Ep3S1: Unlocking Your Soul's Frequency

Embark on an illuminating journey with Suzanne Adams in Episode Three of “Quantum Vibes” as she delves into Chapter One of her groundbreaking book. Join Suzanne as she navigates the realms of quantum physics and personal empowerment, shedding light on the profound connection between vibrational frequency and manifestation. Through captivating storytelling and insightful teachings, Suzanne unveils the transformative power of energy and its role in shaping our reality. From practical techniques for elevating your vibration to embracing gratitude and meditation, Suzanne offers invaluable tools for cultivating a life of abundance and fulfillment.


Discover how intentional thought and emotion can manifest your deepest desires, and learn to align with the higher frequencies of the quantum universe. Whether you’re seeking to unlock your true potential or manifest your dreams, Suzanne’s wisdom will inspire you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Tune in to “Quantum Vibes” and start turning up your vibrational frequency today.

Welcome back to the Quantum Vibes podcast. I am so happy to be here with you today. Episode three. We are diving in to chapter one. Chapter one of Quantum Vibes. Here we go. Part one. The seven quantum tools. Turn up your vibrational frequency. Your heart has a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe. Susie Cassam. Quantum tool number one. Look at where you are in life and take it to the next level. Turn up the vibration of the energy you’re emitting by feeling your feelings and focusing on the good that is directly in front of you. Say high vibes. In the summer of 2019, I had a moment, like a real moment. 


I was eating breakfast in the mountains of Lake Garda, Italy, staring out at one of the most gorgeous vistas I’d ever seen, when my heart almost burst. Could anything be more beautiful? I asked myself. Could this really be my life? And then it hit me. I created this. Not the glistening lake, not the infinity pool, not the lush mountains in the distance, not even definitely not even the frittata or the cappuccino in front of me but the feeling inside me, the energy I was emanating the location free career I had that was helping thousands and fueling my soul along with it. That was because of me and the process I was consciously following. Clearly, a force much larger than me had a big hand in all of this. 


But I’d captured this awesome moment by grasping what I feel is the most vital applicable principle of quantum physics that we are all made of energy. Pure, positive, glorious energy that vibrates according to the intention and feeling and thought we put into it. This gives us the opportunity to swing to a higher frequency, to start creating the life we’ve long been craving. To some, this is empowering. To others, it’s unnerving as it puts the onus squarely on us. And let’s be real. It’s a legit responsibility indeed. Going from that girl with a wine o’clock habit to the woman sipping cappuccino in the Italian mountains was painful at times. 


In the beginning, it was slow moving and frustrating as I tried to internalize, really internalize the notion that we’re all energy and that it’s our duty to own this work with this and be it. After all, it’s so much easier to cozy on down with a bottle of Red, self pity and Netflix than it is to try to understand how the universe works and put in the effort to keep yourself faithful, connected, curious, engaged, and committed. Quantum physics was my entry point to this new way of being. The old paradigm suggests that matter emits energy, which, truth be told, can leave a girl feeling pretty helpless. Quantum physics, on the other hand, turns this concept on its head and tells us that, nope, we had it wrong. Energy creates matter. What does this mean? Excitingly? 


It means that the tree in your yard from a before awakened perspective looks barren. Blink and see it again, and the tree has buds that are priming to bloom next season. It means that those neighbors from a before awakened experience appear to be driving you crazy by sonically assaulting the neighborhood with their karaoke. Listen again, and hey, you actually really love their rendition of that Whitney Houston song and feel like grooving to it. It means that it seems that no one in your before awakened perspective is keen on you. That there isn’t a man or a woman who even casts a glimpse your way, let alone ask for your number. Look again, and you’ll find that the world is teeming with opportunities to connect with high vibe souls who are ready to rock your world. Awakening might be confusing here, even off putting. 


I get it. It tends to suggest an intense ecstatic almost leap up from a wheelchair experience, which I’m not disparaging. But it’s not the awakening I’m talking about. I’m talking about awakening to the knowledge that the energy we match our internal vibrational frequency to determines the outcome and the experience of our life. I’m talking about the power and necessity of consistently elevating your thoughts to raise the world around you, and importantly, to uplift your world inside yourself. This is the key to restoring a life you may have lost or to finding the life you’ve longed for to grow. I said yes to growth and keep saying yes and still say yes. Besides, life is less about discovering yourself than it is about inventing yourself, or rather, deliberately creating a reality that electrifies you on a daily basis. 


Of course, I don’t always know how my goals will materialize. I’m not always confident I won’t fall flat on my face as I chase them, either. In fact, I’m willing to fail over and over again, because that’s part of the process to reach real success, however you define it. But I do always know that I have to follow my heart and soul, and my heart tells me that I need an elevated attitude, a high vibrational feeling. Period. Amplifying your vibrational frequency with quantum tool number one. With the first of my quantum tools, turn up your vibrational frequency. I am going to teach you to show you how to boost your vibrations so you can begin to consciously create whatever it is that you’ve been secretly dreaming of but maybe haven’t let yourself say out loud yet. 


In a nutshell, you’re an energetic being who emits a frequency. You create your very own vibration, and the vibration you emit dictates the life you’re living. Dr. Joe Dispenza phrases this notion differently when he says the quantum field which we’ll dive into in tool number two responds not to what we want. It responds to who we are being. If we’re being all doom and gloom, if we’re dedicating our time and energy to focusing on external things that vex us, if we’re feeling low and hopeless, well, it kind of sort of always regulates how everything looks and feels and seems and is around us. This is especially important when we’re faced with a global or personal crisis. We have a tendency to let our exterior reality affect our vibration. 


But if we’re tapped into the higher notes on the Hertz vibration scale and thinking serenely, hopefully, and joyfully regardless of what our current circumstances are life outside begins to take on a lovelier and way more exciting hue. Life inside no longer feels angry, hopeless, frustrated, and fragmented. It feels coherent, open, willing, and ready. It’s that light I saw in meditation with a Reiki healer that first made me feel array of wonder and love and possibility. This quantum tool has served me and many of my clients very well throughout times of fear, uncertainty and massive change. Let’s take a look at the scale again. So just as a reminder, I’ve got the Hawkins Hertz Vibration scale in my Instagram stories in the Quantum Vibes podcast bubble. So you can visualize the scale because I want you to see it for sure. Back to reading. 


Quantum vibes. As already mentioned, every living and breathing thing on the planet from the plant on your window seal to the off the shoulder romper you’re wearing to the hope that you’re holding on to in this very moment as you read this breaks down into small, like really small particles. And each of these particles has a specific energetic quality. Some call this a vibration, others a frequency. And that energy changes with the energy we apply to it. Think of classic Newtonian physics. Drop a glass on the floor and it’ll likely shatter. Push a chair hard enough and it’s going to fall over. Go pedal to the metal and hey, you made it to your destination with time to spare. Now, consider quantum physics, which says that everything is energy. And think of how you can work this in your favor. 


For example, Einstein proved that E equals MC squared. That energy is the equivalent to mass, which is matter times the speed of light. In other words, energy and matter are just two different forms of the same thing. Any little bit of matter can be transformed into a huge amount of energy. This means that you have enormous personal potential simply through vibing up your energy. Ivan Young, PhD. Says the emotion is energy plus motion or emotion. In other words, the more energy you pour into anything, the more of that thing you receive. If someone had tried to tell me this a decade ago, I would have rolled my eyes and muttered, obviously in the other direction. And yet, if I’d taken a step back and seen how this straightforward but great law of nature applied to me, I would have been appalled. 


There I was, healthy in body and bank account, but stuck in the loop of victimhood. I had no home, no true love, no focus or fulfillment. I was pouring all of my energy and motion into telling myself the same sad story over and over again. Perpetuating my own dismal reality. I felt stuck, disappointed, and resentful. I had no idea that I, and I alone, had the power to change this. The process of recognizing and later maneuvering energy is largely intuitive. If you spend your energy on, say, yoga or dance or even mathematics, there’s a really good chance you’ll master it. If you allocate your energy to your garden, it’ll thrive with blooms, herbs, or whatever plants you’ve chosen. Your energy goes where you focus it. If you’re in the car and you aren’t jiving with a song on the radio, what do you do? 


You change the dial, tune into a different frequency, and then you hear a different song. You can do this with your thoughts and your energy too. You turn up your frequency by changing the dial, shifting your focus, and deciding to emit a different frequency. That is, zeroed in on where you desire to go. Feelings emit frequency. So the higher my frequency, the higher my vibration, and the faster and easier my dreams will flow to me. The energy I put out will be matched by the energy that I get back. This means that based on the way that you feel and the thoughts that you think, you’re emitting a vibration, an energy that will reflect your outer world. You intentionally tune in to a specific frequency, and then you receive that frequency. 


If you’re reading or listening to these words, then you are able to intentionally create a feeling, a vibration that is a match for your dreams. You can intentionally tune into the feeling of what you desire. And your job is to always look at engaging the highest frequency possible. This is where the law of attraction also begins to come into play. Like matches, like and things grow and expand where energy flows. You can intentionally tune into the feeling of what you desire and then literally watch how the world changes around you in kind. Believe in Murphy’s Law and everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Believe in Yimfram’s Law? Yep. That’s the thing. The opposite of Murphy’s Law. In fact, it’s Murphy’s spell backward and everything that can work will work. 


In any given moment, we have two options to step forward into growth and the unknown, or backward into the feeling of certainty. For most of us in those rehearsed states of being that have kept us on the low end of the hurt’s vibration scale, here we experience lower vibe emotions such as dread, anxiety, resentment and jealousy. Step into the growth mindset, where the higher vibes rest and the world starts delivering. Expansion versus contraction, persevering versus cowering, loving versus fearing. When I say turn up your vibration, I don’t mean in just a simple up or down way. I mean create a bigger, more expanded energy. When you turn up the volume on your TV or radio, it’s true the sound becomes louder, but it also reaches further and wider. Think of your energy in this way, too. 


We live in a world full of dense vibrations, and when we turn up our own vibration, the true magic is being able to hold the higher frequencies at the same time as maybe we are feeling some shame or fear without letting the lower vibe emotions take the driver’s seat. I’ll explain more about this in Quantum Tool Number Five when I share one of my favorite and most impactful exercises to make room for the many dynamic feelings you will experience on this journey to fulfillment. While I’ve messed up more times than I can count, one thing I’ve always done, even before I was aware or conscious of a better way of being, was to always look on the bright side. This has served me well. 


And now that I understand the power of mindset and how thoughts become things, it gives optimism and appreciation an entirely new importance. It is that imperative. And it is also that simple. When we get so caught up in the bad stuff in front of us that it isn’t working and concentrate on that and only that, we get more, well, bad stuff. Traffic is endless. Payments are late. More layoffs are coming. The late you just bought spills all over your car seat. When we focus on the fact that our partner is disappointing us, we bristle with an energy that shifts how they relate to us, and they either pull away or get angry, which disappoints and angers us even more. When we give into a bad mood, we lower the moods of those around us, too. Doom begets doom. 


However, if we can always try to see a silver lining and choose a better elevated thought, emotion and behavior and make this our mo, our 24/7 experience, we can start to shift negativity in an instant by turning up our vibes. And then the world around us does too. Traffic opens up for us, payments arrive on time. Not being in a relationship and even quarantine can feel like a gift of mental and physical spring cleaning. And that late is thanks to the hottie ahead of you in Line, who bought it for you while you were checking out all the good news on your iPhone. The hurts of our past and present don’t vanish, of course, but the now starts shining a little brighter, and the future starts to glimmer with hope. We, in turn, start gliding toward it. 


Indeed, we apply optimism on a conscious, steady basis. The world transforms. Chances are you will not become a millionaire overnight or wake up to the job of your dreams. Well, maybe it certainly isn’t off the table, but you will begin to savor what you have right now in front of you in a mighty state of appreciation while also being grateful for where you’re headed. With this in hand, you will be on the express lane to that life you have forever. Fantatized of having Michelle changes her energy and her life I met Michelle for the first time at a retreat I hosted in Sedona, Arizona. Her soul wasn’t in a good place. In spite of the stunning beauty all around us. Amid those amazing red rock structures, she looked every bit the girl boss. 


With her black Matte Gucci flats, Kate Spade briefcase, and bouncy hair, she moved through the room like she owned it, but as she sat down with me, she said that all that self assurance was a facade. Deep down, everything about her, from the condo she owned in the San Francisco Bay area to the Prius she drove, was more or less just window dressing. That’s how down she was on herself. As a marketing executive at a beauty company, she was surrounded by models who looked like they subsisted on hemp milk lates and aroma diffused air. She committed 2 hours every day, spending her time on the road, listening to the morose voices of NPR News and getting upset about the state of the world, while her children grew even closer to their nanny. 


As a single mother, she only saw her kids first thing in the morning and late in the evening she’d bring home ty takeout or pizza for dinner for herself, as they’d already eaten with their nanny. Tuck them into bed, read to them for a bit and then hit her MacBook again to keep her edge in the workplace and to dull the mom guilt she felt for hardly seeing her children. On weekends, she’d chauffeur her kids to sporting events and scroll through her social media channels after they were asleep, annoyed and resentful at the post about the vibrant lives others appeared to be living. 


She had a few women she considered friends, but in recent months hadn’t made an effort to reach out to them, in part because they were relentlessly competitive and bragged about everything from their vacation houses to their preschoolers acceptance into exclusive schools. She wasn’t depressed she’d seen two therapists to confirm this, but she wasn’t excited about life either. She was operating on autopilot. She felt like she was living to work instead of working to live time seemed to be slipping by. My children will be grown up and out of the house before I know it, she said. And what am I doing it for? To keep up with the Joneses. In other words, she was, in many ways like me, BA before awakening, feeling a lackluster level of excitement about life and a deep knowing that there had to be more out there. 


Sometimes in life, I told Michelle, we get wrapped up in things that don’t really matter, like if Chloe’s mom is a better, more present mother or if you’re not enough as a woman, or why you can’t fit into the new black dress you just bought. Like me, Michelle felt like she had checked so many boxes and she still wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled. And like me, she felt there was something more out there, but had no idea where there was or how she could find it. Michelle admitted she was on the low end of the vibration scale, and I could see it. She was turning her vibes down instead of up. And the more I got her to open up, the more I realized that she needed to do some inner rewiring. 


She wanted a spiritual connection, genuine friends, and an awesome relationship with her children and to feel proud of her body and achievements. And yet, she was stuck on a channel, a frequency that wasn’t just not serving her, it was destroying her well being. Picking up the remote and changing the channel to turn up her frequency was the first step to attracting and creating the life she knew she was destined for. What’s more, she had to do this if she wanted to activate a new reality. As I told Michelle, you’re always going to have an emotion, a feeling going through you, and the more intentional you become about honoring and feeling that emotion, that frequency, at the highest level, then managing it, the more you will magnetize circumstances and opportunities that mirror it. 


The there isn’t in Paris, the master suite of the penthouse you’re coveting, or in the arms of Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger. Nor is it to be found in the promotion you’re waiting for, or in being the perfect, polished mom who’s first in line to pick up her kids and always goes on field trips. The there and this is a scary but also empowering part is right here inside you. Michelle felt that it was too late for her, but I assured her that it was only the start. I created a strategy for her which reflects what you’ll find in the subsequent chapters of this book. First, though, I gave her a number of insights on how she could further nourish her mind and energy, not just in a once in a while way, but on a nearly hourly basis. 


She can inspire her mind by unfollowing, instagram accounts filled with ego and instead follow people and groups that would lift her spirits. She could stop upsetting herself with listening to the news and find podcasts and audiobooks that would galvanize her. I gave her permission to acknowledge and respect her anxiety and anger and encouraged her to return to her journal or therapy to address these issues. I asked her to stop isolating herself and to work as diligently on finding heartwarming friendships as she did at her career. I urged her to prioritize and pay close attention to what is already working in her life and to being happy and to keep doing this as long as possible. 


I persuaded her to carve out time for her children, to mitigate her mom guilt and to build a lasting emotional connection with the humans that she loves so dearly. Most of all, I asked her to concentrate on raising her internal energy and turning up provide by focusing on the top tier of the Hertz Vibration Scale. The more you let yourself do things that bring you joy, the higher you will vibe on the Vibration Scale I shared with Michelle. When you let your heart burst open, life starts to feel rich and rewarding, and you begin to turn up your vibes. This could be from a hug and a kiss from your kids, or by taking a moment to pause and watch the sunset and allowing time to just stand still. 


Or it could be if you’re enjoying a margarita with that friend who truly just gets you and always tells the funniest stories that have you giggling like a schoolgirl, yes, you need more of that in your life, starting now. I explained Michelle’s transformation didn’t happen overnight, but her breakthrough began the second she committed to turning up her frequency. With only a few weeks, she started to see results. Indeed, she told me that she felt better than she had ever felt before. Her new self care routine had allowed her to start loving herself and her body again. She felt a bond growing with her children. After a couple of months of implementing this process, she was given the opportunity to work part time from home. 


This led to more productive work hours, a more fulfilling personal life, and even room to amp up her self care routine. All of which really did blow her mind. Becoming lightified long before I’d met Michelle. When I had started jumping into these questions myself, I came across a Reiki healer who I’m convinced was deliberately placed on my path to put me on the route toward healing and purpose. At the time, I didn’t know Reiki from Reishi. Yes, as in the mushroom. But desperate pleas sometimes call for desperate answers. This Reiki Reishi healer nearly sent me flying out the door when she asked me to consider what I was doing before I was born. I had no idea. I wasn’t anything. I was hardly a button waiting in my dad’s back pocket. Hello. I hadn’t even been born yet. 


She then led me into a meditation and I visualized a light oozing euphoria beyond anything any hallucinogenic orgasm had ever generated. It was soft, vibrant, and all encompassing. It was peace and potential personified, or rather, lightified. I like to think of it as the glow of ecstatic love and limitless possibilities. As the healer and other sources later told me, this meant that before I was born, I had an epic mass of energetic light that could be shaped into what I desired once I was born on this planet in the 21st century. Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about past lives here. At least not in this book. I’m not alone in this vision. Just as we all have a body, we also all have a soul. And our wise, timeless, loving soul inhabits our body. 


Our heart and soul are where our true wisdom resides. This realization is tricky for some of us to consider because we often cling to the things we identify as mother, brother, wife, boyfriend, son, daughter, software engineer, lawyer, writer, doctor, blonde, brunette, Japanese, Irish, Greek, whatever. Identification can serve us well at times, but it also puts us in a place where we feel tied to meet preset obligations, causing us to forget about that inherent light completely. And when we do, we only think of surface ways to mold that energy of possibilities. Knowing that I had access to this boundless light and energy inside me didn’t mean that I could use it to click my heels and have Naomi Campbell’s figure and elegance or Kim K’s cheekbones or Ferrari in my garage in a blink. None of this stuff truly matters anyway. 


But it did mean I can embody the energy by tapping into and channeling a higher, more open and expansive energy that represented the pure grace and love that I already had long before I was born. And I could call upon it again and again to do good for myself and for others. I could use it to experience seemingly unending happiness, to know that love would never fade, to have faith in the fact that anything is possible. It tasted like freedom, and it felt like change. And by the time I opened my eyes in that reiki reishi healer’s treatment room, I realized that I would devote the rest of my life to capturing that feeling again and again, no matter what it required. Why? Because I found a new brand of magic, and I was convinced it was going to take me places. 


I don’t mean the magic of fairies and dragons here, although those work for some. I don’t mean the magic of Vegas either, where trickery and illusions rule. No. I mean the magic of lifting the veil and looking at life through a fresh pair of eyes and seeing all the treasures and potential that rests in our very own energy field, in our own light. Magic happens when you start to tune into the high vibes. Invisible doors open, synchronicities are abundant, and that uncomfortable, sometimes all consuming feeling of wondering if there’s more to life vanishes. Don’t get me wrong. As I said, it’s not always peaches and roses, especially in the beginning. There may be more of an internal struggle than robust internal strength and the glee that comes with it. 


It’s also not simply a matter of putting on rose colored glass and forgetting the hurts, losses and tragedies that inescapably rattle us. Rather, it’s calling upon your higher Vibe to get through difficulties without losing sight of your ultimate vision and without lowering the vibration you’re emitting. Often, when you choose the path of alignment and positivity, your ego or your fears will flare up and do everything in their power to guide you in the opposite direction and keep you off track. But I’ll give you the tools throughout this book to combat this. All the more reason why it’s crucial to take fast action to shut down the negativity and tune in to a different, Higher Vibe channel. Because on an energetic level, the higher the hertz vibes of your signal, the deeper your lifelong change and the greater your level of enthusiasm and contentment. 


To be clear, I am by no means suggesting that you should bypass your feelings or what your heart is telling you if it’s not High Vibe. In fact, just the opposite. So stop numbing and start feeling. Such a practice permits you to feel what you need to feel in order to ascend. When you embark on the exercises throughout this book, you should give yourself full permission to respect and experience all of your feelings. By doing so with comfort and self compassion, you will automatically raise your vibes. Turning up your vibes does not mean nonchalantly ignoring your feelings and simply tuning into a Higher Vibe feeling. It means giving yourself grace, empathy and compassion and allowing your feelings to move through you with love. More coming on this in Quantum tool number three, turn up your vibrational frequency today. 


It may sound basic and cliche, perhaps even crazy, but I created monumental happiness for myself by shifting my overall perspective and energy. What if, for even just a minute, you could start to do the same by looking at things through a different lens, from a perspective of something much bigger, much different than you might have ever thought of before. Your energy and focus are your greatest superpowers. What you give attention to grows. This begs the question what are you devoting your time, energy and concentration to? Are there aspects of your life, from your social calendar to your career, and where and on what you’re spending your money that are forcing you down rather than up? Our energy goes where our money goes. Are you spending money on things that support your happiness and evolution, or on things that numb what you’re feeling? 


On the flip side, what is working for you today, in this very moment? What do you have to be grateful for right. Now, it could be something as simple as a healthy nourishing lunch, or that cool new throw you bought for the sofa. It could be something as grand as a luxury trip on a private yacht, or your partner saying I love you. List five things, big or small, that you’re appreciating right this instant. Maybe it’s the fresh air you’re breathing as you read this, or listen to this, or the memory of the sweet strawberries you had for lunch. Or even the laugh you shared with your bestie the night before. Now think of three things you have accomplished in the last three to six months. It doesn’t matter whether grandiose or modest. 


What matters is that tapping into these achievements makes you feel proud. It could be the fact that you’re reading this book with the intention to consciously shift your energy. Or maybe you recently completed a difficult project, or you helped out a friend last month. What you want to concentrate on here is feeling pride and gratitude for yourself with your mind, body, and soul. All of this will naturally turn up your vibrational frequency and place you on the path toward a beautiful quantum existence. To take this, practice deeper and radically turn up your vibration, you can find more exercises in the workbook on page 157. My recommendation is that you commit to spending seven days digging into and practicing each quantum tool. You can take longer if you need to, and you can always revisit any of the tools at any time. 


In fact, I encourage you to do exactly that. Quantum tool number one turn up your vibrational frequency as a recap look at where you are in life and take it to the next level. Turn up the vibration of the energy you’re emitting by feeling your feelings and focusing on the good that is directly in front of you. Your blueprint for positive change. Get into the habit of evaluating where you are in the hertz vibration scale at least once a day. Once you have an awareness of where you are, you’ll begin to make radical shifts in the direction of where you want to go each day. Take a few moments to give thanks for things that you’re grateful for and for what is working in the moment. The frequency of your gratitude will always turn up your vibration. 


Meditating and body movement are two of the most powerful tools you can use to shift your energy and your vibration. Use them daily, or as often as you can, to turn up your vibrational frequency. Find your tribe. Surround yourself with people and conversations that inspire and elevate you. You are here, which means you’re already on the right track. And with that, we have completed Chapter one of Quantum Vibes. Thank you so much for being here. If you’re enjoying listening to Quantum Vibes audibly, it would mean so much to me if you would share this podcast with a few friends that you know also could benefit from turning up their vibrational frequency. And if you share this and you want to tag me on Instagram, my handle is at Suzanne Adams Inc. 

S-U-Z-A-N-N-E-A-D-A-M-S-I-N-C-I would love to connect with you, and we will do our best to reshare it. 

So thank you so much for being here. 

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you on the next episode.