guiding you to, I want to urge you to make that move and don’t wait.
Do it today.
Because if that’s the case, then what’s going to happen is you’re going to watch as potential infinite possibilities begin to drop in for you.
And in order for you to be an energetic match for big wild dreams and for infinite possibilities, you’ve got to learn how to play and dance in this field where the logic isn’t in the driver’s seat but the heart is.
Now, I’m not saying go do something that is going to put you at a space in place of of discomfort.
I’m not telling anyone to go into debt over things that they don’t want to go into debt.
And that’s not what I’m saying.
So hear me.
What I want to say is your soul is guiding you and your unique soul blueprint.
When you come into alignment, you cannot fail.
When you come into alignment with your unique soul blueprint, it is impossible to fail.
There is a magic, unlimited potential that you unlock when you unlock this piece of you.
And so this is a key, this is a key to actualizing your dreams as following that feeling in your body.
And so today’s conversation is about where have you been really allowing logic to drive your decisions?
Where have you been feeling stuck because you’ve been stuck in your logical mind?
Where have you not said yes?
To some of the dreams that you desires or some of the experiences that you desire because of the logical mind.
Because if you want an extraordinary life, then you’re going to need to make extraordinary decisions.
And extraordinary decisions are not connected to your logical mind.
Think about it.
Your heart beats.
Your logical mind has nothing to do with it.
The miracle that lives inside of you that keeps you breathing has nothing to do with your logical mind.
It’s a higher plan at play.
It is a divine peace that is within you.
And so when you can begin to turn this on on a conscious level, the game changes.
And so I am so fired up.
If you cannot tell, like the feeling in my body right now, there is so much excitement.
And this excitement is because I know that for those of you that are all in on this conversation and you’re going to make a big move, your life is about to change in the best of ways.
You’re going to start to receive more than you’ve ever received because you’re making a move in a feeling of alignment.
And when you do that, you open up the channels of receptivity.
Otherwise, if you’re stuck in the logical mind, it’s more of a abundance block because it’s like you close the door and possibility you close the door and more coming in because you’re trying to keep things realistic.
And when you keep things realistic that is a contracted energy.
And so this is one of the most powerful mindset upgrades that you can have.
Starting now is look at where you’re letting logic drive and how can you shift that.
How can you repurpose that energy into your heart space?
How can you begin to connect with your heart and soul and ask your heart and soul, your power, your potential, to show you the way?
Because in my world we are not playing small anymore.
In my world we are expanding, we are accelerating.
And it’s happening fast.
And if you want to be a part of this and link arms, then come come to Laguna Beach, be in the room with me September 28th and 29th, and get ready for magic and miracles.
If you’re feeling the feeling, then you know what to do.
And for those of you that make a move, no matter what it is, if you want to share it on social media, tag me so I can celebrate with you and see this ripple effect of unique soul blueprints being open and awakened.
And thank you so much for your time and for your energy.
Thank you for being here.
If you have enjoyed this conversation, share it with some friends.
And if you do share it on social media, please tag me so I can reshare it out.
Thank you again for your time and your energy, and I cannot wait to see what quantum moments you create in your life just from this conversation alone.